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April 29, 2014

Sterling Silver

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rather down right cold, misty, soon to be drenched island of Nantucket! Yes, on this very raw 29th day of April, 2014 a chilly, rainy Tuesday on Cape, we all offer a prayer of thanks that this whole “race” thing has been put to bed.  Finally we have rid ourselves of that one racist pig who has turned his nose up at African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, families, dogs, cats, horses, positive attitudes and anyone who watches MSNBC.  Let’s string him up and talk about it some more, while the policies in Washington D.C., regarding the ever growing GRAND CANYON gap between the richest and the poorest continues to widen.  Take our friend Donald Sterling, who bought the Los Angeles Clippers 30 years ago for a mere what was it, 15 million or so, when today it could be sold for 700 at least…see what I mean?  This is no accident, for this disparity began with the Reagan ‘trickle down’ voodoo economics in 1980, all part of A. Rand like philosophy.  Therefore, those with money, have seen their ‘income’ go up by 278 percent in these past three and a half decades, while the bottom 90 percent have seen their wages remain stagnant or indeed fall when adjusted for inflation and thus, we have witnessed the dying of the middle class, a huge swath, like the tornadoes that are ripping up our country right now, replaced with a new working poor, a growing group that is now living pay check to pay check– working jobs that don’t pay a living wage, barely surviving, some would say subjected to a life that is just above being owned by another human being.  Like the owner of that NBA basketball team, the mentality of a plantation owner comes to mind.  I heard someone say it yesterday–before the announcement today that Commissioner Adam Silver handed down at around three. a move that has banned Sterling from ever setting foot on the floor of the STAPLES center, fining him 2.5 million and by 22 teams out of 30 siding with Silver, forcing him to sell the franchise–yes, before that historic press conference, I heard a prominent black pundit speak to that mentality, one where Sterling may think he owns his players, players ‘he feeds, buys houses for, cars for, does anyone else give it to them?’, players who play for him and he alone.

Much like Shakespeare’s King Lear, the insanity of this type of mentality is not limited to our racist friend here–who one should pray for because it will set you free, believe me–but to the policies invoked by the majority of corporate America today, policies that insure to keep a ‘thrifty working class’, undereducated, “encouraged” not to vote, and looked down upon as if ‘they’ are any less than ‘thee’. Think about it for a minute.  If we had the men and women in office who actually gave a damn about the Constitution, they would see our Fore Fathers warned us of the concentration of too much wealth with too few people, so much so that it could threaten the very democracy ALL had fought so bravely to gain only a few moons ago, July 4th, 1776, the day this fledgling democracy was born, a glorious day when they gained independence from a tyrannical King in England.  Well, that IS what’s happening and, like GLOBAL WARMING, if WE, collectively don’t WAKE UP soon, both the nation and environment will be so altered, that one would be hard pressed to remember what it used to look, smell, taste, feel and sound like.  A nation that is not always fighting with itself, like a crazy person, realizing that we are all one and we must find a path forward, or we will turn into a joke, much like this witch hunt of an old, racist billionaire.  Trying to change him is not worth your time, changing our U.S. policies that benefit the majority of PEOPLE in this country IS! Have a nice evening everybody and we’ll SEA you here tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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