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April 11, 2012

“shellfish” information

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again sunny, mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the eleventh day of April, 2012, another spectacular day on Cape, with temperatures warming into the lower sixties, plenty of sunshine and little to no wind–a perfect day for fishing, golfing, boating, clamming, biking, walking, running, or doing whatever floats one’s boat, because one just can’t go wrong on Cape Cod and the islands of MV and Nantucket, now can one?   Make your summer plans to visit soon or there just might not be any room at the “Inn” when you go to book your get away in July!  The presidential race in now on for real here in the United States of America, with Rick Santorum dropping out of said race yesterday, suspending his campaign due to pressures from all sides of the ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’, good luck to him and his family…he ran an honorable race.  Although a bit misguided when it came to cultural issues of the modern day 21st century, i.e., women’s reproductive rights, Rick at least exemplified the conviction of his beliefs, something that WE just cannot say about Mitt Romney, the ‘winner’ of the republican nomination process, a process that now insures his role in this attempt to unseat a very fine President in Barack Obama. Yesterday, in the great state of Florida, President Obama gave a speech to a group of mostly college students, explaining the stark choice put in front of the electorate come November, centered on one word–FAIRNESS. Just in this past decade alone–beginning with the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, adding 4.1 trillion dollars to the national debt, along with two unpaid wars, estimates range upwards of another 4.1 trillion, a sweetheart deal for big pharma, the prescription drug donut hole filler, unpaid for, adding another trillion, all culminating in 2008 with the greatest financial meltdown since the Great Depression eighty some years ago, with blame being correctly laid on the lax, or lack of, governmental regulations of Wall Street, the ‘banking’ industry, leaving 30 million people without jobs, not to mention the other major reason for the crash, the sub-prime mortgage burnout–yes, just in this past decade alone, WE have seen the ’shellfish’ activities of the top one percent in this country hard ‘at work’, defending their ’shellfish’ policies via the popular Heritage Foundation voodoo economic theory of, “by and by, it will trickle down to you…” (credit Reverend Al Sharpton, of “Politics Nation”, only on MSNBC, six sharp, weeknights!), a theory that has been debunked by every credible economist worth his or her salt, begging the question, “just how stupid do these people think WE are anyhow?”… The fact is this ‘trickle down’ hor$e$hit theory began well before Ronald Reagan took office in 1980, but really took hold at ‘that juncture’, a LIE told by a plutocratic society hell bent on taking over this country by BUYING the Legislative branch of our government, and then insuring it’s implosion by stacking the deck of the Judiciary with Supreme Court activist judges who buy into this insane theory that money equals speech, see Citizens United decision of 2010 for more details, creating a more ‘perfect union’ of Robber Barons and their prey; a scenario history (the reason history repeats itself is because no one listened in the first place), has already played out by then President Teddy Roosevelt at beginning of the 20th century.  A President, I might add, who would have been more interested in the real shellfish noted in the image above than the selfish policies offered up by republican ‘think tanks’ from sea to shining sea.  Should, god forbid, Mitt actually gain that highest office in the land, the rub is still this–the UN fairness of the tax code will continue unabated, insuring this stagnation in average worker’s wages across this great land will continue, while the wealthiest among US, those making over a million dollars or more a year, will see their taxes go down, significantly, creating MORE debt for future generations.  To combat that huge 15 trillion dollar plus hole, ‘ole Mitt would slash the safety net for millions of Americans (classified as ‘discretionary spending’), real American men and women, children and pet, who are in dire straights through no fault of their own, blinded to what is really going on, as they are fed government issue cheese, spoon fed the gooey mix by the likes of a FOX “NEWS”( just ask Sean Hannity, he’ll tell YA!), while they take the last few teeth out of the mouth of the EPA, allowing the big polluters, Exxon-Mobile, Koch Industries and the like, the “Usual Suspects”, as it were, to continue raping and pillaging our land, sea and air with their deadly cocktail of 596 secret chemicals in say the FRACKING process of attaining ‘natural gas’, a for profit scheme that will destroy much of our clean drinking water forever!  Yes sir, these “fine” corporations, these big polluters are still exempt from the Clean Water Act of 1972 (please, Google waterdefense.org for more information), thanks to the Halliburton Loophole of 2005, where then Vice President Dick Cheney opened up public land in Wyoming–creating a nation wide open drilling for said natural gas companies, with no restrictions what so ever, killing wildlife by the score and making people very, very, very sick from Rifle, Colorado to the forests of the Pennsylvania countryside, an outrage no matter how you slice it! You might ask the simple question of yourself, asking your friends and family to do the same, as WE all digest this most clear choice for our nation…”do I want big corporate conglomerates, who care nothing about the common man or woman, let alone their children or grandchildren, destroying our natural bounty for their personal gain?”.  Mitt Romney cares about fixing things alright, fixing the game in the .001 percent’s favor, while the rest of US can just ’suck it’! President Barack Obama, on the other hand, is fighting the good fight for ALL of US–making this election in this late year of our Lord 2012, a clear choice between two very distinct visions of what America should and should NOT be.  The nation is divided in so many ways, but none so glaring as the racial divide that has emerged in the Trayvon Martin case, where a 17 year old child was gunned down in cold blood by a wanna be cop on the streets of Sanford, Florida, as over 40 percent of white people in this great nation think the case in garnishing too much attention.  Really?  Are you Trayvon Martin’s parents?  Have you ever even considered putting yourself in their place, let alone Trayvon’s place?  Do you know what it is like to be a black youth in this country, fearing every move you make because it might attract attention from ‘the law’?  No, most likely you have not.  Hell of a thing to live in fear.  A true leader would not have anyone do what he or she is unwilling to do his or herself, and in this day and age of plutocratic pampering of the super wealthy, an ENTITLEMENT issue of the highest order, presidential hopefuls like Willard will have a hard time convincing ANYONE of their authenticity, as we all shake our head at his feeble attempt to ‘fool all the people all the time’, something President Abraham Lincoln once said could not be done. The facts and numbers don’t LIE–unlike our modern day politicians, who we know are lying to US by virtue of the FACT their mouths are moving–and it will be up to writers, television producers and real grass roots leaders to INFORM the electorate what we are facing here–namely a group of ’shellfish’ modern day Robber Barons attempting to hijack our democracy for good, for their gain, leaving the rest of US ‘on our own’, dying in the dusty rubble of what our democracy once was from it’s inception 236 years ago, belabored in a rigged system of slave labor and shady deals, a broken, despondent and depressed American people, twisting in the ever more powerful winds… Pass the word! Have a nice day folks, remembering the people are what make America great, the ‘little’ people! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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