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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 1, 2009


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The great American feast, the Superbowl.  One of my favorite memories of watching the game that has always grown “older”. as I am 43 years old, was watching Superbowl 13 with my grandpa and dad in Petaluma, California with the contest being between the Dallas Cowboys, who I hated, and the Denver Brocos, the  “orange crush”.  I recall a softdrink called orange crush and the fact that my grandparents were from Colorado Springs and I was born in Denver, made me a big Denver Bronco fan.  However, I was also, first and foremost, a New England Patriot fan, because I considered New England my home and being in California circa 1978, ESPN and other 24 hour news channels had yet to be invented, so I relied on the local bay area news stations to relay all of the important sporting news from the great city of Boston–a job that I thought was poorly done by KSFO and other news organizations.  As I recall, the Dallas Cowboys chugged the orange crush and asked for more.  Even though the economy might be in a “transition”, today might just be a good day to enjoy a game that has always encapsulated the spirit of this country. As my high school varsity football coach used to say, “there is no I in team”  and as I quit the football team at Leigh High School in Los Gatos, California and moved to England with my family, I realized how much character building really does go into team sports and the concept therin.  Go Cardinals!  Peace M

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