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August 27, 2015

Sense-less Publicity

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, pleasant, refreshingly cool, breezy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on an absolutely beautiful Thursday morning out on the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s)–the 27th of August, 2015–with bright blue skies ahead, plenty of that comfortable air and infinite sparkles on the waters, bringing peace on a day that could use some…

Yesterday was yet another sad day in U.S. history, as a young reporter and her camera man were gunned down in cold blood while LIVE taping an early morning interview.  WDBJ7’s Alison Parker, a Virginia native, only 24 years old, was killed by a disgruntled ex-employee of said station.  Adam Ward, 27, was also killed by a man whose main goal was to get publicity. Tweeting and posting on FACEBOOK his horrible act for all to view for themselves, bringing this ‘reality TV’ to a whole new level of insanity, fueled by senseless gun laws, creating an insidious violence that keeps this nation in a state of perpetual fear.

May the highest Angels bring you peace!

Publicity is the name of the game it seems in this early part of the 21st century, especially when it comes to the recent and shameful Iowa campaign ‘meet and greet’ press conference with Donald, “hey, Megan, if you wanted me to ask you out you should have said so,” Trump, the GOP’s current front runner for the nomination to go up against whoever the Democrats wind up with ‘at the end of the day’…

It seems Donald’s newest victim was the poor, hard working, journalist extraordinaire–dubbed the Hispanic “Walter Cronkite” of our time–”Univision’s” one and only Jorge Ramos, who, instead of being victimized, fought and sparred with ‘the Donald’ on the issue of the politician’s plan to deport over 11 million ‘illegal’ immigrants and upend the 14th Constitutional Amendment if he became the president of this great nation. Overturning an amendment wherein it states clearly that those person’s born into this country–even if the child’s birth parents were not citizens of the United States; children born unto parents here “illegally”–are automatically considered citizens of the United States of America.  If you want a new amendment, look no further the folly of SCOTUS 5-4 decision to give corporations ‘free speech’ by way of donating as much money into the electoral process as they wish; effectively destroying democracy with that little letter ‘d’ in the process, e.g. overturning “Citizens United v FEC” jackass!

But the fun only started there…  Here are some of the words exchanged in a stunned room full of reporters– only a slight poetic license was taken by this reporter.  Please, indulge oneself in the glory of the human ego…

Trump:  “Are there any more questions?”  (Trump scanning the room for a friendly face, looking far away from the ‘menacing’ eyes of one tough cookie in the form of Univision’s Jorge Ramos. A great reporter, 30 year veteran, who was ready to let Trump have it.  The billionaire being a man he considered the most egregious of GOP haters when it came to the very human issues of ‘illegals, immigration and ’securing the border’… Deeming Trump to be in la-la land on all of the issues, stating the building a 1900 mile fence to ’secure the border’ was ludicrous and simply not realistic.  Further, deporting 11 million people–ripping families and communities apart, costing the U.S. tax payer upwards of 300 billion dollars–well, you got to say something, right?)

Ramos:  “Hey, Mr. Trump, I have some questions…”

Trump:  “You were not called, sit down and shut up.  In fact, go back to Univision, and take your kind with you…”

Ramos:  “How are you planning on paying for this ‘fence’ you want to build?”

(Donald looks over to his right, motions someone out of the cameras view as if to say, ‘get this a$$hole out here pronto or I will be looking for a new greens keeper/thug, savvy?’ And as we look upon ‘the Donald’ deeply disappointed, shaking his head back and forth, feeling real sorry for himself, his eyes closed as if muttering a sacred prayer to many of the patron saints he calls on from ‘time to time’, indeed, looking almost holy, as if he were somehow forgiving the man silently while his giant henchman comes into camera view.  A giant of a man, a hulking figure that invokes fear and loathing.  The man quickly  lumbering across the stage behind ‘his master’, over to the small stature of Jorge Ramos, innocently standing amongst his fellow reporters. Doing his job!  Indeed, standing in solidarity with his fellow citizen reporters, as he is both a Mexican and an American. That’s right, it’s called a ‘dual citizenship’!  You can Google it knucklehead!  Yes, old ‘Stretch’ physically man handled the fine reporter out of the room for all eyes to see, astonishing all other reporters covering this ‘candidate’.)

“Hey, get you hands off of me! I have another question Mr. Trump!  Hey that hurts! Did anyone ever tell you that your breath smells like death?  Get away from me you ape!  OK, I am going, just keep your hands off of me!”

(As Ramos enters the lobby of the hotel, a random “Trump supporter” walks up to the beleaguered Ramos offering this little gem, “…hey, why don’t you just go back to where you came from, we don’t like you kind round here, see?”, to wit Ramos too could only shake his head and think about taking a long vacation back to the British Virgin Islands…)

The circus we thought we were witnessing last election cycle pales in comparison with this 2016 joke.  “Reality” TV, as a ‘real thing’ on the illusion of “TV”, is now mocking that joke and the fact that ‘it’– the reality TV, i.e. ‘The Donald’ himself, is ahead in the polls, should give one pause, as it is truly an indication of just how far off the rails we have gone.  As a whole.  For this country of ours is falling into a trance of some kind, an “Alice in Wonderland” moment if you will, a moment in ‘time’ where the Mad Hatter, Donald Trump, is shaping the discussion day in and day out, with Matt and Savannah forced to take this all seriously, perhaps, in on the whole gag…

Why?  Because of the game we are all playing now.  WE, collectively, have decided not to listen to reason, coming in the form of say a straight talking, honest broker like Vermont Senator and Democratic candidate for president Bernie Sanders. Due mostly to the FACT the corporate owned multinational media manipulates the general American citizenry with clandestine halls filled with smoke and mirrors designed to pull the wool over the ‘American people’s’ eyes once again.  In our confusion we have opted for the side show of an entertainer like Donald Trump.  Whose vision for leading this country is as blind as his compassion is for his fellow human beings who share this LIFE abundant all around US is!

Have a nice day!


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