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January 28, 2011

Solar Glow

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, rather early, about 6:06 a.m., and with the stars out in full force, dancing off the newly covered field’s of snow, I bid you and yours a fair and fine adieu, coming to you LIVE from the shores of Osterville, here on little old Cape Cod, founded 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age.  Speaking of snow jobs, the republican party is busy at work via the advice of “men” like Frank Luntz, the “word doctor”, who is shoveling out the horse$hit for the newly elected republican dominated House “speak about” when they aren’t too busy spouting about the “jobs problem” in this country, jobs that their employers shipped overseas long ago.  They are secretly waging a culture war against a woman’s right to CHOOSE, i.e. abortion rights, a war against the “homosexual agenda”, a war against KNOWLEDGE being attained through publicly funded programs such as NPR, National Public Radio, where one might find the TRUTH, as opposed to the insane rantings of mad men such as Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, a war against community based programs designed to help the poor stay ALIVE, let alone giving them a chance to pull themselves OUT of poverty, through education, re-training and the like, and finally the real meat of it, the “socialistic” programs that have been in place, such as Social Security, for 80 years, and put together by real men whom these clowns, if they lived during their day, would not be fit to carry their jock straps.  Yes, the Cantors, the McConnells, the Boehners, and all of the other newly elected former dog trainers all dressed up like grown ups, pretending to be congressmen and women, who know nothing about less than nothing, are all fired up to gin up the crowd of ignoramuses out there who actually believe whatever the puppets tell them, coming, of course, directly from the puppet masters of Wall Street, big oil, big coal, big insurance and the like, themselves.  Wall Street sees the surplus of 2.5 trillion dollars of flush, of liquid, of SOLVENT social security monies and licks their collective greedy lips, solvent until the year 2037, and is seen in their eyes as just another “short term profit opportunity” where they are demanding their employees, the congressmen and women whom their corporate profits purchased, therefore being bought and sold pieces of property of said Plutocracy, yes, these puppeteers are DEMANDING that the federal government privatize social security, raise the retirement age, and virtually wipe it out for younger generations- for the money that will supposedly be there for future generations, should it be privatized and thrown to the whims of the stock market, will most likely be wiped out by yet another financial crisis, led by a heartless, unpatriotic Plutocracy that could not give a damn about 99 percent of the “American people”, as it leaves that chore to the spin doctors such as Luntz, who then funnel those talking points to said puppets, and the dance just keeps on rolling along, happily down the bunny trail, right Glenn?  By the way, how is that bunny Glenn, I sure hope you didn’t hurt it…I hope you didn’t eat it!  You have some issues Glenn, you should take some time off, get a handle on things.  These are the wooden nickles from the other day that I warned about…snake oil sales are up and don’t forget to check out the new deals on Gold Line, your number one source for losing your shirt on marked up “rare” gold coins.  On a similar note, Phil Angelides, Chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, four little words the republican Plutocracy does NOT want you to hear about, let alone KNOW anything about, spoke yesterday on the PBS NEWSHOUR and all I can say is GOOGLE that interview.  I have been instructed to not say any more on this subject, as this computer is being monitored…I’m just kidding, but, I can assure you, the right wing strategists out there, again, “men” like Frank Luntz or Mike Murphy, a friend of mine, will spin this, so much so that after you are all upside down in your thinking, as a direct result of viewing FOX NEWS, and the hypnotic brainwashing that ensues therein, where you will learn about the “news” through the simply worded talking points that appear, for example, on Bill O’Reilly’s monitor, that you can follow like a bouncing ball such as in the old days during a commercial at a drive in movie, yes, after you are in that hypnotic trance, you will not even WANT to know anything more about the FINANCIAL CRISIS INQUIRY COMMISSION--for what could this exhaustive and thorough year long inquiry, a 500 page intricate study, what could this bi-partisan study of what happened in 2008, that goes all the way back to the 1980’s, when it began, culminating in the non-present regulatory system, devoid of real teeth, that ushered in predatory lending, taking advantage of minority groups who are now blamed for the crisis itself, take that one in for a moment, leading of course to the sub-prime mortgage implosion, not to mention the infinitely complicated derivatives market, a 15 trillion dollar shadow market, perhaps larger than Wall Street itself, a market that had NO regulation whatsoever–those factors combined to make the formula for packaging all of those crappy mortgages (that were AAA rated by “Moody’s” or “A.M. Best”, financial rating companies that are supposed to be honest and not in bed with the people they are rating, but, hey, if MMS is doing it, why can’t we?), and taking bets on when the housing bubble would fail, while simultaneously taking those toxic assets and selling them to their clients, there OWN clients, with their blessing and the blessing of the holy ratings companies, who never knew what was going on, best case scenario, or worst, did, and were bought off by the likes of Goldman Sachs, yes, indeed, what could this historically CORRECT study tell us of what WE as the people who bailed out the likes of AIG, Bank of America, and the rest, why would we want to KNOW what happened, moreover, who is really at fault for the trillions of dollars that were lost in the stock market, as millions of average Americans lost their shirt, as in the value of their 401 (k) portfolios, not to mention countless pensions all across the board?  What could it possibly tell us?  That some people should go to jail?  This all coupled with the economic after shock felt around the world, as many economies in Europe, Asia and South America followed the “American Way” and the average citizen in those countries suffered right along with our crumbling middle class, working poor and indigent alike.  The spin doctors, i.e., word doctors.com”, check them out, Luntz and his buddies, will turn this into the “fault” of the regulators, who had no teeth to begin with and were in the dark the whole time as to what was really gone on over at Goldman Sachs, because I really don’t think Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman, had, as his top priority, filling in the toothless regulators “information bucket” during the BUSH administration, pertaining to his business affairs.  He must have forgotten to send out the “memo”, oh, but Frank, is that really the right way to go on this one?  It seems to me regulators sleeping and doing drugs with the people that they are supposedly regulating, e.g., the Mineral Management Services, or MMS, who had their fun with oil executives at say, bp, that must, Frank, translate into the financial world as well, I mean, who are we kidding here?  Heck, old boy, AIG was one of my carriers when I was a broker at Johnson & Higgins.  Let me tell you one FACT about the insurance industry and/or the financial industry– it is not a Trappist monastery.  Birds of a feather tend to stick together, and so I would conclude that reading that 500 page document the Chairman of said committee recently released, the four dirty little words the republicans don’t want you to hear, let alone understand, as you are instructed to ignore them from your overlord and master, FOX NEWS, “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, my name is not Roger Ailes, and I think you are a damn Nazi left wing agitator”, yes, as “big brother” instructs you to pay not attention to that man behind the curtain, you are further instructed to not hear, smell, taste, see, or touch the TRUTH–because heaven forbid ya’ll know what we really have planned for “the American people”–you might just stop taking your medication, i.e. the mind numbing talking points of insanity as presented on FOX NEWS or shows such as Rush Limbaugh’s garbage pail three hour torture session.  In the immortal words of the Chairman who showed a lot of courage in this stellar report, “We’ll stand on the FACTS and MERITS of this report.” Wooden nickles anyone, anyone, Bueller, anyone???  Have a nice week end everybody!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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