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October 5, 2015

Spooky Skies…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, cloudy, misting island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a Monday morning–this 5th day of October, 2015– and if you are anywhere on the eastern seaboard, especially in South Carolina, you are probably drying out, and wondering when the onslaught of Biblical rains will end…

Indeed, the aforementioned state is in a state of emergency at this juncture, North Carolina feeling just as soaked, as are many other locales up and down the Atlantic coast, all suffering from this on flow of moisture streaming in from the construction sight over yonder? “…I’m going to slap an injunction on them so fast it will make their head spin, meanwhile, you, you better get rid of those gophers, or I’ll be looking for a new head greens-keeper, savvy?’ (credit the late, great Ted Knight, from the often quoted film-circa 1980-“Caddyshack”).

The metaphorical ‘construction sight’ of modern convenience.  Man forgetting he is connected and ONE with ALL that is around him.  He is a part of, not apart from. He and his brethren, rich or poor, black or white, is ever ONE with the one and only Universal Consciousness. One with the natural order of that Universe and everything LIVING in it.  When he is out of balance with nature, the Wilderness, and of the animals, plants, birds, trees and whales therein, he is lost. His lust of money (the root of all evil), has exposed his folly therein, wreaking havoc on the environment day in and day out, destroying this earth for profit and darkening future generations’ hopes, dreams, and overall quality of life.  The huddled, bullied masses quieted and herded with loud opiates; bright, shiny objects to entertain, lo, to hypnotize and put to sleep, and upon ‘awakening’ do all over again, being lulled by the “new world order” to believe ‘there is nothing to SEA here folks!’  Move along and buy some more of our crap.  Keeping people passive and malleable, gullible and ignorant, so that one day, there will be no more environment to ‘complain’ about.

Those FOX viewers, many of them, left twisting in the ever increasing winds of OUR ‘time’…

Our never ending hunger for MORE is being mirrored by the Mother to us all, planet EARTH.  As this reporter scrolled up and down the ‘top stories’ the other day on the old ROKU, with Donald Trump getting a whole block, right next to Pope Francis, something caught my attention on the ‘weather block’: ‘flash flooding in Iceland; melting glaciers cause havoc’. Perhaps some relatively intelligent information for once on NBC, or was that CBS, ABC?  FOX?  “Bueller?  Bueller?  Anybody”…? (credit the 1985 film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, starring Mathew Broderick, Ben Stein and Mia Sara).

Clicking on the “clip”, wait for it, one discovers an ‘on the scene’ clip.  The poor man’s Leer jet, for there is ‘ner a human to be seen.  Just a video tape where no reporter is involved so you know it was one of the lowest priority pieces in the whole NBC arsenal.  Yes, it was simply a guy filming the evidence of this coming cataclysm most reporters are turning a blind eye to these days, not by choice mind you, by necessity of eating and having a place to live…  No doubt the young man or woman using his new I-phone 777 video camera, so as to save the network a buck or two.  Anything for them stockholders!  You betcha!  Penny pinching to the end, you know, barely covering the most important story of OUR time on this little blue rock.

A silent film of what appeared to be the end of the world.  Epic waters in no man’s land, haunting waters rushing down a growing gray stream, witnessing the death of yet another ancient glacier on this beautiful blue earth we all share.  All occurring NOW somewhere on soot spoiled, blackened ice sheet; “Death of the Glacier” on a dark and stormy day in the great country of Iceland.  Swollen streams of water ever flowing NOW from the retreating, melting, crying glaciers world wide, waters that must NOW flow somewhere…  Streams of water, evolving into wide rivers that turn into a giant torrents of the same stuff that just fell on South Carolina,

…and still is!

How can this not be the NEWS?

WAKE UP WORLD ‘Leaders’!


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