whale sunrise soaring | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

February 28, 2009

sunrise soaring

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The days are getting longer and the sun is getting warmer, so come on down and visit us here on Cape Cod!  The calendar says February 28th, but the weather outside says go play some disk, and that is what I intend to do.  Disk is another word for Frisbee.  I can’t wait for summer, as the Cape is really at it’s glory in the summer months, as every kind of flower and plant and bird and person, seems to look marvelous, as Billy Crystal used to say, and their is an extra step in people’s stride.  This seagull neither cares nor knows what summer is, save for the parking lot filled with tourists who feed them; perhaps that is how they distinguish the seasons.  I pray that wherever you are, the sun is shining today and that you get a chance to get out there and be with mother earth.  Plant a tree, make it personal.  As the Indians who lived in this region of North America believed and acted as if they were not only stewards of the land, but a part of it, remember that fences and words on a signpost cannot keep out the spirit or the imagination.  So soar today and breath–for fear is an illusion and love the only “thing” there is.  Peace M

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