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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 13, 2009

Solar Light

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The power of the sun is something that we have all talked about, with exception of the big oil companies.  The light is on though, and I wonder if anyone has the eyes to see.  Perhaps that was one of the “earmarks” one of the 9000 or so that were included in the recent stimulus bill.  By the way, only 2% of the budget is considered “earmarks”, the rest is for the 2 wars that Bush started, and clearly failed in one or both depending on how you are realistically looking at it, let’s see the wars, health care, the banking system (caused by conservatives–the greedy ones and they know who they are–GLOBAL WARMING, entitlement programs and the failing economy in general.  What is America to do?  Gone are the manufacturing jobs of old.  We are not going back to the horse and buggy days, although some of us might, putting up factories that employ almost the entire town and those companies shipping off product to places like China, Russia and the like.  Our manufacturing in the fourth quarter of this year was almost non-existent.  We do not make anything here.  Goods and services is what makes an economy run, when all you have left are the services, don’t you just become a service oriented country?  If we want the leadership role again here on planet earth, we need innovation, creativity, team playing, no nonsense politics, responsible informed eager to lend a hand citizenship, and most of all what we are doing all of this for to begin with–Love.  We need an education system in this county as well as a word from the dogma that has become most organized religions to speak up about what Love is–define Love.  In this particular instance, we need to define love as a nation and really be at one with what that means.  Most people give it no thought.  Some give it a shrug and say, “What are ya gonna do?”, and then there are the young people of this fairly young country who are saying–”I do love this country, and if some power-crazed administration screwed up our economy, our environment (by not doing anything for 8 years and allowing more C02 to release into the atmosphere that kills more and more of our planet’s wildlife and generally giving the planet earth and all of the creatures that live on it one of it’s old knarly middle fingers), stealing the pensions of our retiring baby boomers, and widening the gap between the haves and the have nots…yeah, they say, we are going to do something about it with the help of a good man in the White House and hopefully some older folks–you know people in their early 40’s who are mad as hell and will not take it anymore.  Just for your information, the real deal that is going on with the polar ice caps is too much for my heart to write about on the blog today, but I will save a polar bear, somehow, someway,  Peace M

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