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December 13, 2011

Shopping break

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the clear, cool, sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Tuesday morning, the thirteenth day of December, 2011, another beauty on Cape, sounding like a broken record, as the eastern seaboard is treated to yet one more day of temperate, cool, sunny weather, with so many asking the simple question, ‘where is all the snow?’.  Ask Exxon-Mobile, or better yet, ask the folks who really want to put that last nail in the coffin for our environment (Keystone XL pipeline, nasty, carbon choked tar sands imported from Alberta, Canada), as the polar ice caps melt right before our very eyes… It drives me crazy when weathermen actually say this on air, as some of them must know the reasons behind our abnormally warm winters and extremely hot summers, yes?  Too much?  OK, let us switch over to the horse race that distracts from the larger issues at play in this late hour of 2011, where the world must get it’s priorities together or their won’t be much of a world left to rape and pillage.  In the great state of Iowa, ’she turned me into a Newt’ (credit the classic film, ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’) Gingrinch’s lead is beginning to evaporate, just a bit, with Mitt, “Hey smails, (ten) thousand bucks you slice into the woods!” (credit Rodney Dangerfield and another classic film, sorry about that, but it is just too easy, “Caddyshack”, circa 1980, a film getting quite a lot of play these days for obvious reasons-hint, Ronald Reagan’s inauguration), Romney crying foul, stating that he, unlike Newt, is not a ‘bomb thrower’, and is, all in all, a pretty nice guy.  That much is true, for if we were, God forbid, to have a republican elected back into the highest office in the land, Willard would be a far better choice for this country than Mr. Gingrinch, for any man who wishes to return to the gilded age, bringing back the musical “Oliver” in a big way, “…may I have some more, please?”, “MORE?, not until you have scrubbed out the toilets in the boathouse and you have cleaned, scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected those skulls (rowing boats at Harvard boat house), you ungrateful, poor, disenfranchised  ten year old scum bag”, ooops, was that out loud?, yes, any man who wishes to return to the days when there were no child labor laws, no social safety nets, and little to no upward social mobility or opportunity of any kind, namely by destroying the educational system and making it far too expensive to attain a college degree, yes, sir, any man who has that in ‘mind’ may just have a hard time beating a very fine President in Barack Obama, the man whose defeat is more important to the republicans, by virtue of their own words, right Mitch McConnell, Senator from the great state of Kentucky?, than anything else. For did you not once say a few years back that the republican’s number one goal come November 2012 is to defeat President Obama?  Obviously a man of his word if you take a good hard look at the FACTS of what this republican controlled House of Representatives has done…in a word, nothing, other than continuing to block key presidential cabinet nominees, for truly important posts, such as a new Consumer Protection Agency (paramount!) director, along with voting down common sense solutions for 99 percent of the AMERICAN PEOPLE over the course of these past few years…don’t even bother with the Senate republicans, they have, for the most part, already jumped the shark. The choice in this upcoming election cycle, a cycle that has become a bad episode, if that is possible, of ‘Swamp People’, is as clear as day and night.  To quote the great Al Sharpton, of the very fine MSNBC program, “Politics Nation”, airing every week night at six p.m., sharp, “they are the ones (the republicans eating the blueberry pie the mothers baked and are questioning them about, as they stare back at them with fear and pieces of said blueberry pie all over their collective faces) that have been eatin’ the pie!”, referring to his ad promo for his must see television program that will set you straight on politics today in this here United States of America, with Saturday Night Live getting in on the act this past week end, SNL’s ‘not ready for prime time’ Kenan Thompson parodying Reverend Sharpton perfectly, bringing a smile to the good Rev’s face last night, a joy to see, a skit where Kenan added some more dynamite to the mix, stating that ‘he’, Reverend Al Sharpton, used to play a game (fiction) when they were kids in Brooklyn, putting a blue berry pie under a box in an attempt to ‘catch some Nazis’, not being literal of course, all done in good fun, with “Reverend Al” looking furiously for ‘camera b’ amidst all of the ‘red lights’… However, it must also be simultaneously said that this cruel ideology is interesting, if not dangerous, for it speaks of itself, textbook projection, a common psychological disorder in human beings, whereupon extreme factions of that ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’, (we’re lookin’ at you Rush old buddy!) factions deeply embedded within the constrains of said party, speak in dog whistles, using real “Nazi” terminology, no joke, when describing our present administration, calling them ‘Stalinists’, “Marxists”, “socialists”, “communists”, and, in many instances, “Nazis”.  A fact that cannot be denied, I’m looking at the video tape right NOW! So Kudos to Reverend Al Sharpton this morning, from the shores of seacapecod.net, we salute YOU, as you have proven that you are indeed ‘READY for prime time!’.  A correction on seacapecod.net as well today, along with my apologies to Alex WAGNER of the fine show on that same network, “NOW”, airing every week day at noon, eastern standard, another great take on the days events.  I mistakenly spelled her last name “Witt”, well, actually not misspelling it at all, rather, replacing it with an entirely different name all together, I am truly sorry, I did know it was Wagner!  Blame it on writing too many Christmas, I mean ‘holiday’ cards! …that’s why they pay me the big bucks! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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