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April 23, 2021

Skull Island!

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(click “above deck” to listen)

Greetings and salty salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again pure azure skied, golden sun led and risen, cool, capricious, calculating, confused island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a glorious Friday morning down at Bass River, The Twenty-Third Day of April, 2021, anticipating a little relief from all the ‘good’ news coming from the whore corporate media that always deliver their satanic scripted dead SEA scroll with an arrogant gleam in their collective EYE…

Indeed, as one ganders ‘above deck’ at “Kill” Gates favorite miniature golf course here on Cape in South Yarmouth, named appropriately,

“Skull Island”!

He be salivating ‘ore how many skulls will be piling up before this whole EXPERIMENTAL mRNA pathogen delivery envelope, coming in the form of a misnomer called a ‘vaccine’ to protect the world’s population from the ‘deadly’ man made pandemic that never was, ‘ore’ the smokescreen the kids call,


comes to a close in 2025.

By then, the U.S. population will be around 90 million.

Sobering yes?

(a silent, invisible, fear based smokescreen to usher in The WEF’s, Herr Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset”…)

You add up the soon to be BILLIOINS of dead and dying, per the Four Horseman of the ApocalypseModerna, Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca and Johnson and JohnsonJABS, and that number is most likely already in the millions by now, yet the whore media is sticking to it’s colossal lie of 6 ‘rare cases’ of blood clotting have been recognized by this soon to be out of work hooker media,


When one reviews the numbers that ‘VAERS’, run by the for profit, satanic ‘CDC’, has already reported– 40,000 plus, with only one month really reporting, and the fact that only 1% of these make it to this shady depot of death– indeed, one only need go on zee internet and one will discover, per platforms like Bit Chute.com, the heartbreaking injuries and mortal coils being shed,

with many, many more to come…

Did that make it on ABC’s “World” “NEWS” Tonight? That $hit show with David, “Adams Family wants their clothing back”, Mule, anchor of said CIA/CCP propaganda drivel, did it?

Of course not, David wants blood!

Adrenochrome right Mule?

So that’s why he stole that “Adams Family” mortician suit from the Castle Rock Studio B in L.A.!

David, “Count von Count”, Muir!

A real heel!

hee haw Mule, a satanic teleprompter script reading shill extraordinaire!

“Time” wounds all heels…

“Vunn Vaccine, Two Vaccine, ‘Sreee Vaccine, Ha, Ha, Ha!”

(lightening be a flashin’ and thunder clapping in the background to go with the satanic PTSD fight or flight scary musical score in the backdrop, with those hypnotizing blue and red circles spinning about to an already SPUN audience of asleep sheep…)

Yes, when you add all that up you will REAL EYES that you must do everything in your POWER to keep you loved one’s safe, even if it means laying down ones’ own life…

Stay far from ‘men of “science”, men of ‘politics’, men of ‘banking’, men of ‘honor’, men of ‘law’, men of ‘industry’, men of temporary power they use unwisely…

And WILL be JUDGED for!

Not to mention the ‘geo-engineering’ that is only adding to the problem with chemtrails being sprayed to hurry the culling of the 7.9 billion souls on planet earth currently, please look at the Methane ’sink holes’ in Siberia, the devil knows his ‘time’ on earth is short, so…, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why…

and you best pray for it won’t be long until;

Judgement Day!


Before it’s too late!!!

Have a nice week end folks,

much love from Cape Cod and the Islands my friends!


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