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November 27, 2014

Thank you!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the water logged, yet drying out and still quite cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this THANKSGIVING DAY morning, a good one to you and yours, this 27th day of November, 2014.  A day set aside here in the United States to come together at the dinner table, wherever that may be, and give thanks for all that we collectively have in this rich nation.  A nation that has more than it can ever really spend if it really wanted to…

Like every other reporter out there I simply want to give thanks for just being here, really.  Albeit a simple ‘left’ wing, tree huggin’ “blogger” like myself.  I am also grateful for all of the journalists out there giving their all so we can wrap our collective heads around some of this pretty crazy stuff happening around this little blue rock we all call home for a while, while we all attempt to understand our world a little better, like the ‘kids’ on the “Cycle”–a fine show week days at three p.m. eastern, only on MSNBC. Or Chris Hayes of “All In” (8 p.m. eastern on that same fine station), Rachel Maddow of “TRMS” coming to you LIVE weeknights at 9, Lawrence O’Donnell of “The Last Word, with said Lawrence O’Donnell” (weeknights, MSNBC, at 10 p.m. eastern), or Alex Wagner of “NOW” coming to you from New York City at 4 p.m., “The ED SHOW”, nobody beats him at five weeknights, not to mention Joy Reid with “The Reid Report”, coming at you every week day at two, but wait!  There’s more!  Last but not least you have the old gun, the old man, the “Hardball” himself, Mr. Chris Mathews who hosts a show of that same description, LIVE every weeknight at seven p.m. eastern.  And as you ease on into the week ends, you can’t miss a beat tuning into part time game show host and full time anchor of “UP, with Steve Kornacki”, Saturdays and Sundays, eight to ten a.m., followed by the great professor at Tulane part time, but full time on MSNBC, “MHP”, Melissa Harris Perry, who will not pull any punches when it comes to digging for the TRUTH, all while putting a smile on your face.  Any one of these news shows will bring one closer to what is really going on, so educate yourself on political policies and vote!

Therefore, as a completely non-paid Ad, I am grateful to these professionals.  Most especially to those bringing the LIGHT, like Reverend Al Sharpton does on fine show at six p.m. eastern (MSNBC) “Politics Nation”; exposing our shortcomings as a people when it comes to fairness, freedom and equality. Exposing  the way we are ALL treated in this big picture ’scheme’ of cosmic Justice, love, forgiveness and Peace.

I suppose for anyone interested in finding solutions to the epic problems of mankind’s 21st Century world, you could do a whole lot worse while searching for said information than the makers and shakers at MSNBC, who bring a full perspective on what is shaping OUR world and who will lead it in the future.  Thank you all for your heads up reporting this year, you know who you are! May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season…

As Sir John Guilgud stated many moons ago in the great film “Arthur”, also starring the late, great Dudley Moore, circa 1981, (a line analogous to writing sometimes),“…bathing is a lonely business”… “Except for fish”, “…Did you say except for fish?” … “Yes, fish tend to bath together, although they do tend to eat one another. I should think they must get awfully tired of seafood. What are your thoughts on this Hobsen?”.

Have a great Thanksgiving week end everybody and be safe out there ‘amongst the English!


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