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October 1, 2014

‘So I jumped ship in HONG KONG…’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soggy, foggy, raw and rather depressing island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this October 1st, 2014–a wet and wild Wednesday to be sure, as the whole of New England’s NFL football fan base groans just a little louder.  Tom Brady and the beloved Patriots, combined with the weather, all just a little under par at the moment…

So too is the moral fiber of this nation’s ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions… There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that Wall Street’s fate is wrapped up in regulatory relevance.   The reason the Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to climb for it’s various ’share holders’ interests is due to a number of factors, none so glaring as the free monies offered up by the FED in 2009 and beyond, but moreover, those cozy relationships that exist between the regulators (those who watch the hen house) and the ‘too big to fail’ ‘investment bank’ CEO’s and their henchmen (the foxes).  Because of this risk, this giant liability, this highwire act the entire U.S. people and her economy underwrite, ‘the American People’ are actually held hostage in a very subtle, but very real, Stockholm Syndrome (please Google).  Americans who are told that these banks are ‘good’ and  ‘vital’ for our economy to function.  Whose economy a$$hole?  Wall Street’s or Main Street’s?

This stench is all made real by “shady dealings” caught on tape recently at one of the largest and ‘most prestigious’ ‘investment banks’, Goldman Sachs. A casino owner, I mean company who makes money the old fashioned way, EXTORTION!  That’s right, it’s one of the big banks that brought you the meltdown a few years back, you all remember these guys.  A great group of suits who you may recall being infamously called out (after the 2008 banking crisis that almost took the world down with it, leading of course to that Great Recession that our current President Barack Obama has done a fine job of getting us out of, bringing the unemployment rate down to 6.1 percent from the high of 10.1 percent when the U.S. was hemorrhaging upwards of 700,000 jobs per month. Millions losing trillions on their collective 401(k)’s while the top .001 percent has seen their income continue to skyrocket by an average of 279 percent!) for betting against their OWN CLIENTS!  “Ah, Mr. Smith?  Yeah, let’s put him in those junk bonds we were going to farm out to ‘ole Rex what’s his name, you know, that a$$hole over in Rye, yeah, you know the guy, real piece of work… so anyway, let’s make sure that as soon as we get his money, we bet against that derivative and we will make out like the bandits we know we are, fuck MSNBC and those liberal assholes who blog about us, what the ‘American people’ don’t know won’t hurt ‘em, unless of course, we ask them for another trillion bucks, am I right or am I right?!”–only a slight exaggeration at the end there from the recent tapes revealed, but the essence remains intact…  This is the kind of stuff getting our great Senator Elizabeth Warren, from right here in the great state of Massachusetts, all worked up and ready for a fight!

A special hearing will be taking place soon regarding Wall Street and this unhealthy and very cozy relationship between said regulators and the folks they are charged with regulating.  Making this whole charade a slap in the face to anyone with a brain and a moral fiber that is a little stouter than milk toast.  Wall Street IS a den of thieves, bringing nothing of value to this country, just the stench of it’s intention to fleece it but good…   Trading on super fast computers that rip people off legally without the average investor even knowing about it.  But that is not the real issue here.  What is most stressing is the next crash on Wall Street, as the greedy, banking bastards take the country over a cliff again.  Lead by ‘men’ like Goldman’s CEO and chief thief, Lloyd Blankfein, who takes no prisoners, but bets on them before he throws them and their money under a rolling bus, rolling right down the middle of Broadway and right over your hard earned ’safe’ 401(k).  Take that Grandma!

I hope Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren uses this upcoming Senate Oversight Committee platform to truly wake people up to what corporate born and favorite son, Mitt, “corporations are people too”, Romney and his pals really want to do with this nation.  Turn it into a permanent ‘habitat for the poor, huddled downtrodden masses’–the dispossessed, the dispirited, the disillusioned, the disheartened, the disowned, the disturbed, and the diseased.

Take a good hard look at the images coming out of Ferguson, Missouri–they speak volumes of what is to come.  Police officers wearing arm bands stating “I am Darren Wilson” (the Ferguson Police Officer who shot Michael Brown to death in cold blood, in broad daylight, in front of at least 4 very credible witnesses. Shooting him while his hands were in the air, shooting him with not one bullet, not two bullets, but 10 bullets), with an indictment of said killer not likely, leaving an even bigger wound in the overall African-American community here in these United States of America.  Just one of many examples where everyday American communities and the people who live there–American Citizens–do not receive the same treatment or interpretation of what it says at the top of the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C.–“Equal Protection Under LAW”.

What’s that?  The engraving on the top of that famously iconic pillared powerhouse is meant to be suggestive only?  You know, when it’s convenient to put those words to the test.  It’s not meant for everybody for Heavens’ sakes!  Right Peggy?  That makes sense, why give that right to everybody?  That would be like, a real democracy and we can’t have that, gag me with a spoon, really…

Why do you think the Ghosts of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Ayn Rand and I have been working with the lads ‘ore at FOX “NEWS”, the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity and the John Birch Society so much of late?  For you, dear inheritor, for you!  That’s how it works.  Not with hard work, no sir.  It is accomplished via deep, entrenched (depressing the human spirit) mind sets (much like southern U.S. slavery once accomplished, now, just more subtle…), dispossession, disenfranchisement (suppressing the vote in 26 states), and downward pressure on wages, keeping that working man down so that nor he, nor his poor family or their friends, can ever get ahead and dare I say, CHALLENGE this rotten status quo.  A ‘quo’ that will soon SEA it’s day in court.  The court of PUBLIC OPINION!   By 2020, these Hong Kong protest images you see all across social media might just be emanating from your New York, Boston, San Francisco or Washington D.C…that’s if we don’t include the ‘all’ in ‘all for one and one for all’… You go Senator Elizabeth Warren, you got a real friend in seacapecod.net!

Have a nice day folks, keeping away from those poisonous wooden nickles thrown about by FOX. Although, it might be fun to drop acid someday and watch FOX & Friends… I feel like I need to catch up on the drug taking, you know?  They have to be taking some kind of over the counter medication to actually be serious when speaking or thinking on that venerable news hour(s)–airing all across America at this 7:21 a.m. hour.  Gee wiz… For me, it’s like an ancient ‘meeting of the minds’.  Steve Ducey and his friends on said show have it all by golly… The daily imparting of their deep wisdom and Zen like presence is almost too much to take.  It is God like and I thank Rupurt, “arrrrggghhh matie”, Murdoch for his bravery and altruism for putting forth such a caring/giving/educational/endearing/ network as that of FOX “NEWS”.  It gives so much and we, as an ungrateful nation, give back so little.  Like your “equal” (not really apples to apples now is it?) on MSNBC Rachel Maddow does on her show (every weeknight at 9 p.m. sharp, as opposed to dull…) when she tells the world ‘what 99 percent of the journalists out there are not telling you.  Namely, that the U.S. has committed 10,000 troops to that unstable country of Afghanistan (longest running war in America’s 238 year old history) for the next ten years–’till 2024 and beyond. Who needs that Bed, Bath and Beyond when you’ve got Kabul, am I right Brian?  That’s right, the “NBC’s “Nightly News, with Brian Williams” left that out of last night’s broadcast, but made sure to tell us all the heart warming story of yet another puppy dog who writes frequently on ‘the twitter’…  Just another example of the military industrial complex that is now not even a news story any more.  Permanent war footing…

So from all of us here in Hyannis/Hyannis Port and all over the world, we salute all of you, especially you Rupert, you old scallywag!  Thank you for making the news fun again and for sharing all of that LOVE… Love that drips from your station like morning dew from the green, green grasses of Cape Cod and the Islands! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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