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November 23, 2015


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, brisk, breezy and always beautiful island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this most glorious day here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), Monday, the Twenty-Third Day of November, 2015.  The rains have finally vacated the region and the month of November is finally beginning to feel like it should, although, we have yet to get a real hard frost, and that should tell ya somethin’…

This just in from NBC, a little known interview done, of course, over the phone, with Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump (leading in national polls with 32%);  Casey Hunt scoring the exclusive.  A candidate for the highest office in the land, deciding to double down on his Islamophobic comments regarding the U.S. Muslim population.  A position of ’surveillance’ being top priority.  New, devious waves possessing deep  fear of more terror continues to haunt Europe.  The Capital of Belgium, Brussels, being on literal lock down again today–day three–thus a feeling of not being able to do your normal daily actives being more literal than virtual. For the real threat that what happened in Paris is being, according to intelligence officials, planned for that city as well, is a frightening and daunting prospect.  Demanding more than just stupid sound bites written by political consultants for politicians to deliver to a very dumb ed down American citizenry, through no fault of their own mind you, as the daily corporate crap is finely tuned to keep the masses in the dark. Expatriate Americans being ordered to ’shelter in place’, whatever that is supposed to mean, and travel has been deemed dangerous for anyone who wishes to bow to fear.  Indeed, with all of this in the background, it seems old Donald, “get him the hell out of here!”, Trump  had this to say to our fearless reporter…

“Yeah, ah Casey, like I said before, we need more surveillance of ‘dees here Muslims.  And you know what, waterboarding is back!  I mean it’s peanuts compared to what these guys do, am I right?  So what my plan is, well, first off, it’s all about ‘the management’, we have to get that down right? OK, now the next step is making sure that we get the microchips ready and put ‘em in the GMO’s, like “Wonder Bread”, and ‘den we can get a better handle on this devious group.  I mean ‘deez women are posing as U.S. citizens?  Come on Casey, are you fooled with that bit?  And forget about letting any of them Syrian refugees in, they are on there own!  They can eat sand as far as I am concerned.  Just because 90 percent are women and children has nothing to do with it, nor the fact that they are vetted more than any U.S. Congressman, but I digress.  I can SEA right through ‘of dat sophisticated infiltration of our beloved country, one that I plan on making great again, you know, with all of my insane policies!  Again, I digress.  Getting back to those damn Muslims, especially those in the U.S., I have this to say…  So what they have been here all there lives, have kids, careers, lives, houses, and even a boat in some cases?  I don’t  care!  Like the 11 million undocumented immigrants about to get kicked out of this country, to put it politely and humanely, I am going to, like the protester from the odder day, get them the hell out of here!  And as far as I am concerned, they are all guilty until proven otherwise.  So let’s get more cameras up!  Lets’ build that mindless wall all along the U.S./Mexico border, and let’s make damn sure we give as much money as possible to our newest and best est buddies, the NSA!  “When” I am elected President, I am going to turn this country into something along the lines of what they got there in North Korea.  Yeah, I am going to know what everybody is thinking, saying and what they’re doing.  Complete control.  George Orwell has got nothing on me Casey, let me tell you that OK?  I am 1984!  Anyway it has been really great talking with you and I have always admired MSNBC, way over FOX!  But keep that under you hat won’t you?  God, between you and me, I hate this political crap.  Just as much as Barry Crimmins hated comedy, no, that’s what the great comedian once said on stage, in fact I think it was in 1984, can you believe that?  That’s why George Stephanopoulos over at ABC NEWS, yeah, that’s why he and I have this here arrangement where I just go ahead and call it in.  Usually, I am not in a suit and tie, that I can assure you of, and that is why women adore me!  Oh, well, maybe not Megan Kelly over at FOX, but that’s her loss, am I right?  Anyway, if I could quote a line from one of my favorite movies of all time, “…chicks dig me, because rarely wear underwear, and when I do,  it’s usually something pretty unusual…” (credit Bill Murray in the classic 1981 film, “Stripes”), that in and of itself pretty much sums me up, so I figure that if I can get half of the woman to vote for me, and they know they want to, I will win this here election, even though I will be running against, ah, a woman.  Oh, what am I talking about, they just haven’t talked ‘to the man of the house’ yet!  As that is my new “Robo” call thing I got going on, anyways, this is all going to work out, ’cause no one is going to support Jeb! At least I hope not, and the only one that might give me a hard time is that Ted Cruz fella, who I can’t figure out yet.  I am not sure if I like him or hate him.  Probably that latter.  I hate anyone who get’s in my ego’s way.  That I can tell you Casey!  Listen good luck over at NBC and tell all the good folks who work over ‘der to have a great Thanksgiving!  Peace out, Donald!.”

Have a great week, gobble gobble…


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