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March 1, 2018

Stellar Parallax

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again golden lit, blue skied, soon to be hurricane wind/rain driven island of Nantucket! Ah, the ‘calm before the storm’, an old cliche yet a good cliche. Welcome to these sacred shores of the above mentioned locale, broadcasting LIVE from Craigville Beach on this First Day of March, 2018. A quiet, windless Thursday morning above the song sparrows singing outside my window overlooking famous “Four Seas Ice Cream”, awaiting a big, powerful Nor’easter in a little less than twelve hours. Hurricane force winds expected on Nantucket and other points in the way of the North/Northeasterly blow that will affect the area along with as much as three inches of rain;

so much for softball tryouts tomorrow huh?

“Stellar Parallax” is the apparent shift of a “nearby” star (or other object), against the background of distant objects.

Oh you crazy Heliocentrism–circa Copernicus 1588–is there nothing you cannot acccomplish?

Did you know that with the new 5G skynet of death (intense, cancer causing radiation saturating the ‘globe’), you can download your favorite new horrible Hollywood 3D movie in only 30 seconds? Heck fire! That used to take me six minutes!  And you know how precious my ‘time’ is!  By gum, where do I sign? I just gotta have me some more of that new tech to keep up with old Billy Bob. We be big gamers he and I…

Yep, that’s the selling point for your mind/body and dare I say SOUL. Here is a list, partial, of the health effects this ‘new’ technology will have on our society as a whole.  A system from hell that must be in place before the Devil makes his big debut. Oh, I’m mistaken, he already has, the masses are simply still asleep and quite,


1. oxidative damage,

2.disruption of cell metabolism,

3. DNA (single and double), stand breaks,

4. breaking through the blood/brain permeability,

5. Melatonin reduction,

6. disruption of brain glucose metabolism,

7. generation of stress proteins,

8. negative effects on skin (rashes, burns, etc.),

9. proven to cause brain tumors in lab rats,

10. adverse effects on eyes, heart and immune system,

11. negative effects on cell growth rates,

12. negative effects on bacteria resistance,

13. bad effects on plant growth,

14. bad effects on the atmosphere as a whole,

14. complete disruption of the natural eco-system.

What say you Bill Nye, “the science guy”?

Tom Wheeler is the criminally appointed Chairman of the U.S. “Federal Communications Commission” and has no problem with any of these proven health risks. Hell, this guy wants no tests done at ALL! Damn the nay sayers! Here’s what old Tom had to say just a little while ago,

“I say go forward with no studies, damn the consequences!  Let’s make the “Internet of Things” a reality yesterday! We don’t want any other “foreign” corporation, or country, same thing, getting a leg up on this 5G now do we? This is our new ’space race’, and we, the good ‘ole US of A, are gonna win this thing, by gum! By the time the infrastructure is in place, it will be too late for these damn conspiracy theorists to wake any more of the American sheep, I mean people, UP! What the public does not know won’t hurt ‘em right? Or will it? Oh yeah, it will. Collateral damage, just like 9/11.  Oh well, we warned ‘em it was coming! The fact is, when we begin injecting RFID chips into everybody, many clamoring to get them, being the ‘in’ thing and all, we need the military grade frequency of 30-300 gigahurtz to zap the bejesus out of ‘em, break their DNA, moving into a transhuman society.  Indeed, that vital third strand that will merge man with machine, fingers crossed!  These high, dangerous frequency levels will be on par with our covert D.A.R.P.A. directed energy weaponry now used in causing ‘wildfires’ all over the world. Yep, AI’s Satanic Singularity has a nice tyrannical ring to it, does it not? Let’s not forget what this is all about anyway shall we? Money and lot’s of it! Not to mention the culling of the herd. For we must never forget Earth’s “axis of rotation and it’s plane of orbit around the sun” is,

66.6 degrees!

Plus the ’speed’ of it’s ‘orbit’ around the sun and the ’speed it ’spins’ in ’space’;

66,600 MPH!


He who rules the AIR and AIR waves!

wink wink, nudge, nudge…

Have a “cosmic” day y’all!


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