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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 10, 2010

Snow Birds

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The bird feeder on my back deck is full and waiting for the next storm to hit the area a little later on this morning…Cape Cod and the Islands are expecting at least 16 inches of the white stuff.  Snow in New England normally does not interrupt simple everyday activities, as we are accustomed to Nor’easters all year long and in the winter, these powerful low pressure systems can wind up and bring heavy precipitation and surf, along with winds that can reach hurricane levels.  In Washington D.C., however, snow can grind the city to a halt.  This dovetails quite nicely with the legislative process that has been stuck in neutral for the first year of President Obama’s Presidency.  The obstructionist party, led by the head clown, Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY) and funny man John “please pass the orange juice” Boehner (R-OH), who made a statement yesterday to the world that the administration should scrap the year long work on health care reform, both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate labored at tirelessly, with the progressive leaders bending on everything from a single payer system, to the “public option”, and finally to the filibuster rule that, along with the unfortunate decision of the Supreme Court regarding the “First Amendment” and the flood gates being opened for corporate funds to corrupt the very fabric of our democracy, finally broke the camels back.  It is tragic that WE THE PEOPLE have allowed this crime to happen.  I call it a crime for that is what it is.  The Founding Fathers who drafted the enlightened document known around the world as the United States Constitution never, ever would have envisioned a world where greedy bankers, insurance companies, big oil, corporate polluters and a filibuster rule that effectively takes the legislative process out of the picture, would rule the day.  Many of the organs of the Constitution were put in place to prevent “enemies, both foreign and domestic” from destroying what men and women in World War II fought so hard for–freedom from tyranny. What are the banks and insurance companies, not to mention the power companies and big oil who rape and pillage the environment that we all share, but tyrannical monsters who care nothing about the common man?  Is this why we fought the “communists” in Vietnam, where over 55,000 Americans died?  Is this the sum of our efforts as a nation of compassion and grace?  Is this the America that we all claim to be the greatest country in the world?  For some it is.  Plutocracy is a ten dollar word like mayonnaise, a word that followers of sister sarah would likely rationalize into some talking point that was given to them via the brainwashing machine of Fox News.  The saddest part is that all of these “Tea Party People” have believed the lies promulgated by men who we don’t see.  Like the Wizard of Oz, who yells, “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”, as he throws out wild smoke and lights designed to frighten not comfort, these weak, gutless wonders of wealth have no back bone of their own–they hire mercenaries like Black Water to “keep us safe” from terrorists while they rape and pillage their own country, all in the name of God, whom they have an exclusive relationship with.  My God, wake up America!  We might have five years left before the Polar Ice Caps melt completely, along with the ice sheets of Greenland, whereupon the seas will rise by twenty feet.  Are WE going to allow that to happen?  Make no mistake, this IS OUR COUNTRY, it is not owned by a corporation, at least not yet.  Fight for what is right and don’t blink, because they won’t.  Have a nice Wednesday!  Peace~ M

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