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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 8, 2009

Sound of Nantucket

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On this beautiful Sunday morning, I hope you are well.  The temperatures here on the Cape are expected to be in the upper 60’s today, with abundant sunshine.  The body of water that you see above you is the Nantucket Sound, named the “far away island” the original Indian tribes coined centuries ago…   The island lies approximately 30 miles south-southeast of Hyannis Harbor and once was the home to one of the largest whaling profit centers in the world.  The United States banned Whaling in the early 20th century and the days of destroying the most magnificent mammels on the planet faded into lore and legend.  Today, Humpbacks, Finbacks, Right and Sperm Whales and several species of dolphin swim in peace off the Massachusetts coast, migrating from the Carribean where they mate, then moving North and feeding in the rich Stellwagon Bank during the summer season.  Around the time of the Revolutionary War, the thought of discontinuing whaling for moral reasons would have been considered not only a bad financial decision, but, moreover, a blow to the pride of the hearty souls who lived on this rock in the middle of the Atlantic.  The oil that was gained from the killing of whales, especially Sperm Whales, was the primary fuel source for the inhabitants of this fledgling democracy.  How did Nantucket survive without whaling?  Adapting. One could make the argument, using this microcosm of the larger macrocosm of the United States’ energy needs, that we too, in the 21st century, must do the same if we are to preserve the bigger picture, namely the entire planet.  We are all interconnected, with eachother, with our environment and our Creator.  Today, Nantucket is a thriving destination spot, albeit for the rich and famous, but thriving none the less.  History repeats itself because we did not listen to begin with, choosing the easier softer way for short term profits and individual gain.  The central question you must ask yourself is this–did the founding fathers of our great nation establish this country based on the collective or the single individual?  Or in this case, protecting the rights of Corporations over the rights of the citizens who maintain it.  Have a blissful Sunday!  Peace~ M

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