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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 15, 2010

Sea of Blue

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  It is good to be with you on this 15th day of June, 2010, as I just spun back from my morning sojourn to Dowses Beach here in Osterville where I witnessed yet another incredible sunrise a few moments ago.  The air is light and cool today, with fair skies and seasonable temperatures, so come on down!  We will leave the LIGHT on for ya!  I was disturbed to no end yesterday when I heard the news from Keith Olberman, on the venerable show, “Countdown, with Keith Olberman”, airing on MSNBC week nights at 8 p.m., that bp and the goons that they have hired are keeping photo journalists away from areas of the Gulf where dead sea creatures are being discovered at alarming rates.  This confirms what I had suspected and begs the question, “Who the hell gave a foreign company the right to stop our own citizens from taking photos of the carnage caused by that same company?”  WHO?! It has been widely reported that bp has taken not only the livelihood of the fisherman, hotel owners, residents and restaurants away for generations to come, but has literally hired, (most likely “Blackwater” or “Xe”, the mercenaries or “independent contractors” who were infamous in Iraq for gunning down innocent civilians and were on sight during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina) armed thugs to prevent the TRUTH from coming out as to the criminality of this horrible oil disaster.  President Obama has the opportunity to correct this stripping of our rights as citizens and report the collateral damage caused by bp’s criminal behavior, as he continues today with his visit of the Gulf torn region.  His meeting with the bp “Chairman”, who is not even an oil man and is above our friend Tony, “can somebody just pass me a bloody scone?”, Hayward (CEO, bp), should make everything OK and all will be well soon.  He will tell our president that the 2, count them 2, extra tankers that are being brought in to suck out the now, 50,000 barrels of oil daily from the well sight, (which should go a long way in telling us that they were lying all along as to how much oil is really gushing out of the debunked oil head) will solve the problem, a “solution” that should have been in place the moment the oil rig blew up.  This of course, is more of the same rhetoric that we have heard from this monster corporation, solving nothing and reinforcing the fact that bp has more clout than the Executive branch of the United States of America.  I feel sorry for President Obama, for this is a problem that was inherited by this administration, an industry so corrupt, the oil sloshing around in the Gulf pales in comparison to the grease balls who run the British company known as “bp”…  On Wednesday, the President will give an address in the Oval Office to the American people, as he has gathered information in these 57 days, presumably, and must offer some solutions to the epic problems facing the people, animals and plants of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.  The problem with this whole thing boils down to a simple concept that has yet to be implemented–establishing a local command and control center, coordinated with FEDERAL, not bp, agents who are transparent and not part of the Nazi corporate movement.  The oil that we “retrieve” from the thousands of oil platforms polluting our Gulf accounts for roughly 3 percent of the oil we use in this country…further, that oil is not “given” to the good people who live in that region or the United States as a whole, but is placed on an international market where the oil goes to the highest bidder.  Therefore, the whole premise or argument over “drill, baby, drill” is a false choice, for the elements of that argument are based on a lie to begin with.  The only people who make out are the ones who OWN the wells.  This “chairman” cares nothing for the people, the beautiful sea creatures and pristine wet lands the Gulf defines.  His loyalty is to his stockholders and the modus operandi of–profit over people. It is that simple.  Obama has an opportunity to call them out on that fact, showing true courage and leadership when it is needed the most–making what is wrong, right.  Blocking members of the press from taking images from the Gulf of the true devastation to OUR country should not even be in this conversation.  Why are we as a nation not more fired up about this second “invasion” of the British?  The complexity of the situation plays right into the hands of bp, for they know that the republican party in this country, and the sheep that follow it to the tune of Glenn Beck singing a creepy lullaby, will stand by big oil, and demand that we keep on drilling  with these extremely dangerous deep water practices–all for the glory of the almighty dollar, or pound as it were.  Where in the King James Bible does Jesus say, “blessed are those who drill into the earth for an energy source that is slowly destroying what OUR FATHER has created?”  WHERE? These hypocritical, sociopathic monsters who call themselves “corporations” are just another form of tyrannical history, playing out in another place and time.  The players might have changed, but the song remains the same.  Why sugar coat it?  Why not make a stand and call it like it is?  Change we can BELIEVE in starts with YOU Mr. President.  It starts when you stop the madness and bring the country back to reality, a reality we all share on this very fragile planet, a little blue rock in an infinite universe, called EARTH!  May GOD’S SPEED be with the very good men and women of the Gulf, all of the wonderful sea creatures, and marsh lands therein… May you have a blessed Tuesday everybody!  Peace~ M

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