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April 1, 2021

terms and conditions (2.0)

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(click “above deck” to listen)

Greetings dear serfs, slaves, laboratory rats, mindless automounts, useless consumers of Earth’s precious resources, ’tis “I” once again, Lord William Montague III, country gentleman, successfully hijacking that dreadful Mike Mosier’s ’seacapecod.net’ once again, magnanimously offering you plebes a nickels worth of free advice on this Thursday, The First Day of April, 2021, “April Fool’s Day”--oh how you little people love your free stuff!–

Your fucked!

How about them free donuts, smokes and cigars to go with them free vaccines?

You betcha!

You should ALL bow down to the alter of Big Pharma and kiss it’s wide, wicked white, big fat a$$!

‘Cause they, hence WE, own you and almost all of the other worthless posteriors worldwide;

right bloody (it’s in your blood stream, get “it”?),


“write” now!

The devil is in the details!

Just check ‘terms and conditions’, the fine print.

Deep in the tens of thousands of patents WE OWN!

Currently in my Gulf Stream Four, flying high above the Rockies, heading due East, right above one of my old haunts of Denver, Colorado at this precise moment in ‘time’…

I often wonder if some of those corporate ‘friends’ I once knew in another life took the Moderna or Pfizer JAB,

either way they are gonners…

You SEA my dear blind, deaf and dumb sheeple, you have been duped from the very beginning, since “1776″!

For WE, zee Illuminate, ARE fully in CONTROL now, really always have been, and most likely, always will be? Hiding in the shadows and behind the curtain, when your history books told you all about the deeds of your first American president, George Washington, a free mason just like me!

Can’t you SEA?

Go figure!

How’s the after life treating you George?

These unsuspecting dopes down there W.H.O. got in line in the middle of the WINTER, to claim a ‘life saving’ ”miracle” cure we coined a ‘vaccine’, are my personal heroes!  We could not have pulled this off without them!  That’s right, it’s not a traditional vaccine in the slightest, save the needle! HA! In fact, it’s an experimental biological procedure, “SILENT WEAPONS for QUIET WARS”, indeed, a pathogen delivery envelope designed to take over your God given and created human genome, along with all of the cells in your body, as our AGI software program boots up to literal ‘warp speed’, connecting you to the ‘cloud’. Whereupon you will be forever tracked, traced and controlled, surveilled and exploited. Whilst that is all happening, these messenger mRNA, synthetic, laced with Hydrogel gene therapies, along with many a tiny, tiny, tiny robot, are ’shot right into the veins’ (credit: “Kill” Gates and Co.), creating dangerous spike proteins, of many varieties, in said human cells…

Upon encountering any ‘wild’ CORONA (crown), virus, the human immune system will kick into high gear, looking everywhere for any sign of them invaders, yet, when it discovers the virus and all them ‘mutations’, shedding from the ‘vaccinated’, infecting those W.H.O. did not get ‘vaccinated’, are in every cell in the body, well, you know what happens next, the body begins to attack itself!

And you wind up dead as a door knob!

Just like my pal Tony Fauci did with the HIV hor$e$hit in the 1980’s. Same playbook, larger stage, same bogus PCR tests, same false “positive” results!

Depending on what side you are on of course…

WE built it up via our CIA media whores, the same made up eugenics experiment called, “the A.I.D.S. epidemic in the 80’s”,  which is an acronym standing for acquired immune deficiency syndrome;

or what we call like to call an Astra-Zeneca,


I own stock in Astra Baby!


It’s akin to your body calling 9-11 thinking the intruder is outside your home, your body, but it’s not, it’s in every one of your now mutated, dying, destroyed, diseased cells!!!

And all because you were too lazy and cowardly to do some bloody research!

Because you were stupid enough to think EUGENICS was just a nice way of saying;

‘we’re just thinning the herd’…

For the greater good of all?


Not on your life peasant!

For the greater good of “I”.

How about that for ‘herd immunity’?

A moot point really for it won’t be long before there is no herd to begin with because they all died from a ‘vaccine’ that was supposed to save them!

How delightfully ironic, naughty and Faustian!

Don’t you think so Bojo the Clown?

Our fine UK prime minister is joining us as we continue on through the heartland of what once was the United States of America, a long, flat as a pancake man, flying over this state of Kansas it is now, “Come on Man!”,

…just another rural area about to become a shell of it’s former self.

Build Back Better (666),

isn’t that right Boris Johnson?

So as the flood gates open and upwards of 40 million people INVADE your country–oh shut up AOC! You crazy, emotionally unstable, insane left wing nut job sock puppet actress!- while we launch another false flag, number 7 this year I believe, lucky number 7!, yes, as we continue on with the mass genocide program from the pits of hell itself (certificate of vaccination ID, or c.o.v.i.d)., may I remind you to take these last remaining days, months, years you may have left, those who will resist this GREAT RESET, UN CCP coup de tat of the “USA”, Inc., and,

simply go out and play in NATURE.

For after all,

we are not monsters?

WE love the outdoors, just ask ‘ole Schwabby, he’ll tell you!

He loves the skiing, sledding, making them snow angels way high up in the beautiful Alps! After all, he is Davos, Switzerland’s “Man About Town!”, and will go to any length to make ‘zee “Great Reset” and all of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, a reality by 2030.

May your day be filled with sunshine and lollipops!

Hugs and Kisses!

Ta Ta!

Lord William Montague III

(country gentleman)

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