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July 9, 2010

Sea Turtle

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a foggy morning in Osterville, I bid you and yours a fair adieu.  On day 81 of the bp Deep Water Horizon debacle, we get more information regarding the “spill”.  More accurately, the environmental catastrophe that is being played out as I write these words.  A report issued by AP in the past couple of days revealed that 3500 wells have been abandoned in the Gulf of Mexico.  Most of these have been capped by the same cement that was used to cap the Deep Water Horizon, but some were capped with metal that raises all kinds of red flags, as many experts believe this to be a “ticking time bomb” for the environment.  There is an “honor” system that MMS (the regulatory arm of the federal government-mineral management services-that is designed to be a watchdog of the industry, but for the past ten years has been a part of the industry) put in place to deal with these temporarily and permanently abandoned wells, many that were capped with metal instead of cement, but, according to AP reporter M. Waiss, no one at MMS, the administration, or certainly not the oil industry itself is doing anything about it.  As Keith Olberman put it, “the honor system, what could possibly go wrong?”  Ira Liefer, an oceanographer at University of California at Santa Barbara’s marine sciences institute, who is asking the tough questions about the oil in the vital forms of “how” much oil is really being released into the Gulf, “what” is going into the water, with Corexit 3500 mixing with the oil producing micro-carbons settling into the seabed (deep water columns) and most importantly “where” the oil goes from here.  Flow rate was of vital importance from the beginning (as bp denied the truth from the get go), but, according to Liefer, it is the questions of what it is doing and where it is going that is of vital national interest.  In regard to the latter, regardless of what these monstrosities called oil companies want (for it seems that is all politicians really care about anyway), it IS of vital interest to WE THE PEOPLE know where it is going so that we can save as much of OUR coastline as possible, while saving as many sea creatures (like the one you see above) as we possibly can.  If that is not your goal bp, and we know that it is not, than get the hell out of our way so that we can save the most innocent of victims before you kill them all.  The second reason that we should be studying where the oil is going is for future (I hate to even write these words) spills, for we all know that the system of regulatory oversight is so corrupted and compromised, that it will take decades to clean house and start anew.  Bp and the administration does not seem to be interested in this however, as we all know it’s about liability and the fact that for every barrel of oil that is “clocked” going into the Gulf, bp must pay the federal government roughly 4500 dollars.  With the annual “shareholders” meeting scheduled for July 27th, 2010, bp has mysteriously revealed that the “relief well” meant to stop the gusher will be complete, thereby giving some good news to investors and the company itself as it struggles to regain it’s foothold on it’s primary purpose, to rape and pillage for fossil fuels at the expense of other country’s entire eco-systems, fishing industries, and regional economies that will be devastated for years to come because of this environmental crime.  This is our planet we are talking about here, it is not some water cooler bulls#$t about how much money Tony, “gone sailin’” Hayward and the rest of his motley crew of bp saved the investors because of their sneaky, backhanded, and evil practices in the world of big oil.  I was Listening to Mike Papantonio, a lawyer for the victims of the Gulf oil spill, and this is what he said of the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, “he is an industry hack, and should be fired!”  Here is a guy who goes way back in the oil industry, who was against ending the corporate welfare known as subsidies for the various industries, oil being one of them (as he made a big stink about ending Exxon Mobile’s giant subsidies), he was well aware of the MMS scandal involving sex and drugs with oil executives, he is good friends with James Watt and the Wyoming boys who are part of the inner circle of oil (who else lives in Wyoming?) and he offers nothing more in the way of change to the oil and gas industry than the President’s pick Tim Geitner, the Secretary of Treasury, does to reforming Wall Street.  Both men are in bed with the enemy.  As the oil industry puts out props like Bennard Charbonnett, a former New Orleans port authority chairman, the perfect prop for this insane debate of whether or not we should have a time out on deep water drilling until we know for sure the risks, the solutions if those risks become a reality, and if the rigs are safe to begin with, for he used that beautiful talking point number 5079, “in this economy, we need to save those jobs in the Gulf…”, the dog and pony show becomes that much more transparent.  We know that current blowout preventers (that allegedly caused the spill) have a 45 percent chance of failing NOW–why are WE THE PEOPLE going to stand by and allow a district court in Louisiana, a crooked court at that, to overturn the moratorium that the President of the United States put in motion over a month ago?  Yes, that decision was handed down last night around 7 pm., EST.  Is it about those sacred “jobs” that the p.o.h.n. puppets keep talking about in their endless and moronic litany of talking points?  Those “jobs” amount to nothing when considering what is at stake here.  If we continue to drill without a net, we could permanently destroy our entire eco-system in the Gulf, that will cause aftershocks for decades, perhaps centuries to come.  These silk suits are not concerned about “jobs” for some rough neck.  They are concerned about IMAGE and PROFIT. Nothing more.  A faceless, nameless shark that feeds on the weak and pillages natural resources at will–without regard to the common good and the creations that were created by an intelligence that it cannot conceive of.  For the leaders of that shark were created by the same intelligence–they just don’t know it yet (my apologies to natural sharks for their use in this metaphor).  It won’t matter in the end who wins the epic chess match for the world’s oil supply if we cannot fish any longer in our oceans–for those oceans can no longer sustain LIFE itself because they have been so poisoned by mankind’s folly.  Nor will it matter that BECAUSE of the burning of fossil fuels in almost everything we do now (look at the products we buy, they all have some form of oil in them), the changing weather patterns and ever increasing temperatures on planet earth will become so intolerable that nothing can live–including man.  Our politicians seem hell bent on driving the herd in the wrong direction, accomplished by extremely intelligent, albeit misguided individuals, dumbing down the “American People” via corporate airwaves that provide plenty of brainwashing, but little in the way of facts, facts promoting thought provoking concepts designed for solutions for the greater good.  These thought provoking concepts would logically lead to a popular majority opinion that fostered this democracy to begin with.  So, you must ask yourself, even if you are mildly curious, “what are these damn dirty liberal, communist, progressive bastards talking about anyway?”  It is our duty as the “most intelligent beings on planet earth”, to act as STEWARDS--taking care of one another, taking care of our brothers, the animal kingdom and plant kingdom, and to cherish every form of life we come across.  We are not here to rape and pillage it, all because of priorities that are so out of whack.  It would force the founders of our country to ask the question, “what were they thinking?”.  Take a good look into that heart of the p.o.h.n. and see what they are really doing, thinking and saying.  Turning over the decision to have a moratorium on deep water drilling is only the first step into insanity, the p.o.h.n. would like you to keep on going–see just how dark they really are.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF–all of the good people who live there, all of the SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may His grace be with you now and forever. Have a nice day folks!             Peace~M

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