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March 5, 2009

Snow Lab

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My black lab Allie has no problem with enjoying the cold temperatures and rolling around in anything that is available.  Fortunately, it is snow and not dead fish.  We walked for 2 hours this morning, across the frozen tundra of the Wianno golf course, down the quiet streets of Osterville, as the good citizens of this quiet village in New England sleep through the 6 am hour.  The sun was out this morning and with the thermal cooling of the atmosphere with no cloud cover, the temperatures fell back into the lower teens.  Back from my trip to Boston, it was a short trip, just up and back.  The day up there was exactly like today, clear as a bell with the wicked north wind blowing in at a good clip from moment to moment.  It is good to have a dog.  No matter what you are thinking or saying or doing, a dog will love you unconditionally.  I had a Mastiff in Colorado and a Great Dane.  My Mastiff, Jake, was the “best” dog I have ever had the privilege of caring for.  I miss him sometimes awful.  That is the only way I can say that and I do not care if it is not the king’s English.  Jake was literally able to read my mind, intuitive, and was the most gentle giant on the planet.  Although the Mastiff was bred 5000 years ago as a war dog for the emperors of Mongolia at the time, he made his way into the Royal household and became not so much a watchdog, as a part of the family.  So, the dog that all other dog breeds come from–the Mastiff–would rather eat pudding with your 2 year old than fight any wars in Indo-China.  Peace M

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