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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 6, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Happy Labor Day week end to all, I pray that you are taking a break from the mendacity,  fitting, considering the fact that, if you actually have a job right now and it is not going to be outsourced to China, India, Brazil, Chile, the Congo, or Australia, nothing against those countries of course, you are keenly aware that the average American worker is being pushed to the limit, both physically and psychologically, not to mention spiritually, what’s that?, with production way up, but wages remaining stagnant…I wonder who is making all of the profit and banking it in a corrupt system that rewards the few at the top and takes a number 2 on the rest of “the American People”?  Let’s be honest for once Mitch, John, Sarah and the employers that keep you all in fancy golf clubs and shooting ranges–you, your party of hell no, and the tea party “astro-turf” puppet show want the country to go back to the original sins of “W” and more to the point, his father and the ghost of Ronald Reagan–who got in bed with the corporate “powers that be” in the early 1980’s and put together a masterful plan to rid the United States of those pesky corporate tax codes (off shore accounts), while simultaneously deregulating the government and casting us into an ever present and ongoing “war” with an ill defined “enemy”, stoked daily by FOX NEWS, that was created, initially, by your party, bringing the warnings of President Dwight D. Eisenhower to full fruition, not to mention the writings of George Orwell, who warned us all of the impending “military industrial complex”, afforded in the epic classic film, “1984″.  A haunting vision of what this country could look like in 20 or 30 years time, perhaps even sooner!  When corporations, which are all not bad, in and of themselves, rather, the individual men and women who head them, hiding behind a veil of secrecy given to them by the Supreme Court of the United States where they are given the same rights as live, real human beings, giving large sums of money to candidates, like the Sharron “Angles” of the world, who truly are puppets of the corporate montra, you have a de-humanizing of a whole society of people, who are so lovingly referred to as, “have nots”, creating a caste system, where companies like Blackwater, become the norm in inner cities, that will erupt in riots as food dwindles and we see a Katrina like situation to the power of ten in every major city in the country.  It is already happening.  Take the other week, where only a handful of “low income housing” applications were being distributed, with only a few hundred openings available, to tens of thousands of desperate people.  This is during a time of relative peace in the country right now.  Imagine if the food supply ran out due to “peak oil” coming to fruition.  Do we have a plan to feed our own people, or are we going to watch them die as we did in Louisiana 5 years ago?   As the companies get larger and more powerful, they can cripple a government, such as what is really going on with President Barrack Obama, a shrinking president, as the new edition of Time Magazine would suggest.  He has so many roadblocks up and does not seem to realize that these people, this p.o.h.n./tea party, wants his complete and utter destruction, all while he is in complete denial that this IS the reality on the ground.  This means that any social programs that were meant for the poor of this country, don’t have snow balls chance in hell of maintaining their very valuable post, acting as a safety net for the downtrodden and disenfranchised, the “hobo’s”, as John, “billy bob”, Boehner (R-OH) refers to them as.  Remember ACORN, a program meant to HELP the poor in mostly urban areas, with evil socialist programs such as planned parenthood, medical care, employment issues, and the like?  That assassination was just the beginning.  What’s next on John’s agenda, when he most likely becomes Speaker of the House in the fall?  The dismantling of Social security, Medicare, the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, protection of the Bush tax cuts of 2001, 2003 (rewarding the richest 2 percent in this country, adding 800 billion dollars to the national debt, via the money that we are all borrowing from China) and a vicious agenda on women’s health issues (abortion) and gay rights, are all in the republican strategists play books.  These all add up to a scenario much like what we saw in “1984″, where the “country” was at war and the “thought police” were out in full force, stopping those evil “free thinkers” from doing any damage to the overall brainwashing system that had been accomplished via the psychological trick of something called the “Stockholm Syndrome”, where people don’t even know that they are captive, being held hostage to all sorts of things, and, moreover, are SYMPATHETIC to their captors, a position that fits just right for a dictatorship.  Is that what you want America? I suggest that you take a good hard look at the positions these “candidates” really hold in their hands, and asking the simple question, what IS their motive? The advertisements are done professionally by Madison Avenue whiz kids in New York, who know how to push people’s buttons, to use that power of anger and fear in the electorate, fueling the hate and violence that we have seen in the past, the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, serving the purpose of keeping the masses down, and thus, are very powerful and persuasive–these people are professionals at what they do, and what is that, that they do?  Sell stuff! Lenin once said that, “religion is the opiate of the masses,” I wonder how we could draw a direct line to the p.o.h.n./tea party?  Let me see if I could just think of a way, let’s see… if religion is, indeed, the opiate of the masses, then it would stand to reason that the republican party would take that stand, as some have already positioned themselves to do, to take that a step further?  By abolishing the Constitutional property of the Founding Father’s vision to keep church and state separate, creating a national Christian mandate, a Christian state, this could be accomplished, and thus, bring the full power of “god” into the picture, bringing any resistors to their collective knees.  This will be the final nail in the coffin for the United States of America if this occurs, for the republican, the far right wing (nut) republican vision of “Christianity”, DOES NOT embody the real teachings of Jesus Christ.  No where in the gospels of a man who walked this earth, 2045 years ago, does it say, “we must profit over the needs of the people, we must trample our environment to the point of our own extinction all in the name of the “bottom line” for our shareholders, we must turn a blind eye to the hunger, sickness and death that our brothers and sisters in this country face every day because of a blind, ever hungry shark, that feeds mindlessly in order for “it” to stay alive (i.e.,multi-national corporations), we must devise a “purity test” that confirms that you have taken Jesus Christ, the republican party, and all of the hollow values it contains to heart, confessed your “sins” and pledge complete and blind allegiance to the “party”, with no questions asked and no resistance given, and finally, we must give our complete lives over to care of the almighty corporation, that provides for our every need, bringing the famous catch phrase from Wallmart, “Live better, Wallmart,” to life.  Yes, I am pretty sure that Jesus never said any of those things, as he was not really all that impressed with money and Caesar’s reign of power 2000 plus years ago.  His interests lied in the people themselves, where he told them all that the kingdom of Heaven is within each and every one of you, where the keys to that Kingdom are within your brothers and sisters, for they are NOT your “enemies”, rather, your saviors.  That is what he meant when he said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Not to be overly, and seemingly “acting” like a saint, rather to see the LIGHT of the Holy Spirit in everyone you meet, regardless of his station in life, and thus, by loving them, you are actually loving GOD.  He was not referring to your colleagues in the Senate Mr. Boehner, rather the people you were initially hired to represent and I would hazard a wager that you do not see Barry Sanders (I-VT) as one of your “brothers”, let alone as yourself.  I wonder, Sir John, if you look forward to many years from now, when you have put down the axe from it’s grinding action, if you will not have seen the folly of your ways, and perhaps regretted your positions, positions that will have affected millions of who you refer to as, “the American People.” Have we not seen enough division in this country, have we not seen enough war?  How long before we are “safe”?  When one lives in fear and promotes it, one does not want peace, for he is not at peace himself and does not want anyone else to achieve it, feel it, or live it.  Ask yourself this, as the election draws near, do you really want the insane policies of George W. Bush reenacted so that the p.o.h.n./tea party and their employers can finish the job they started, creating a real plutocracy, rule by the wealthy, eliminating your vote all together, as the corporations advertise their way into power via a crooked “shell game”?–hoodwinking the public into believing that the very corrupt republican party has every intention of “turning the economy around” for small businesses and every day Americans, while simultaneously, allowing their employers, like bp and Halliburton, to rape and pillage our land, effectively killing our population and wildlife, via poisoned water from the “fracking”, hydraulic fracturing of shale to gain “natural gas”, going on in 37 states, pouring over 596 chemicals into the ground water, literally killing the people who were gullible enough to allow those horrible companies to drill on their land to begin with, destroying the property and health of it’s inhabitants forever?  Yeah, this is what I’m talking about here, some real sick stuff.  These corporations are truly monsters and with the election of the “party of hell no” and the tea party into power, you will see a vanishing of the social safety net that we all took for granted in the 1970’s and did not notice the grand slide into oblivion before it was, seemingly, too late.  That is what I fear the most, and with the corporations owning the airwaves, the television stations, the radio stations, the advertising, the CONTENT of what information goes into the general public’s head, I fear the end is near for what we once knew of the United States of America.  That is what is at stake here, in this upcoming election, and you do not have to take my word for it.  Please visit the three shows that will tell you the TRUTH as to what is really going on, I give you three at the moment, for if you even watch one, you will see the LIGHT. Those shows are “Countdown, with Keith Olberman,” “The Rachel Maddow Show”, and “The ED show”, all on MSNBC, airing at 8 &11, 9 & midnight, and 6 p.m. EST, respectively.  I encourage this, for one reason only, these true journalists are the few that have the guts to tell it like it IS.  Pulling no punches.  They are truly fair and balanced and will give even Sharron “Angle” a fair shake, although I would not.  The stakes for the “American People” have never been higher and I implore you to study this on your own, to see the truth behind the lies, to reveal the “man behind the curtain.”  He is not to hard to find, just follow the money.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the good people of the Bayou, the SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein… may creative intelligence recreate bp. Have a wonderful day folks!  Peace~M

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