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December 8, 2011

Season’s Light

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Thursday morning, the eighth day of December, 2011, a cracker jack morning here on Cape, with refreshingly cool northeastern winds ushering in drier air, clear skies and more seasonable temperatures after a soaking, warm then cold rain that passed over the area late last night…,“did you want to talk about the weather or just chit chat?’ (credit Bill Murray in the classic film “Groundhog Day”).  Watching U.S. political theater day in and day out, a full time job, has this reporter at seacapecod.net concluding the republican party has much in common with that movie.  WE follow that republican dance of shame, as it rolls, like a tumblin’ tumble weed, on and on, heavy on the hypocrisy, watching as they attempt to shield the system from having “It’s” taxes go up, while they continue to block the payroll tax cut that would put, on average, an extra 1300 bucks in 99 percent of the ‘American people’s‘ (credit Mitch McConnell’s favorite republican talking point, R-KY) pocket, for the majority of the now working poor in this nation pay substantially more in payroll taxes than they do in traditional income taxes.  You see, raising taxes, a cardinal sin against Grover Norquist, the man whom many in congress, all republican, have sworn a blood oath to (who is Grover Norquist anyway?, please Google to find out more)–an oath to never, ever raise taxes, with the fine print reading, ‘never raising taxes on the rich. The poor and middle class, well, in a word, fu#k ‘em’.  Yes, in this season of good will it is perfectly OK, in the small minds of republican law makers, to raise taxes on those 99 percenters out there in this Seinfeld episode of a republican bizarre(o) world gone amuck.  Unless, of course, we can work out a slimy deal where we go ahead and allow that tax break to happen, but, if, and only if, the XL Keystone pipeline, you know, the tar sands horror show (with every credible scientist worth his or her salt stating unequivocally “if this pipeline is allowed to come into fruition, allowing massive amounts of carbon dioxide, a potential carbon source twice the amount of all the oil in Saudi Arabia, to be emitted into an already overloaded and damaged atmosphere, if this is allowed to happen, shipping this filthy, nasty scourge on the environment to the Gulf through the precious wilderness of middle America, if we allow this pipeline, that would create minimal jobs by the way, certainly not enough to justify DESTROYING the earth’s environment completely, spelling doom for the planet, yes, if we allow this pipeline to go forward…“it would mean lights out for the environment…”), yes, that horrible pipeline that is slated to run from Alberta, Canada all the way down to Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, where they can ship that processed oil off to the international market, having nothing to do with ‘energy independence’, what a JOKE, nothing to do with jobs of any real significance, as most estimates putting the jobs at 5 or 6 thousand…yes, we, the republican Muppet show in Washington D.C. will allow that minor win for the PEOPLE if we can simultaneously destroy yours and your childrens’ future by making a whole boat load of money RIGHT NOW!  Wow, what a boom, but, in reality, a bust for the world and the people who inhabit it, just one more example of big energy/polluters raping OUR land, for THEIR profit, with the American public just allowing it to happen, brainwashed into thinking that the horrible pipeline, on par with ‘fracking’ for ‘natural gas’ (chalk full of Koch Industries 596 deadly, unregulated, secret chemicals that are killing people, plants and animals in 34 states now, soon destroying the clean water you enjoy today in New York City if something is not done about the Delaware Water Basin!), will ‘create jobs’, so that makes it all “OK”, those sacred energy jobs used daily as a political football, yeah, a few thousand as we watch our planet go up in flames, literally, with wildfires being just one of the many epic side effect disasters that come with man made climate change, all due to continued overuse of fossil fuels, primarily, carbon dioxide, that is increasing the earth’s temperatures, exponentially, causing the seas to rise not by inches, but feet!, and, with more and more water in the atmosphere, this vicious cycle will, and has already, created stronger and stronger storms.  Combined with deeper and more severe droughts (such as in Somalia as we speak, to help with this epic famine Google OXFAM), and higher and higher temperatures, that will, eventually, create massive food shortages, water shortages and mind blowing migrations that will put ever more stress on the fragile world economy, you could actually call Houston and say, we may have a problem… Hello McFly! Is this thing ON? Sometimes, I just feel like I am talking to myself in the dark here.  But, I know, that I am not alone, even though, as I look out onto the beautiful Cotuit Bay here on amazing Cape Cod, it may seem like that from ‘time to time’.  Thanks for the movie review by the way Keith!  To quote one of the many movies playing in ‘my head’ from reel to reel, I thought I would leave you today with a quote from the great film, “Arthur”, circa 1981, starring, again, the late, great Dudley Moore (one of my top ten movies of all time), quoting a scene where he was speaking with his butler, played by the incomparable Sir John Gielgud, named Hobson, a morning conversation between two old friends, so to speak, as one is of the one percent variety if you know what I mean, and one is, well, I think you will understand the metaphor just fine.  AND ACTION! Arthur: “Do you know what I am going to do Hobson?”  “No, I don’t…” “I’m going to take a bath.”  “I’ll alert the media.” “Do you want to draw my bath for me?”  “It’s what I live for…” “Perhaps you would like me to come in and wash your d@ck for you, you little $hit…” (a moment later, with Arthur in the giant bathtub, talking into a speaker), “Hobson?”  “Yes, Arthur, how delightful it is to hear from you…” “How about a pitcher of Martinis”  “No thank you.” “If you don’t get them, I’ll get somebody else to…”  “I’ll get them” (a few moments later)…  “Thank you Hobson, you know how I hate to be alone…”  “Yes, bathing is a lonely business…” “Except for fish…”  “Pardon me, did you say except for fish?” “Yes, fish all bathe together, although they do tend to eat one another, I should think they must get awfully tired of sea food, what are your thoughts on this Hobson?”…. (Hobson then takes off Arthur’s top hat he wore in the tub and smacks him across the top of his head, with Arthur laughing heartily).  We shall all see what transpires with this ‘not your grandfather’s’ Grand Old Party in the days and weeks to come…remembering Dudley Moore’s prophetic words, “…they do tend to eat one another.”.  Have a nice day folks steering clear of any fake, phony, wooden nickles offered up by FOX ‘NEWS’–side effects are still headaches, blurred vision, nausea, cramps, violent mood swings, delusions of grandeur, an over bloated ego, fewer brain cells and more abdominal pain… Have fun stormin’ the castle boys! (credit Billy Crystal in yet another classic film, what is this another movie clip of the day Mosier?, “The Princess Bride”). PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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