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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 20, 2020

Stockholm Syndrome (4.0)

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, blue skied, mild, breezy, beautiful, bountiful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a glorious Friday morning here on Ocean Street in lovely, lively, lucky Hyannis, and a good one to you and yours on this Twentieth Day of November, 2020, enjoying temperatures in the lower 60’s here on ‘za vatter, an “Illuminate” kitty kind of day. Tug, what do you have to say?

That I too, do pray…


If one is still in the dark about the FACT this former Republic is dead, as it has been hijacked, kidnapped, corrupted by a UN Agenda 21 communist coup de tat take down for decades now; one only has to ‘Google’:

“The Great Reset”!

Right Colonel Klink!?

(a.k.a., Klaus Schwab, ‘Schwabby’ to his friends. Machiavellian Madman and author of “COVID-19 and the Great Reset” and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, where, and I quote ‘ole Schwabby, “vee vill combine zee physical, technological and biological, ya, vee put za ‘GREAT’ in ‘zat long planned Great Reset, and vee are all so proud and happy to be ridding za vorld, once and for all, of ‘za real virus, human beings…)

Seig Heil!


For posterity’s sake, let’s compare ‘The Biderman Report’ (1956). and this “CON”VID -19(84)–certificate of vaccination I.D., (covid), the planned pandemic that never really was,

shall we?

“Communist coercive methods for dictating individual compliance.”

“Chart of Coercion”



a) deprives individual of social support of his ability to resist.

b) forces individual’s dependency upon his/her captor.

c) Individual develops an intense concern with self.

Monopolization of perception:

a) fixes all attention  upon immediate predicament.

b) frustrates all actions not consistent with compliance.

c) eliminates stimuli competing with those controlled by the captor.

Induced debility and exhaustion:

a) weakens mental and physical ability to resist.

b)  People…become worn out by tension and FEAR.


a) cultivates anxiety and despair.

b) gives demands and consequences for non-compliance.

Occasional Indulgences:

a) provides motivation for compliance.

b) hinders adjustment to deprevation.

c) creates a (false) hope for change.

d) reduces resistance, keeping people unsure of what is happening…

Demonstrate Omnipotence:

a) demonstrate futility of resistance.

b) shows who is in charge.

c) provides positive motivation for compliance.


a) makes resistance seem worse than compliance.

b) creates feelings of hopelessness.

c) creates a fear of freedom, dependence upon captors.

Enforcing trivial demands:

a) develops habit of compliance.

b) demands made are illogical and contradictory, hypocritical.

c) ‘rules of compliance’ may change at any time, reinforces “W.H.O.” is in charge.

NOW, compare that with,



a) social distancing, isolation from loved ones, massive job losses, solitary confinement, quarantines, confinement camps.

Monopolization of perception:

a) restrict movement

b) create monotony and boredom

c) prevent gatherings, meetings, concerts, indoor dining, sporting events.

d) DOMINATE MEDIA 24/7, censor ALL information.

Induced debility:

a) forced to stay at home, all media negative.

b) not permitted to exercise or socialize.

Threats and Intimidation:

a) threaten to close business, levy heavy fines.

b) predict extension of lockdowns, forced vaccinations, FEMA death camps.

Occasional Indulgences:

a) allow reopening of stores/services;

b) open restaurants/bars, limited capacity.

c) increase more people ‘allowed’ together

d) follow concessions with tougher rules…

Demonstrate Omnipotence:

a) shut down economies world wide.

b) create money out of nowhere, force dependency upon the STATE.

c) develop TOTAL SURVEILLANCE 24/7, with RFID microchips, hydrogel, quantum tattoos, and 5G.

Humiliation/depravation techniques:

a) shame people who refuse to wear masks, social distance.

b) make people stand on circles and between lines (as if in a prison)

c)  make people stand in long queues for supplies, sanitation stations in every shop.

Enforcing trivial demands:

a) family members must stay apart.

b) masks worn at home and while having sex.

c) RANDOM limits on how many people allowed to be together.

d) sanitizers used over and over and over…

“This isn’t Russia Danny, is this Russia?”

(credit:  Chevy Chase in the fine, classic comedy “Caddyshack”, circa 1980)

It’s not the U.S.S.R., the old Soviet Union,


Isn’t that right Kamala, “Panama Red”, Harris?

“What did you call me white boy?”

Can you say Stockholm Syndrome?

Sure, I knew that you could Kamala!

Have a wonderful week end folks;

keeping in mind it’s still America, so get out there and have some FUN!


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