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February 1, 2010


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I had the good fortune of watching ABC’s “This Week”, hosted by Barbara Walters, as opposed to George Stephanopoulos, yesterday along with “Meet the Press”, hosted by David Gregory.  Now this is not something new for me, as you would probably have surmised by my blogs.  However, yesterday opened up my eyes to the corporate brainwashing machine that exists within about 70 percent of the content steering these shows.  Barbara Walters was of particular interest, as she gave a “hard” interview of the Senator elect from the great state of Massachusetts.  I felt like I was watching a bad episode of “The View”, and it continued with the “round table” of pundits, only two of which could be called “pundits”, with Barbara displaying the 1982 Cosmopolitan issue of the Senator elect in the buff along with her flipping through the periodical and revealing her own spread in the same magazine.  This took a good minute and in the world of television, that is an eternity. When she returned from the commercial break, she gave Roger Ailes, the President and CEO of Fox news, plenty of room to tell the world how “fair and balanced Fox News is”…  I came away from that exchange of soiled punditry with a bad taste in my mouth.  For I know that this is the wave of the future.  Organizations with enough money will be able to buy into the corrupt airwaves, owned by the corporations, and spin their lies for the purpose of brainwashing as many viewers as possible.  Fast forward to the elections in November and you will see this inevitable influx of money from said corporations filter in, subtle as you please, manipulating the hearts and minds of the electorate, thereby swaying elections in their favor.  Make no mistake, the decision that the Supreme Court made this past week to allow corporations to spend as much money as they wish, overturning a century old law designed to protect the very democracy we enjoy today, will make the “grass roots” election of Barack Obama, who spent only 800 million dollars, look like a joke.  This decision effectively took the “We the people” out of the equation and handed it to “We the corporations” who now have MORE rights than the individual.  Who got to Roberts?  There has to be an explanation.  In this country’s greatest financial calamity since the Great Depression, the highest court in the land decided to “take a look at the first ammendment” and by some form of sick logic, sided on the problem as opposed to the solution.  These are men and women who have some of the highest intellect in the world– what did they think would happen? Democracy being replaced by plutocracy–rule of the wealthy.  Knowing the attention span of most Americans, this was probably not a stretch for a court that ruled in favor of that trend in 2000, effectively stealing an election from a man that would have done something about our environmental crisis, our banking sham, the insurance cartel, and the wars that never happened.  Think about it– one man, one court, one decision made this all happen and now we are scrambling to find a way out of that black hole of corporate campaign contributions.  As I write these words, there are thousands upon thousands of corporate lobbyists waking up, showering, dressing their finest linens, eating a thirty dollar breakfast, and heading out of their hotel lobbies for Capitol Hill, where they will start the new day with a bribe, a threat, and a handshake and thus, taking another piece of the American pie of Liberty, Justice and Freedom that IS the American Constitution.  Have a nice Monday Washington and try and wipe that smirk off of your face.  Peace~ M

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