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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 1, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Good to be with you this morning, the first day of September, 2010, and as you gaze upon the image above of Dowses Beach, here in Osterville, please remember this picture, for who knows what my favorite beach in the world will look like Saturday evening, as Hurricane Earl makes it’s way up the east coast of the United States today.  The newest computer models have the storm tracking, if you took an average of all 15 models, directly over Nantucket island, impacting much of Cape Cod–from a little east of Osterville, up through Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, North Truro and Provincetown.  As you all know by now, Cape Cod is basically a sand bar that was created by the last Great Ice Age over 11,500 years ago, and so, is prone to flooding.  Depending on when and where the storm hits, because of tidal flow, the damage to the Cape could be as bad as 1991’s ‘Hurricane Bob’ when it slammed into Rhode Island, causing wide spread flooding and beach erosion, not to mention power outages and wind damage.  Currently the storm is a category 3, with top wind speeds of over 125 m.p.h., that is a sustained wind, especially on the northeastern side of the counter-clockwise low pressure system, and with that kind of a wallop, you can bet that many residents, tourists and even storm chasers like myself are a little concerned.  I will be pulling my little 14.2 Capri sailboat, “Ti amo”, out of East Bay here in Osterville either today or tomorrow, depending on the latest update from the National Hurricane Center.  That’s the trouble with global warming, you just can’t predict where and when these more and more powerful storms are going to strike.  Kind of like the “tea party”, their employers (multi-national corporations), their strategists and the fact that John, “George Hamilton called and wants his tan back,” Boehner (R-OH) could become the next “Speaker of the House”, hurricanes make no bones about the fact that they are damaging, soul less and unpredictable, save the fact that they will always side on behalf of corporate interests, and proudly state the number one talking point, “profit over people”, the modus operandi of the Republican party since 1980.  I can’t decide what is worse for America right now, a category 5 storm hitting Washington D.C., or the republican party taking over the House of Representatives in the fall.  As was so eloquently put by Jonathon Alter, author and columnist, “the far right wing “wackiness”, has now become the main stream conservative mindless viewpoint”, all due to the great work of republican strategists like Frank Luntz of word doctors.com, check out his work!  Oh, before you do so, make sure that you have an air sickness bag, even if you are not flying, for it is enough to make you violently ill.  So batten down the hatches folks, it is going to be a bumpy ride!  Literally and figuratively.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the good people of the Bayou, the SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may the truth about Corexit 3500 come out soon and may you receive relief for the environmental crime of the century by bp–as their “ads” claim. Have a nice Wednesday folks!  Peace~M

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