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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 20, 2011

Spooky Sunrise

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Thursday, October the twentieth, 2011, a rather warm, unusually warm, drizzly day here on Cape, as this little sand bar created by the Last Great Ice Age over 11,500 years ago, received quite a downpour yesterday from a system that also created some uncomfortable conditions for all of the protesters down in Zuccotti park, who make up the backbone of “Occupy”, fill in the  blank, whose message on day 34 is now resounding in over 82 countries from the U.K. to the Philippines, the Tundra to Tinseltown, offering a message to the world and it’s PEOPLE that centers around the concepts of fair economic play and Social Justice, you know, ‘equality for ALL’, concepts that have been demonized by plutocratic interests for the past thirty years now, as their movement and ultimate goal (the voodoo economic policies, BOO!, of Ronald Regan, former Secretary of the Treasury ‘under’ then President Ronald Reagan, or ‘trickle down’, or Laissez-faire, or ‘free market’, or ‘gansta’, or…), of OWNING Washington D.C., via the avalanche of corporate lobbying firms who represent the various special interests groups, i.e., the multinational corporations currently dominating the planet, has decimated the middle class, destroyed the environment, silenced unions, defunded education, and defrauded the ‘American People’, those same American people that Mitch, ‘the mouse’, McConnell (R-KY) always speaks of when he takes the microphone, spilling nauseating line after nauseating line from a list of talking points handed to him by his employers, employers who happen to be writing the largest reelection campaign contribution checks that week…  That is the problem right there, SPECIAL INTERESTS that work behind the scenes, away from the cameras of the corporate owned media that probably would not report on it anyhow, working in a ‘cloak and dagger’ world that defines the words shady and shifty, Machiavellian and macabre.  So, as WE all watch these fantastic side shows called ‘republican debate number, what are we up to now?, 5, 6?’, please keep in mind that they act as an educational tool for our people to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee, for like the excessive force used by the NYPD recently, as well as other police forces around the nation, brutal force used against the peaceful protesters, ironically bringing more attention to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, these republican debates will bring more of that highly sought attention and hopefully more SCRUTINY to this current field of republican candidates, yes, suffering through these ‘dentist visit like‘ debates we all have to endure, will bear the fruit of KNOWING just how corrupt and misguided MOST of their fantasy policies really are.  Take, as an example. a plan offered up by a Herman,“my kingdom for a pizza”, Cain puppet, owned by Koch brothers monies, please Google, a tax code reform plan called ‘the 999 plan’, a ‘plan’ that acts as yet another example of how the real powers behind the ‘not your grandfather’s republican party’ wish to increase it’s ability to take from the poorest of US, while it continues the widening of the already huge ‘Grand Canyon’ gap between the haves and the have nots through legislative ‘gated communities’, if you will, , as every economist worth his or her salt will tell you that this plan heavily favors the rich as it lowers the boom on the middle class and the working poor.  The reason the manufactured, by the Koch brothers, tea party does not like Mitt Romney is not because of his religion of Mormonism, as they could care less if he wears ‘magic underpants’ or has one hundred wives, no, it is because he may just think and more importantly ACT for himself, thus, putting him out of the reach of pure plutocratic goals set out in secret meetings that take place in Aspen, Colorado, Palm Beach, Florida or, coming to you soon, Dubai or aboard the International Space Station, as they toast their newest success in creating a vast caste system that keeps the poor down while ever raping and pillaging the planet earth for it’s natural resources, gaining ever more profit from the people, while it keeps it’s collective head in the sands of ‘time’, as the earths’ temperatures soar ever higher in a man made disaster of biblical proportions just around the corner by way of the two words these idiots fear the most–CLIMATE CHANGE. Have a nice day folks and remember that Cape Cod in the winter time is magic, so come on down and visit us, perhaps for a Christmas Stroll on Nantucket’s famous cobblestone streets?, don’t worry, as always, ‘we’ll leave the LIGHT on for YA!’… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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