whale Sunday stroll | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

February 22, 2009

Sunday stroll

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This Sandling is out for a stroll along Dowses Beach, here in Osterville, Massachusetts.  The Sandling, like many of the shore birds of their stature, the Tern comes to mind, lay their eggs in the sea grass during certain times of the year. The good people of the Cape Cod Audubon Society take great care of our winged friends.  During part of the summer, a large area of Dowses Beach is cordoned off, so as to allow the Terns and Sand lings to raise their chicks in peace, allowing them to grow to become such a mighty fellow as you see before you.  His buddies are close behind, as they are incredibly fast runners, moving with the crashing waves to gain whatever breakfast may surface.  The wetlands are an important barometer of our planet’s well being, as I am sure you are aware that everything man does to the planet has a direct effect upon it.  Taking care of our natural wetlands is as important as keeping toxins out of your body.  The air that we breathe, the water that we enjoy and the blue sky that we all take comfort in, is too precious to wait for next year.  Save Planet Earth, NOW!  This is not a commercial plea from a politician, nor is it an outrageous concept for you to relegate to the “recycle bin” on your computer.  The time for action is now, and if DC does not get some of these environmental issues solved, this term, it may be too late.  If there is no environment, does the Dow Jones really matter?  Doing something for the environment every day, consistently, and telling someone that you care about that you did it, will have a snow ball effect and force the politicians, corrupt businessmen and lobbyists to listen to the people who pay their salaries.  Nothing worthwhile is easy, and this mess that the human race has promulgated on a very innocent planet cannot stand.  This aggression to our environment cannot stand. The generation that was born after 1982, the “millennium’s”, as they are referred to, just as I am at the very tail end of the “baby boom”, babies born in the 50’s and early 60’s.  The problem with generations is that they tend to not “get each others” groove and thus, communication falls by the wayside.  We, not only as a nation, but as a world community, need to put aside our egos and get down to the business of cleaning up our planet and cease the ever increasing level of carbon emmissions into our beloved atmosphere. This is not a joke.  Are we crazy not to see the devastating consequences this will have on our kids, NOW, not to mention their kids, our grandchildren?  Do you want to explain why we were to “busy” to stand up to corporations like Exxon-Mobile and Chevron, who have documented human rights abuse cases around the globe?  Are we really afraid of these monsters who are privatizing our natural birthright, our water?  Please, listen to my words.  These are not the words of an uneducated tree hugger with an ax to grind or some other ulterior motive.  I am asking for some help!  Write your congressman or congresswoman and get involved, before it is too late.  Make a stand for the Polar Bear!  For it his fate that will determine your own.   Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Question Authority, and hold your elected officials feet to the fire!  The good people in Washington, especially the lobbyists and anyone interested in making money off of the green grass that you and I walk on every day, those are the true villains here, and the big question you have to ask yourself is this, “am I going to let the few wealthy powerful lobbyists in Washington DC, build an oil rig less than a mile away from the Grand Canyon?  Am I going to tell my son or daughter that I was too afraid of the big bad criminals who sold Yosemite to the Chinese so we could go to war again.  Not this cowboy.  Peace M

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