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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 24, 2015

The great healing…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the wonderfully Golden sun laden, crisp, bright blue skied island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Thursday–’High Noon’ at the Hyannis/Hyananis Port Waterfront(s)–this 24th day of September, 2015, another exquisite day on said waters and here’s hoping you are in good spirits, especially all them rascals on Capitol Hill today, awaiting Pope Francis to have a few words…

Indeed, today will mark the first time a Pope will address a Joint Session of Congress, with the specific aim of waking them up.  Although, that will be a mighty task, for it would require leaving behind ego and all the fun that comes with “it”.

Yesterday, the masses were electric in Washington, as Pope Francis was met with throngs of all walks of human life, a sea of tiny cameras held high, painting a picture within itself, one filled with LOVE, KINDNESS, MERCY, COMPASSION, GRACE and JOY, all emoting from an abiding peace that screams humility above all.  Offering service and that extended hand of Love to all who are willing to reach out and grab it.

Pope Francis asked a reporter yesterday if he would pray for him.  In fact, he was quite animated about it.  Although Sea Cape Cod is just one small, very small, voice out in the middle of a vast ocean, we offer our best to you and pray that God keeps you in his back pocket.  For all of your loving work, none so much as your work with the poorest of the poor.  Indeed, applauding your words yesterday at the White House regarding the most critical issues of our ‘time’; the fate of man, along with millions of other species/geology/biology/chemistry that SHARE this world with US ALL, plant, animal, mineral alike, all hanging in the balance. Those are, of course, GLOBAL WARMING and the world wide GRAND CANYON gap between those who “have” and those who have not.

Thank you Pope Francis, thank you for coming to America!

For your entertainment or enlightenment, a few words of said Light unto a darkened world, one that does not have to be…

‘…healing resides in the awareness of wholeness.  Healing resides in the awareness of completeness, and of fullness…The Kingdom of God is extension.  The Kingdom of God is creation.  The Kingdom of God is joy.  They are all the same.  All of them arise from self-fullness.  God, the infinite source of Love, cannot be contained.  For, even in your terms, How can an infinity of anything be contained?  Indeed, it is not possible.  God, in order to BE God, extends Himself.  Extension is simply the creation of experience, and of being, Arising out of the fact that Love cannot be contained.  If you ever, within your thinking, Believe that you can hold something unto yourself alone, And then attempt to deem it Love, your are mistaken.  Love cannot be confined.  Love cannot be contained.  And unless it is shared, it cannot be Love…Love is extension.  Love REQUIRES extension.  Love and extension go hand in hand.  And cannot be separated.  So it is that God extends Itself outward, Not out of need, not out of longing, not out of loneliness, But out of a fullness so great that it cannot be contained.’

“The Other Voice”

Follow that Love map Pope Francis has laid out, and it will bring you more JOY than one can possibly imagine. I promise you.

Have a nice day!


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