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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 22, 2010

Sunrise at Dowses

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a beautiful morning here in Osterville, I bid you and yours a fair adieu.  The cool winds were evidence that the air has shifted out of the hot and humid variety for the more seasonable temperatures we here on the Cape enjoy all year round–as long as the word “seasonable” remains in the Oxford Dictionary.  Yesterday’s news from the Gulf offered a wealth of information, with New York Times reporter James Glanz stating on PBS that the faulty “blowout preventer” on the Deep Water Horizon, and any other rig for that matter, had a 45 percent chance of failing, and, moreover, two key components within the blowout preventer failed as well–namely, the “blind sheer ram” and a smaller component called a “shuttle valve”.  The blind steer ram is a sophisticated piece of equipment that acts as the “last finger in the dike”.  It effectively cuts the pipe in two, if the blowout preventer fails, stopping any flow of oil all together.  In order to prevent the tragedy that we are witnessing live every day, most companies opt to have 2 of these vital components on their rigs, thus preventing a spill to begin with.  Looking deeper, bp has had numerous (700 plus in the past ten years) safety violations, that have been reported by workers dating back to 2001, whereby they were reprimanded by management for their whistle blowing ways, including everything from said blowout preventer problems, to basic safety and maintenance issues involving gas detectors that, if installed on that ill fated rig, most likely WOULD have prevented the colossal environmental disaster like what we are seeing right now in the Gulf of Mexico.  So, the 9 separate investigations that are transpiring at this very moment, point to human errors (such as greed, although they were not quite that specific) and more to the point, time saving procedures that superseded safety concerns raised by said workers along with a lack of equipment designed to prevent these kinds of disasters.  Bp was well known in the industry for this philosophy of profit over the safety of it’s own work force, putting it in the words of one bp worker (as he describes his experience aboard the Deep Water rig when he noticed a leak in one of the pods), “we should have stopped the well at that point.”  With all of this in mind, let us look at what bp has in store for our country next.  They are planning, and I quote their executives on this one, “the greatest challenge ever for an oil company,” which seems rather redundant at this point, to drill the deepest well by man ever–in one of the most holy of spots on planet earth–the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.  Having duped the government, although not really, as these plans were laid before MMS was called out on who and what they really were, into believing that they were drilling a “land well” because it lays on a small 5 mile island.  Yet if a blowout happened (45 percent chance that it would), the oil would go directly into the most pristine wild life refuge in the world.  The well would be 2 miles deep and then 68 miles horizontal, extending well into the Arctic Ocean.  According to internal memos from bp and other oil experts, “it would be the drilling for oil in one of the harshest environments in the world.”  With, I might add, no support, no plan for an emergency, and no clue as to what they are doing, as evidenced by the “spill” in the Gulf.  Tim Dickerson, of Rolling Stone magazine, as he appeared on Keith Olberman’s “Countdown”, airing every week night at 8 p.m., wrote a piece recently appearing in the most current issue of Rolling Stone, where he broke this story.  He contended that if Obama does not grow a backbone and stand up to these out of control sociopathic, oil drenched corporations, keeping the moratorium in place, (stopping the drilling for oil in deep water until we get a handle on the safety issue(s)), we will have another, perhaps worse, oil spill on our shores.  It is astounding to me that it is even a question, and defines the word insanity, whereby doing the same thing expecting different results shines brighter every passing day.  If another blowout preventer fails in another rig, at least bp’s “oil spill response plan for the Gulf of Mexico” will be accurate in ANWR–for that geographical point on the map does include Walruses, as listed on the aforementioned “plan” put together by our friends beyond petroleum, bp.  As Keith put it, “who is on the side of the Angels and common sense on this one?” Ed Markey (D-MA), who is doing fine work setting the record straight, should go a step further, in asking the White House why he is not standing up to these oil giants.  A few years ago, a few oil companies such as Chevron (in the business of human energy) and Shell Oil (another British firm) destroyed the pristine rain forests of Ecuador, leaving huge pools of toxic oil dumps in the rivers that the people who live there bathe their children in.  This, along with Shell destroying the rivers and lands of Nigeria during the Chen, I mean Bush administration.  When these poor people stood up and revolted, as they lay dying in a toxic mess created by said corporations, the Chen, I mean Bush administration sent in armed militia’s or “death squads” that killed hundreds of protesters.  These policies of big oil have destroyed lives across the globe.  Are we as a nation that thick, or afraid, to not see that they are doing that to US right NOW?  Robert Redford appeared on Keith’s show last night as well, live from Park City, Utah, hello!, and proceeded to speak to the choir, and it was music to my ears.  His statement about the “greening up” of the oil industry via the misleading and transparently compassionate ads that imply the powerful destroyers of the earth are actually FOR GREEN energy is, and I quote Mr. Redford, “enough to make me want to throw up.”  Mr. Redford’s environmental charge, NRDC.org, is based in TRUTH, thank GOD, and he contends that the politics of the right are predictable, such as Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell’s (R-KY) rather transparent “scolding” of Joe Barton’s collective GOBP’s voice offering an apology to Mr. Tony, “Gas up the Lear and get me the hell out of here,” Hayward (CEO, bp).  We all know that the right wingnut puppet show supports big oil big time, so spare us your bulls@$t slick.  His main message was that we must recognize the collusion between congress, the executive and big oil, connecting the dots back to the Cheney administration, whereby big oil WAS the government, not the other way around, and backing that one down will take real leadership with no time to blink or be afraid.  The small voices of the right, who support small ideas and ideals, will not change, so WE have to change that policy for them– before they destroy planet earth.  To quote Mr. Redford again, “we must pass a comprehensive energy bill, that steers away from a limited resource (that 97 percent of, is out of our “drilling” jurisdiction), and into the clean renewable sources of energy that ARE THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE…whether “they” believe that or not.  It breaks my heart to see people’s health affected by these “accidents”, while being fed LIES.  It’s crap, give the people the information, the knowledge, the truth.”  Redford then spoke of his own father, and their disagreements over the years, as Redford’s father was involved with the oil business.  He spoke of working with his father in the oil industry and seeing for himself the damage caused by the oil leaking into the ground, knowing that it was harmful to every living thing.  To quote, Robert Redford again, “I can see how my father had to sing the company song, and I respected that, but I did not share it– for I know that the company song, was wrong.”  I thank both Keith and Mr. Redford for that inspiring interview, for I know that I am not alone– you are both gentlemen and scholars.  The logic of the p.o.h.n. is tragically flawed as we hear our friends such as Mitch McConnell, when he speaks on the one side of his mouth, claiming that bp was at fault and they should pay to clean it up and yet on the other side of his mouth, he contends that government should not be involved in the private sector and thus, should not regulate the industry that has just destroyed half of America’s wet lands…  A colossal meltdown of basic logic 101. Congratulations, “party of hell no”, you have just become history’s laughing stock for all of eternity!  The truth is, this “anti-logic” has made, or transformed, the abstract to into a concrete thought pattern (with obvious thanks to “fall guy” Joe Barton (R-TX)) and his embarrassing apology to Tony, “gone sailin’,” Hayward and bp in general.  As it appeared he was about to cry when looking deep into the troubled psyche of the GOBP’s (credit Keith Olberman) real voice that speaks not to the American people, but to their friends at big oil.  This apology crystallized the p.o.h.n.’s philosophy, modus operandi, and drug mulin’ bidding of their corporate overlords–that never ending chant, “PROFIT OVER PEOPLE!” Those are your choices in the November, folks.  You can either side with a politician who speaks for the corporation that just ruined a third of your country’s pristine wetlands for their own political and financial gain, or you can side with someone who is FOR THE PEOPLE.  It is a pretty easy choice to spot out, when you ask the simple question of these men, dancin’ on a string, “where do you stand on the environment, where do you stand on LIFE itself?”  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF–all of the good people who live there, and all of the beautiful sea creatures, Brown Pelicans and marsh lands therein… Have a wonderful day everybody!  Peace~M

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