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October 17, 2014

Seasonal Color

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, soggy and sultry island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Friday morning, earlier than yesterday, ’round six a.m., the 17th day of October, 2014, drying out from a 24 hour deluge from the Heavens…

Happy Friday to all and what a week it has been in this country put together by some ‘crazy’ visionaries only 238 years ago, an experiment called democracy, with that little letter ‘d’, calling into play the concepts of ‘All men are created equal’, and ‘Justice for all’, with nothing higher than the creation of ‘One man (or woman), equals One vote’…a notion that took another century or so to be fulfilled for women and African-Americans…

So in this final stretch leading up to the 2014 U.S. Midterm elections, may we all reflect–”I’m looking at you North Carolina” and other states whose puppets in power think they can circumvent that wish of our Founding Fathers by suppressing the vote–on just how many people died to make our American vote in a real democracy a reality.  As their (21st Century ‘not your grandpa’s GOP) policies and ‘vision’ finally begin to SEA the LIGHT of day, come into fruition if you will, you might think that some well educated and powerful people would stand up to these charlatans, these ‘titans of industry’… and you would be RIGHT!

Right as rain, hopefully opening up a dialogue for the majority of this country’s citizens to stand up and say, finally say–enough is enough! No more plutocratic puppets!!–little puppet politicians who do not have the average voter’s best interests’ in mind.

Making statements like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul did the other day, “…I don’t believe in a minimum wage.” I am sure you don’t Doctor, I’m sure you don’t… Putting a big spotlight on what our brothers and sisters on the right side of the aisle are really up too and ask the ‘fair and impartial?’ 2014 U.S. Supreme Court to STOP elections from being stolen out from under OUR collective WILL!!!

We all remember 2000 and Al Gore v. George W. Bush, with the hanging chads and all.  It seems to me, old boy, that your game is rigged and becoming more rigged by the hour.  Are all of the Justices on the take or just you John Roberts?  All of the decisions recently out of the ‘non-activist’ SCOTUS have favored the Koch, I mean, the Republican party and it’s vision to turn this country into a gas station just like Russia, and then turn it into a parking lot.  Destroying God’s green earth with one fracking well head at a time.

Spewing Methane, en masse, into the earth’s fragile and only atmosphere (Methane gas, ‘natural gas’, is 87 times more potent than the already daunting problem of Carbon Dioxide being released into said atmosphere; both gasses are considered the greenhouse gassesthe chief cause of Global Warming, that some say, if it all this remains unchecked, will spell doom for our earth by centuries end.

But hey, who cares?  Am I right?  As long as the coal companies, oil companies, gas companies and other large polluters make the ‘bottom line’ for their all important ’stock holders’, all will be right with the world!  That’s right the all important short sighted investors who will be hard pressed to find ANY investments in the year 2100…

Perhaps their might be money in pumps, i.e. pumps designed to pump out the contents of the ever rising seas we continue to ignore, at our own collective peril… But making a hell of a lot of money process and is that not what “America” is all about anyway?


So by all means, vote against your own best interests FOX viewers who happen to live here in the United States of America. The ‘friends’ you watch every morning on that must SEA TV, “FOX & Friends”, are NOT your friends, no sir.  You see, these are men and women hired by an old scallywag of the sea, Rupert, ‘arrgghhh matie’, Murdoch, of Australia.

A good old fashioned news man who knows that the best way to dumb down a country, i.e. Great Britain and now America, is to offer up as much fear and ‘manipulated knowledge’ to the masses, making them ‘feel’ informed, in a ’shiny object’ kind of way. With the desired result coming to fruition once again as 55 percent of ‘the American People’ simply stopped THINKING for themselves.  That’s right, brainwash them to the point where they vote for the person least likely to help them or their families get ahead in what is really becoming the United States of ExxonMobil.

I wonder what Thomas Jefferson would have thought of Koch Industries and their legislative arm of government “The Heritage Foundation”?  Where politicians are bought and sold like so many heads of cattle.

Have a great week end folks, and please, for the love of Jiminy Cricket, register to vote in an election that is only 19 days away from today.   Control of the U.S. Senate is at stake.  Moreover, OUR democracy.  For this voter suppression sickness is an act of sabotage on all of US.  STAND UP and FIGHT IT!


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