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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 14, 2021

spell bound

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dark, cloudy, milder, anticipating island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Fourteenth Day of February, 2021, “Valentine’s Day” here in the U.S., and looking ‘above deck’, one can SEA ‘boys being boys’, playing some frozen glacial pond hockey yesterday in Osterville, at a hidden Cape gem “Joshua’s Pond”, where my best friend and “I” had some flatbread “Crisp” pizza and took in all the wonderful things this world still has to offer,

“…seek and ye shall find!”


For even though LOVE seems a four letter word during these “COVID-19(84)” DAZE, the whole world spell bound by Davos, Switzerland’s “Great Reset” providing the warped, mad Zionist international bankers, fake scientists, insane, depraved, lunatic eugenicists all the power they need to steam roll forward with Agenda 21/30, the UN ‘Sustainable Development Goals’/Green New Deal/health passports, all conspiring to depopulate the planet by 90 percent by 2025?, via these secret D.A.R.P.A. “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, lots of culling, indeed, taking out 7 billion to ’save mother Earth’…,yes, even though we face a great evil in the land, chalk full of it’s favorite weapons, fear and propaganda,

there is still,


Love conquers ALL.

Love of country, love of another human being, love of freedom, love of the U.S. Constitution and the 1776 “Declaration of Independence’s”, “Bill of Rights’, love of family values, love of animals, love of nature, love of music, love of laughter, love of fun, love of kite surfing, love of hiking, love of skiing, love of biking, love of creating, love of writing, love of photography,

love of life itself.

That is what ‘they’ lack and hate.

Yet, that most powerful force in the Universe, LOVE, cannot be ‘killed’, it’s eternal, like you, and will live on forever in one form or another…

The human heart is more powerful than any machine man or the devil could ‘create’, many do not SEA that same ‘ole naughty demon plagiarizing everything Divine, corrupting it to fit it’s own image of narcissisms, nastiness and deceit.

The UN holy trinity.

Food for thought for those still consuming corporate slop calling itself the ‘news’ on your black scrying mirrors, i.e. last night on ABC’s “World” ‘news’ tonight, they reported some ‘good news’ for a change, yes sir! That’s right a good ‘ole white boy named ‘Wit’ Johnson, a weak beta male week end ‘anchor’, perhaps an android, stated this whopper,

“…adverse reactions reported so far in the past 30 days of the Moderna and Pfizer ‘vaccinations’ have been 66 in total, the whole country, isn’t that great! So don’t listen to those bat $hit crazy conspiracy ‘theorists’, W.H.O. are sounding the alarm bells that well over 50,000 ADR’s (adverse drug reactions) to “euthanasia’s” ‘jab’ have been reported. It is also well known that only one percent of ADR’s actually get reported, so this number is obviously quite a bit higher, plus AGI gobbles up the rest…,

leaving you with our number of, you guessed it, 666 people had “mild “symptoms, (’ole Wit’s nose growing on air), I mean 66 people! Gosh, my bosses sure like that number 6! Please stay tuned to hear more about our front line heroes W.H.O. dance day in and day out bringing US all great joy during ‘these difficult times’, they really are special are they not? Following this broadcast, stay tuned for the ABC special mind controlling movie of the week here on ABC, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, circa 1978. A documentary film where we continue to predictably program you and yours while simultaneously gas light just enough to make think you are a nut job if you don’t believe everything we say as Gospel truth. I mean you would have to be crazy NOT to take this highly dangerous mRNA pathogen delivery envelope designed to kill you!

I mean ‘protect’ you from a ‘virus’ that has never been isolated or tested for properly (PCR tests useless like masks and ’social distancing’ ‘lockdowns’),

for there is no test for a pandemic that never was…,

only in your fear based, paralyzed, programmed, brainwashed minds.

Oh, and by way, Happy Valentine’s Day! From all of us here at ABC “news”, we sure do appreciate your continued hypnotic spell bound attention, affection and acknowledgement, culminating in your blind, deaf and dumb compliance, acquiescence, submission and bee hive, group double think, double speak surrender to this ”new normal” New World Order reality that will send most of you stark raving mad, like me,

Wit Johnson,

an angry, agitated, automaton android adjuvant!

Any of you men out there still looking for that special gift for that special someone for this special day? How about some stock in Tik Tok, or any Chinese company, because you can kiss this Republic goodbye, while you give your sweet heart a kiss too;

…with a mask on of course.

Have a super Sunday everybody and remember to tune into GMA on Monday, special guests include the Hollywood All Star drag queen story book hour to children under the age of 12!  Beijing Biden will be there too, no Kamala though, sorry folks, she’s got another show with that creature “Ellen”!

Stay safe, stay home, stay sanitized and stay tuned to ABC for all the latest hor$e$hit you can stomach on any given day baby!

Wit out!”


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