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June 8, 2010

Small Boat

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Starting the day off right with a sunrise at Dowses Beach here in Osterville, we have a spectacular day on tap for the Cape and Islands.  The water temperatures are getting warmer, so come on down and visit us…  We will leave the LIGHT on for you!  As national and, indeed, international attention continues to swirl around the bp oil “spill”, we are finally getting some real reports from the Gulf region and the suffering that is taking place on those shores…much to the dismay of bp’s, Tony, “after passing that scone, could you offer my life back to me,” Hayward (CEO, bp).  According to BBC, Tony is a big fan of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.  Both a product of Great Britain, Tony has been brushing up on his interviewing skills by reviewing some of the critical interviews shown on the venerable television show from the early 1970’s.  If you will indulge me for a moment, I would like to offer one of the best skits the crew at Monty Python ever did.  The late great Graham Chapman and John Clease acted out an interview concerning Brontosauruses, from the Jurassic period, and seeing that dinosaurs are the real culprit in this environmental disaster, I thought I would allow this “Theory of the Brontosaurus” to revisit us in our time of need, while allowing Mr. Hayward some helpful tips in his next interview with the U.S. news media…  Mr. Chapman is the interviewer and Mr. Clease is playing the part of “Anne Elke” who is explaining her “theory” on Brontosauruses…I will do my best to paraphrase this most important and effective interview, putting to rest all doubt about the Dinosaurs and subsequent fossil fuels that they left behind, placing the blame where it should have been all along–on the dinosaur…and action! Chapman: “Good morning, today we are going to speak to Anne Elke,”  Clease:  “Excuse me Chris, but that is Anne Elke, A-N-N-E, Anne Elke, not “an elk”.”  Chapman: “yes, Ms. Anne Elke, what is this theory of yours?”  Clease:  “I would just like to start by saying this is my theory, and what is mine is mine, buckets miss buckets.”  Chapman: “right, so this theory of yours Anne, what is it?”  Clease:  “ehem, well, Chris, Brontosauruses are very, very thin at one end, much, much thicker in the middle and very thin again at the far end, that is my theory and what is mine, is mine.  Buckets, miss buckets.”  Chapman:  “That’s it, is it?”  Clease:  “Yes Chris, that is my theory and what is mine, is mine”.  Chapman:  “Well, this theory of yours, Anne, seems to have hit the nail right on the head…”  Clease:  “And it’s mine.”  Chapman:  “Thank you for sharing your theory with us Anne, that is all the time we have for today, join us next week when we…”  Clease:  “I have another theory Chris.”  Chapman:  “I’m afraid we don’t have any more time, thank you.  Clease:  “Hello, my name is Anne Elke and this is my second theory, theory number two, and what is mine, is mine…”  And so it goes, the theory of the Brontosaurus by Anne Elke has brought us into the Light.  Bp, like Ms. Elke, has plenty of theories in regard to this massive dumping of toxicity into our shining seas, but none of them hold an ounce of sense.  According to Buck Lee, the Santa Rosa Island Authority in the great state of Florida, dealing with bp has become “a nightmare”.  “We have to fight for everything.”  He went on to speak of the claims that are being ignored by the oil giant, the fourth largest corporation in the world, who promised to pay out any “legitimate” claims, when we all know that the common man stands no chance against the powers of big oil.  The wisdom is leaning towards the federal government becoming the “broker” on dealing with bp and the general public–creating an even playing field.  Moving on to Mr. Simmons, a former oil executive who was interviewed yesterday by Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC,  who claims that the spill may be as high as 120,000 barrels a day, dwarfing the bp estimate of 10-15 thousand barrels a day.  This “theory” is tied to a second “theory” that the “cap” is collecting 10, 000 barrels daily..well then, the problem is solved, for if you employ high math, and we go with the low ball estimate, the amount of oil being spilled into the Gulf equals 0–buckets, miss buckets indeed.  It was so wonderful to see Liz Cheney on this past Sunday talk show, ABC’s, “This Week”.  Armed with NO KNOWLEDGE and no right to be on such a show, (her appearances prove the fact that the media has become corrupted by money), Liz explained and defended her father, Dick, “has anyone seen my heart, no seriously, has anyone seen it?” Cheney, whose former company, Halliburton, reared it’s ugly head once again for the faulty work done on the Deep Water Horizon rig that may have caused the explosion.  During the Bush tenure, when Dick was announced as the Vice Presidential nominee, Halliburton gave him a 34 million dollar “signing bonus”.  He held private meetings with bp oil executives, along with countless others, relaxed regulations big time with the MMS (mineral management services agency), designed to keep our waters safe and collect royalties for taking our natural resources.  He created a revolving door with staffers, who once they left the White House, went to work for either a lobbying group or the industry itself, really one and the same, leading, of course, to the drilling in deeper and deeper waters without any updates to archaic regulatory and safety procedures.  The ideological mission of the Cheney/Bush administration was thus, Laissez-Faire politics, a complete abandonment of regulation and reason for the abyss of madness and money.  Bp has had, in the past decade over 700 egregious violations resulting in worker deaths and huge environmental impacts–not counting the monumental environmental disaster that is under way RIGHT NOW in the Gulf.  Compare that to the next largest offender, Exxon Mobile, with 8 violations.  Eight!  Quite a comparative canyon, would you not say?  When you have the inherent contradictions within the republican and sometimes democratic parties, such as Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, stating that he is unhappy with bp’s efforts, yet continues to support deep water drilling by bp in the Gulf, well, you see the insanity of who we are dealing with here.  Where is the debate on the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, (ANWR) and the push for drilling in the most pristine wild life refuge in the world– truly the “Last Frontier”… I will tell you where it is, it is being played out right now in the hearts and minds of the American public.  For if we allow these MONSTERS to drill for oil there, we may as well kiss this country good bye.  What happened to men like Teddy Roosevelt, Jack Kennedy, and John Adams?  Do you believe for one second that Teddy Kennedy would have sat back and remained docile and weak in the face of these blood sucking vampires?  NO.  He would have fought for the rights of the good people of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida, brought bp to JUSTICE and stopped oil drilling off our shores and National Parks forever.  When you think of big oil, think of the Brown Pelican, an endangered bird whose home is the fragile wet lands of Louisiana, now soaked in a heavy coating of toxic oil as he sits on the shore unable to fly, lost forever.  If that image does not want to make you cry, then you are dead already, Mr. Hayward.  These “men” are nothing of the sort.  They are cowards and crooks who will stop at nothing to keep the profits rolling on in– caring a bigger nothing for the people, animals and plants that they step on along the way.  Please say a prayer for the Gulf, even if you don’t think it will do any good, for GOD is everywhere and LIGHT WILL CONQUER DARKNESS! GODS SPEED to the Gulf, and all of the people, sea creatures and wet lands, therein… Have a good day everybody.  Peace~M

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