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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 20, 2021

“Slow boat to CHINA!”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dark, cloudy, cool, censored, 24 karat white gold island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on an historic day in America, this Twentieth Day of January, 2021, Wednesday according to Reuters, and we are presently broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street in equally historic Hyannis, where the ghosts of Patriots gone by look down in great sadness, knowing what was left of this Republic, will soon be a distant memory, never written down in history books, for not only will they be banned and burned, but outlawed as ‘hate speech’, for we all know the TRUTH is the first casualty of ‘cancel culture’…

Like a Republic?

“…one Nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for All?”

Not any more Comrade!

Whatever happens today in Washington D.C.–heavily fortified green zone with 30,000 plus soldiers/black ops?, barb wire to keep people in?, National Guard soldiers without bullets?, hundreds of thousands of flags on the National Mall symbolizing dead people from a pandemic that was a smokescreen for this nefarious world take over by the Elite? Spelled out by a Nazi named Herr Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman for the World Economic Forum, and drunk with power man about town in Davos, Switzerland–one thing is for sure,

America never has had, and never will have,

a dull moment.

Indeed a creepy, virtual SOUL less SHOW, ushering in a man W.H.O. looks as if he needs a hug from a health care provider, a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa, rather than the mantle of the most powerful man on Earth, or the most powerful puppet?

One of the most powerful puppets?

It’s a rude awakening to realize they now live in a horrible Orwellian dystopian nightmare! Indeed, when people finally wake up to SEA real life consequences for (s)elections like the one that just went down in November, all hell will break loose, or will it?  No telling what these this elaborate stolen, obvious as can be, (s)election theft will have, collectively, on society at large.

The world waking to a top down tyrannical “Lockstep”, described in a Rockefeller Foundation white paper by the same name in 2010? An authoritative, again, tyrannical, technologically worshipped, false science baptized, demonically deceived, draconian driven, “inoculated”, medical marshal law lock downed, isolated, masked, VAXXED, poisoned, dystopian ‘reality’ humans are headed into, blindly, as the world witnesses one of the greatest crimes ever committed against humanity coming in the form a deadly mRNA nanobot/Hydrogel laced/injected biological operating system designed to kill you,

“COVID-19/The Great Reset“/climate change conflated smokescreen/UN ‘sustainable development goals’/depopulation agenda, all coming to fruition because of your consent/compliance/cowardice/acquiescence.

Indeed, it has always been your insistence–via our sophisticated ‘global cabal’ media propaganda/MK Ultra 7.0 psychological operations–in keeping you safe; saving you from a ‘deadly pandemic that never was’, that has granted us power over you, thus, making you dependent upon us, in short, you gave that soveriengty away freely, even though you were tricked, and that has granted/given us all of this (evilly intended) power over you, yours and every living entity on the planet, yes, all perpetrated/performed right under you noses, hiding in plane sight.

WE intended for our plans to be shown for all to SEA!

It’s right there, in front of your collective EYES!


“It’s been fun being your ‘president’ for four years, but now it’s time to say goodbye and welcome in the New World Order’s newest puppet-in-chief, step right up folks, don’t worry he won’t bite, just drool a little, give it up for ‘ole creepy, sleepy, slow Joe Beijing Biden, I’m on my way to Florida, I’ll always love you America, be good and don’t take any wooden nickels!

By the way, I left the toilet seat up for Kamala.

Trump out!”

In less than a few hours from this seven a.m. hour, the inauguration of Joe Biden will be a done deal, swearing in a man W.H.O. already sold US down the river and put this former Republic on a slow boat to CHINA, ironically, taking place in Washington DC.


WE will discover that CHINA has already rowed that slow boat to our sacred shore!

“Can you say CCP Kamala? Sure, I knew that you could…”

(credit: the late, great Fred Rogers, from the 1968 (31 seasons), “TV” program, “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”)

He sure liked little kids didn’t he?

Protect OUR children from this Satanic filth!

Have an AWARE day!


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