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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 17, 2010

Sun Light

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Top of the morning to you from the village of Osterville, Massachusetts!  A light dusting of snow fell on the Cape and Islands overnight and as I made my way back up East Bay Drive from Dowses Beach and Nantucket Sound, gliding on the crunching salt and snow, I thought you might like to see the light of day arising in the East.  It has been an interesting past few days in Washington D.C., with the key word being hypocrisy. The “party of NO” has risen to a new low, as Senator after Senator, Congressman after Congressman, state publicly that they oppose the “stimulus bill” that was passed by congress at the onset of President Obama’s Inauguration in January of 2009, designed primarily to keep the current “banking” system in place so that the world did not go off a cliff, all due to the irresponsible “banking principals” these crooked casino leaders practice to this day, and yet lie to their constituents as to their true motives.  The hypocrisy comes into play when these same members of Congress take the federal monies and create giant novelty checks designed for photo ops and votes.  You cannot have it both ways.  From our friend, Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell taking money, pork, for his home state of Kentucky (stating that the stimulus has created nothing in the way of jobs, then contradicting himself by saying that those federal dollars have created a boon for his economy) to James, “let’s destroy a mountain for oil shale”, Inhofe (R-OK), who has bashed the President at every turn regarding the stimulus bill and yet has taken huge amounts of money for his home state of Oklahoma.  There is an ill wind blowing in Washington D.C., or as Shakespeare said over 500 years ago, “There’s something rotten in Denmark…”  Denmark is just fine, it is the United States of America that I’m worried about.  It seems that there is a mass exodus in Washington, as the real muscle of the Supreme Court’s decision comes into full view.  That decision, perhaps this country’s downfall, that came only three weeks ago, (how quickly we forget) will spark a corporate revolution in our blessed country.  No longer will high ideals rule the day.  The game is money and lots of it.  How can the roots of grass grow, as industrialized weed killers are drenching the soil, preparing it for God knows what.  The question of integrity is a joke and these hypocrites have taken the country to a new low, a far lower place than it ever was.  Why?  How can we repeal what a compromised court, the highest court in the land, decided for our nation’s future?  All based on a faulty interpretation of the first amendment?  We all know that was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  From the haunting images of former Vice President Dick, “I’m not a war criminal”, Cheney stating on ABC’s “This Week”, that he was and is a big fan of water boarding and torture, to the glee of sick children like Fox News’ Glen Beck stating on his “television show” that someone should put a bullet in the head of captured terrorists, we see the strategists capitalizing on FEAR and they know they have the American people on the ropes.  The ropes of change, for the “party of NO”, include a country that will live under military rule, corporate rule, republican rule– all analogous and part of the “grand plan”.  There is something rotten in Denmark and it’s name is plutocracy. Keep your eyes open to the truth and WE will be there, at the turning of the tides.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!  Peace~ M

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