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January 20, 2011

Storm across the valley

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you on a rather cold start to the Thursday morning here in Osterville, as we expect about 5 inches of snow overnight, so it will look a little like the image of Hyannisport in the far distance above around the same time I’ll be posting my daily “commentary” on the goings on in this fair land of OURS. Lawrence O’Donnell, of the most excellent show airing every weeknight, except Friday’s, at 10 p.m., only on MSNBC, “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell”, gave perhaps his best hard hitting interview two days ago, on Tuesday night, with congressman Trent Franks, republican from Arizona.  In that interview, where Lawrence showed real passion, he honed in on Franks and pressured him to answer one simple question, “Do you wish that there were still a ban on 9 millimeter magazines that hold more than ten bullets?”  The congressman, stating the obvious fact that we are all “God’s children”, etc., etc., and so forth, dodged the question asked of him three times.  Lawrence, “There was a complete lack of respect for human life in 2004 when the Federal government lifted the ban on those magazines,” (Glock 9 Millimeter–allowing extended clips, going from 10 bullets to 31).  Again, to quote the SIMPLE question posed to the congressman, “Do you wish the gunman in the Tuscon massacre only had 10 bullets as opposed to 31?”  The congressman, again, would not answer the question, seemingly defending a position held by the lobbyists over at the NRA.  It is appalling that we as a nation can’t come together and ban these lethal extended clips that even police officers are not afforded, to be sold over the counter at your local Walmart at pennies per bullet, 17 cents to be precise.  This should forever be a wake up call for this nation to realize that yes, it was a deranged gunman who did this horrible act, however, we should not make it so simple for other deranged, or perhaps, politically motivated individuals to have weapons that are indeed, “weapons of mass destruction.”  On a lighter note, Frank Conniff, noted comedian of Los Angeles, California, was on “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, last night discussing the lack of education, or rather the lack of GAINING KNOWLEDGE, currently happening at our centers for higher learning–namely our colleges and universities.  Here are just a few of the great lines coming from the mind of Conniff, and words by Mr. Keith Olbermann himself, both of whom obviously did make that leap from raw data to KNOWLEDGEenjoy… AND ACTION! Keith: “In the immortal words of a Yale professor, is our children learning?”  Conniff: “I live and work in Hollywood, and we depend on the low standards of young people to fuel our economy…so this isn’t all bad news completely, and I think the deepest philosophical question kids are asking today is, ‘what would snooky do?’”  Keith: “A study concluded that 7 percent of students’ time was spent on actual studying, while the rest was spent on sleeping, partying, or socializing, and they’re average GPA was 3.2, somehow I feel like I got ripped off!”  Conniff: “If they’re partying and socializing 85% of the time, then at least they’re only hung over 15% of the time.”  Keith: “If you can graduate without being able to tell FACT from opinion, then would it be fair to say they were actually looking at viewers of FOX NEWS?”  Conniff: “Yeah, well, FOX NEWS is the ultimate mecca for a lot of these kids, it’s a fantasy land where you get paid a lot of money and don’t have to do your homework.  Although  I did hear FOX is trying to raise it’s intelligence level, on FOX and FRIENDS they just hired a new host…a bag of rocks.  So that should raise the level of discourse.  Douche is a little intimidated by it because he is dumber than “it”. (moving on to politics) Conniff: “The Tea Party doesn’t invoke college as much as a really bad shop class, where the all the projects are really poorly done, and I think these are conservative attitudes about colleges in general, they don’t think Harvard or Yale are elitists schools, they think DeVry training institute is elite.  So you know there’s an uphill battle for any kind of education, I guess.”  Keith: “So will Governor Palin see these stats as some kind of vindication that “fancy book learnin’” doesn’t pay off and you might as well go to five different colleges because you get five different tee-shirts?”  Conniff: “Well, first of all, any kind of book learning is “fancy book learnin’” to Sarah Palin.  We should also point out that Palin is an example of ‘it’s not just enough to be dumb’, to make it on the national political stage, but you also must be a resentful cry baby, and a narcissist, and if any of these kids knew what narcissist meant, that might mean something, but…maybe not.”  and cut, print, wrap. Thank you Keith and Mr. Conniff for that rich insightful, tragically funny bird’s eye view of our crumbling educational system in this country, that seems to now begin in junior high school and keep right on rolling along, like a tumblin’ tumbleweed, right on through college.  To quote the late, great John Belushi from SNL fame, and one of his greatest lines from the movie, ‘Animal House’, circa 1979, “explicative”, there goes seven years of college down the drain.” God’s continued grace to Gabby Giffords as she makes her move to Houston and a special rehab therein…may you be right as rain soon! Have a great day everybody and keep the FAITHKNOWLEDGE has a way of catching on…  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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