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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 20, 2010

Sunshine on my shoulders

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Monday morning, a rather rainy Monday at that, with Osterville, Chatham and Nantucket reporting light rain and a stiff northeasterly wind coming off the cooling waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  The leaves on Cape and the islands are the last ones to change in New England, as the northern mountains, the Green and the White Mountains of Vermont, where I went to college, New Hampshire and Maine, begin to change right about now, in fact they have been changing for the past few weeks.  We have seen the last of the tourists for this year and, therefore, the roads are all open again to “biking without fear”, although some of the residents of Osterville, who are getting up there in years (GOD BLESS them), may need a road widening system, or a cut back on mind altering prescription medications–pick a lane!  Speaking of picking a lane, NBC and ABC did an outstanding job on the Sunday talk shows this week and I was particularly impressed with David Gregory’s interviews with Colin Powell, former Secretary of Defense under the Bush administration, and former President Bill Clinton, who both gave us a glimpse into two presidencies, connected on so many different levels, taking us back in “time” to the simpler days of 1992-2008, roughly 16 years of politics in a one hour interview– that’s a lot of water under the bridge.  Colin Powell, in a separate interview, was first on the program, as he spoke to issues ranging from the ‘tea party movement’, as he referred to it as, to the war in Afghanistan, education and the U.S. economy.  His thoughts on the tea party were not favorable, but stopped shy of calling them, what some in the republican establishment have called them, the rag tag group of “carpet baggers” whose Californian’ funding of corporate monies have brought to the forefront the utter chaos that is going on as I write these words, in a fight for who will control the House of Representatives in the fall elections this year.  As for Bill Clinton, I would like to quote his words verbatim, for I think they speak volumes to what this radical fringe of the right wing plans to do with health care, which has become a huge issue in this country, with an estimated 52 million people living without any kind of coverage whatsoever, add that FACT to the growing number of people in this country who are at or below the poverty line, now one in seven of “the American People” are in poverty and hungry and it will only get worse if the republicans take over in the fall–by seeing this, you can see the real dilemma, moral dilemma, facing this great country…President Bill Clinton, “The reason why the interest groups want to repeal, not fix, health care is that they like it the way it’s going right now.  They’re dumping people every year and making the government pick them up.  We are spending 17.2 percent of our income on health care, none of our wealthy competitors spend more than 10.5 percent.  Yet, our infant mortality rate is higher than there’s, our age expectancy is lower than there’s, we don’t have to spot our competitors every year for a health system that doesn’t work that well (unless you are an insurance company).”  Think about it for a moment, for I speak from the advantage of experience, having worked for three of the largest brokerage firms in the world, as well as two of the largest insurance carriers in the world, in New York, Detroit, Denver, San Francisco and Boston, so when I tell you that the system is rigged and the only thing that these HUGE companies are concerned with is PROFIT–to the tune of a 26 percent rise in 2009 alone, I am NOT lying!  Bill goes on to say, “…With the trillion dollars, all that money, they can use it to spread MISINFORMATION,” fogging the issue to the point that it has become victim to yet another Stockholm Syndrome, where the “hostages” are the policyholders who must continue to pay the ever rising premiums for fear that, if they don’t, they will lose coverage forever.  For the insurance companies have cornered the market, with many states only having two, or in many cases only one, insurance company open for business, setting rates and thus, setting the rules, i.e., not paying claims, and this, therefore, ultimately hurts the average, “American People”, puts them in a box where they have to decide on whether to feed their kids or pay the health “insurance” premiums.  Continuing with the interview, Clinton goes on to say, “…You ask me about the politics, no one ever wants to talk about the FACTS. Why do they want to repeal health care?  Because there is a requirement in the newly formed LAW that states, with no miscommunication here, that 85 percent of the premiums collected by said insurance companies must go to actual HEALTH CARE! (and not to the bonuses I KNOW they pay out to their most senior executives). We need to fix health care by way of putting more cost containment policies in place, (especially with Medicare fraud), and NOT repeal it. Obama has saved the financial system, reformed the education system (although more work needs to be done, such as in New Orleans), reformed college loans (so that we can climb back out of 12th place in the world for college graduates), all while they are trying to create this atmosphere of ‘attention deficit disorder’, and not look at what really happened.  We have stopped the digging and stopped the hemorrhaging of job loss, and in an independent study just concluded, it states that saving the financial system, keeping the interset rates at near 0 by the FED, and the stimulus in general (although most economists agree it should have been MORE not less) has left the U.S. in better shape than if those things would not have been done.  It is estimated that 8 million more people would have been out of work, if the stimulus had not passed.  The problem is that people just don’t FEEL any better, and the democrats need to do a better job of explaining where we have been, in other words, what happened, what we have done, and what we are going to do.  What are the republicans REALLY going to do?  What is their plan, if they have one, I haven’t seen it yet.”  Well, folks, there you have it, from a man who has nothing to gain by telling Americans the TRUTH, and what CHOICE we all have in the upcoming fall elections. The reality of the tea party movement is this–it is a knee jerk reaction to the policies and practices of the republican party for the past 30 years, as evidenced by any credible economic data that you can google on your computer.  The fact of the matter has always been this, the republican party, or whatever we will end up calling itself after it’s interesting metamorphosis, has, and seemingly always will be, for limited government, when they are not in charge, but when they are, you will see more unfunded wars, more deregulation that will cause another financial meltdown, more tax breaks for the wealthy, more pollution into our environment, more denying the very REAL threat of GLOBAL WARMING, a continued blind eye to the poor and downtrodden, a repeal of a health care “start” that has been attempted by 5 presidents in the past 70 years, and a carte blanche given to the multi-national corporations that go around the world raping and pillaging, keeping the masses locked in a massive “Stockholm Syndrome”, where they are “grateful” for their $68. per week job at a Panasonic factory in Tijuana, Mexico, all while being exposed to massive amounts of lead in the factory, as well as all of the waste that was left behind, poisoning the water and the children, destroying LIFE, one village at a time, only one of thousands of examples of corporate malfeasance, and ultimately playing out the “final struggle” by way of a very real chess match for the remaining natural resources (OIL) left on this struggling little blue rock we all call home for the moment, EARTH. Have a nice day folks!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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