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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 26, 2020


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grayish purple skied, windy, cool, cautious, 24 karat island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this fine Thursday morning, six thirty a.m., The Twenty=Sixth Day of March, 2020, a blustery one here on Ocean Street, Historic Hyannis, indeed very quiet and if one listens really intently, one can hear the waves of Kalmus Beach only a football toss from this computer monitor…


About this ‘time’ of year, Sea Cape Cod begs all to ‘come on down’ and pay US a visit.  To date, the Daffodil Day festival on Nantucket was shut down, the Figawi sail boat race from Hyannis to that fabled isle, cancelled, all stores from Falmouth to Provincetown boarded up and darkened, lo, all lights it would seem have been turned off.

The president of this great Republic, and his minions, demons and devils, have made no bones about stating that most senior citizens should sacrifice for the health of the economy.  In other words, grandmothers and grandfathers die, so just suck it up!

This macabre magician steals in scams, sacrifice and deals.  Make no mistake about it, WE are stuck with a dangerous president who does not react to anything but political pressure, self congratulations, propaganda, SELF preservation. Not people over profit.  He does not recognize TRUTH, nor the Almighty, whom will have the ultimate say regarding his ETERNAL future.  His old haunt of New York City, under siege with this virus, now witnessing nurses on the front line in overrun hospitals wearing garbage bags to protect themselves in lieu of a lack of PPE, is about to SEA just how bad this virus will turn out to be…

Even with this passage of a relief bill by the U.S. Senate, the economy will crumble, not because it is shut down, but because this president has surrendered in this ‘war’ via his insistence to reopen the economy, i.e. restaurants, bars, malls, etcetera, infecting more Americans, ultimately bringing more death and despair to people you may know and love.

WE could not have asked for a worse ‘man’ ‘in charge’ of a nation that is in dire straits, begging for leadership, medical supplied, medical personnel, testing, tracking, hospital beds, kindness, compassion, love and light.  New York City COVID-19 deaths rose 110% in the past 36 hours.  The national death number currently stands at 1001, with cases rising exponentially by the hour.  This is a tragedy that never needed to happen.  In 2014 the government stopped the development of anti-corona virus drugs to stop these kind of outbreaks, all due to ‘economic’ reasons.  Just like Trump scrapped, lo, FIRED the infectious disease task force because he didn’t like the way someone spoke to him, rather the lack of praise and celebration for the ‘great’ man he, Donald j. Trump, ‘thinks’ he is.

To suggest that seniors pay the ultimate price for keeping Boeing flying high is nothing short of demonic.  At no time in this country’s deep history has there been more technology, more innovation, more promise for the future than 2020.  Yet, because of a lack of leadership at the top, many people will die needlessly, perhaps on purpose, the economy will drop more points on the major indexes, businesses will go under, people will go hungry, with no S.N.A.P. benefit increases in this most recent corporate bailout, and the Republic as a whole will be significantly weakened, from the military to health care facilities and everywhere in between, leaving US open to many other dangers most are not even considering at this juncture.

Think about it.

Have a super day ya’ll!  Stay safe, stay strong, stay loving, patient and giving….

“If nobody told you they LOVE you today,

I just did!”


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