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October 8, 2010

Steamship Authority

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, a brilliant one here on Cape, with a sunny sunrise and a cool northeasterly wind blowing all of that rain out to sea.  The “Iyanough” (a famous Indian Chief from these shores many moons ago), as seen above, is one of the fast ferries that transports one to the island of Nantucket, is all ready to sail, as I venture over to that fabled island for a photo shoot…..  The a-la-carte government that the “republican tea party”, or RTP, has in store for the America, that they are in the process of selling, unbeknownst to 99 percent of the “American People”, reared it’s ugly head a few days ago and the aftermath is still being felt all across this country of ours.  It seems that a small town in Tennessee had a house fire recently, and, because the elderly man who lived there with his family failed to pay a $75. ‘pay to play’ fee, the firemen who showed up at his house simply watched it burn to the ground, even as frantic neighbors offered, with open checkbooks, to pay upwards of 10,000 dollars to put it out.  As Jonathon Turley, a Constitutional lawyer and professor of Law at George Washington University, put it, “…we need to look very carefully at who we are and where we are going when we start to make fire protection something akin to a dim sum menu for our neighbors.  We are entering a dangerous place and I think this case, as you (Keith Olbermann) brought it to Light, shows how dangerous that can really be.”  This, of course, is a microcosm of what the RTP plans to do with the whole of the country come the aftermath of the fall mid-term elections.  I believe that was summed up best by one the recent editions of “Worst Persons in the World” (complete version available in Keith’s new book called “Pitchforks and Torches”), an ongoing series on Keith Olbermann’s show, “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann,” airing every week night at 8 and 11 p.m., EST, where Keith takes a hilarious look back at the idiots that fall between the cracks of our 24/7 cable news cycle, much like Louis Black, and calls them out for who and what they truly are–the worst people in the world.  On Wednesday, this series brought to Light our pal and first stooge of the, brought to you by, fill in the blank of your favorite corporate sponsor, republican tea party and it’s fake grass roots beginnings, on par with the creationists’ out there who make up the evangelical religious fanaticism therein, “Dick” Armey and his “stand” on education in “this here” United States of America.  I thought I would bring it to you verbatim, as it needs no other illumination than that.  Thanks Keith!  Enjoy.  AND ACTION! …”But our winner tonight, Dick Armey, of Freedom Works, when asked on CNN if he would like to eliminate all (as well as the Department of Education) federal funding for higher education, listen to this mad scientist like new plan from the bank roll of the astro-turfing of the tea party…”  Dick Armey’s actual words:  “I don’t think the federal government’s involvement in education has benefited the students of America…the education of our young oughta be under the jurisdiction and auspices of state governments.  The state of Texas has (Texas Board of Education wants to rewrite the actual history of the United States) a great university system that has not been made any better by federal money involvement… Let the states manage the education of their young people.”  Keith then replies, “Why don’t you eliminate the 18 billion in Pell grants, the 5 billion in student loans, leaving the 19 million students who applied for aid this year out in the cold.  And, by the way, that great university system in Texas, in 2007 and 2008, students there got Pell Grants totaling 1 billion dollars, including a fifth of all the students at the University of Texas, at Austin.  So, why does “Dick” Armey want to eliminate all federal aid for college students?  Obviously, so they will all drop out and be as stupid as he is.  Dick Armey of Freedom Works, today’s WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!”…and cut, print, wrap. Amen, brother, amen.  Taking this a step further, if you were wondering who is the “man behind the curtain”, we need look no further than the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the other financial arm of the RTP, or republican tea party, for they are doing a hell of a job taking money from foreign nations, such as China and Russia, who are donating millions of dollars to the republican “candidates” via the money laundering system that Karl Rove and David Gillespie set up under the auspices of a company called Crossroads America partnered with another company called GPS, ironic, no?  This breach of faith, by the dirty strategists’ like Rove, serve as a reminder of the folly of the Supreme Court decision in January to allow mult-national corporations to donate unlimited monetary contributions to the “candidates” of their choice, making a mockery of our democratic system that is now up for sale to the highest bidder.  The GOP’s, or now RTP’s, lemon “pledge” that no foreign money has streamed into the system is akin to believing in the tooth fairy.  How stupid do these criminals think we are?  The republican tea party, run by a few ill intentioned billionaires who employ scum bags like Karl Rove to muddy the campaign waters with bullsh$t, all, while knowing that the average, poor American voter watches the other arm, the propaganda arm, of the RTP, FOX NEWS, and thus, will be properly brainwashed, lacking KNOWLEDGE and living in fear and anger at his situation on the ground here in the “good ‘ole USA” and thus, will not really KNOW what is really going on, while they count on bringing that person and millions like him to the polls on November 2, 2010 to vote for the puppet big corp put in place of a ‘real american’ who is only interested in public office to HELP our country, not hurt it.  So there you have it, 75 million dollars coming in from foreign countries and 3 billionaires here in the states, all put into a fund set up to confuse and deceive, truly defining the “man behind the curtain,” who, if successful in the fall elections, will be pulling the strings of their puppets, you elected, bringing more misery to the people of America, the middle class and the working poor, to say nothing of the indigent, while rewarding the lawyers, the hedge fund managers, big banks, insurance executives, big oil executives, big coal executives…well, you get the picture.  Peter Stone, investigative reporter and part of the “Center for Public Integrity”, in Washington D.C., told us on Rachel Maddow’s most excellent show yesterday that American Crossroads (another ironic name) and their ally, GPS are on target, via the US Chamber of Commerce, to raise at least 52 million dollars and have taken over for the RNC, as the main bank roll for the republican party, (and it’s philosophy of plutocracy) and thus, Gillespie and Rove have, as the “advisers” to American Crossroads, reaped the benefits on the now, very suspect ruling (January ruling of Citizens United, another irony, and the timing of Rove and the upstart of the green light foreign fund raising fiasco, being one and the same) of the Citizens United case that acted as a “God Send” allowing these groups to accept unlimited contributions from corporations, and individuals, something that could not be done before, while spending them directly on ads advocating for and against individual candidates. The IRS tax code (501c4) is designed to protect the identity of donors and therefore, we may never know who funded this attempted coup of the United States of America by the corporate milieu.  Therefore, because of the IRS’ rules, individuals and corporations, even foreign donors, if they hide and wash their money properly, (see Tony on Staten Island, he’ll tell you all about ‘de laundering of ‘de money) through proper RTP channels (secured by Blackwater, or Xe, as it is now called), that were once associated with the words honor and goodness, such as the US Chamber of Commerce or “American Crossroads”/GPS , all headed by Bush’s Brain, Karl Rove and the men he works for “the man behind the curtain”… If Christine O’Donnell thinks China is taking over the United States via her high level security clearance that she cannot talk about and does, indeed, wish that she was not “privy” to”, she will have to tell her “sources” that they are too late, Karl has already beat them to the punch.  Stay tuned, America, and please consider voting on November 2, 2010, your very life may depend on it.  Have a wonderful week end folks!   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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