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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 19, 2011

Silent Pink

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Thursday morning, the nineteenth day of May, 2011, coming to you LIVE from the shores of Osterville, where many flowering trees are now in full bloom, as evidenced by this image captured just the other day with my Nikon D 200 camera, all you really need to catch the beauty that truly IS Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and that super duper island of Nantucket, an island that will be getting a lot of press soon, as “Taking Fog to Nantucket,” a book by Michael Mosier will be coming out this summer, GOD WILLING.  Speaking of torture, Rick Santorum, who kind of reminds me of the Nantucket Police Department, Sargent Chretian in particular, told the press recently that John McCain should not be talking about water boarding (TORTURE), as the knows nothing of the subject, which, of course is interesting, considering the pilot spent quite a few moons in a Vietnamese Prison camp, where he experienced torture first hand, leaving the former Senator from Pennsylvania alone to fight his critics over what most have said coming, “from one dumbest men I have ever met,” Rick Santorum, who, like Newt Gingrich, is not making any friends, nor influencing them either, unless you consider getting people to hate you, “influencing” them.  Seriously, this entire republican grouping is pretty pathetic you have to admit, as we look forward to Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty battling it out, for, think about it, for a whole year and a half, a year and a half, help me Jesus, listening to them go on an on about who is screwing the American public worse, a country that better wake up soon, and realize that the reality of the Bush era tax cuts and the two unpaid for wars, along with the sweetheart deal to big pharma, IS the culprit for our massive debt, and although we need to clean up medicare of the waste, fraud and abuse inherent therein, we do not need to blow it up, giving out measly vouchers that only act as premium boons for the insurance industry, no, we need to do nothing, to simply let the BUSH era tax cuts EXPIRE, therein, saving the American tax payers from borrowing another 4.1 trillion dollars from China or the equivalent, over the course of the next ten years to pay for someone you never met and their brand new pool.  Because, after all, you paid for it!  The reality of this shell game and continuing brain washing is simply a horrible thing to watch, listen to and participate in–writing about it daily.  The constant hor$eshit that one is asked to endure just on the FOX NEWS channel alone seems worse than water boarding, for at least when the water boarding is over, it is over, whereas, with FOX NEWS, the voices of Greta, Sean, Bill (o), Sarah, the Huckster, and the crazies over at FOX and FRIENDS stay with you all day, like a bad tuna fish sandwich, thereby causing internal injury via all of the acid that has built up in the body–oh, the humanity.  It is amazing to me, although quite endearing if you think about it, the naivete of the American People, so trusting, so patriotic, so easily duped.  For that is what Republicorp is counting on, the five minute attention span of the “American People” and their tendency towards fear and, in some instances, hate and bigotry, that keeps paranoia alive and well, keeping the “herd” in line with what the republican puppet masters wish you to think, say and most importantly, VOTE for and against. This is the rub, this is the money, this is the key to it all–the brain washing of America via the Stockholm Syndrome, bringing you captivity and anti-free thinking since the days of “Morning in America”, circa 1981, the year of our LORD in which the grand, the great, his eminence, Ronald Reagan, was inaugurated as our Fortieth President of the United States, a great day for Patriotism, the flag, and the bottom line for Fortune 100 companies all over this glorious world of ours–Hallelujah, and praise be God, for he, with his trickle down voo doo economic plan, via Donald Regan, his boss and former CEO of Merrill Lynch, not to mention Reagan’s Treasury Secretary, has created this Grand Canyon gap between the haves and the have nots, and like the Colorado River, he planted the seed of the destruction of not only the welfare state, but of a social conscience at large, stoking racism and creating a non-regulatory environment, branding any government as “bad”, while championing the “private sector” inherently “good”, as this “free market” would solve all of our ails.  How droll, how shrewd, how genius.  The game that we are seeing come to it’s final conclusion started long ago, thirty years ago, on the money, to be exact, and thus, like all cycles, will have to play out it’s hand to the end.  But what end that will be is not up to just the clowns who dawn puppet costumes every day on Capitol Hill.  No, this country’s fate is up to more than just the lucky few who have a VOICE in this ever increasingly country of conformity, where a good new idea is equated with a good new “reality television show in anywhere USA”, and the canary in the coal mine is quickly snuffed out, as in the case with Newt’s comments on “Meet the Press” just this past Sunday, a rare glimpse of the TRUTH sneaking out of the mouth of one of the former members of the brain trust of the brain washers themselves…beautiful. This country’s fate is up to the people who are the descendants of our parent’s, their parent’s, their parent’s and their parent’s…we are the leading edge of thought, this generation, those who are awake enough to grasp it, therefore, those are the people who have a responsibility to not only this generation, but to the next, to fight for what this country was based upon, the WILL of the PEOPLE, not the will of the corporations, who are only out for a quick buck, the quicker the better, and who don’t, and I really mean DON’T, give a $hit about you and they don’t give a $hit about me.  This is all about their modus operandi, “don’t take it personally as we slam dunk your face into the sidewalk, where you cannot break your fall with your hands, for they have been handcuffed behind your back, and when you wake, not being able to see anything out of your left eye that is completely swollen shut, with the right eye not much better, you will “feel” as though you have been captured by their ideology, wondering how long you had been out in a coma.  This ever chanting mantra of ” PROFIT OVER PEOPLE”, where we can all see greed, the worst of all human traits, is being exploited for our benefit, as the roads of America tumble into the sea, and the people cry out, “why did we not see this coming?”  Food for thought.  Have a nice day folks and please don’t take any wooden nickles from the clowns over at FOX NEWS, they don’t play well with others.   GOD’S Speed to the people in Louisiana, may your nightmare be over soon. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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