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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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July 13, 2010

Sea Light

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are doing well this morning wherever you might be finding yourself, as the waters of East Bay this morning were alive with the birds waking up and having breakfast.  One bird in particular, an Osprey, my favorite “ocean bird of prey”, was sitting atop my boat, “Ti amo”, more specifically atop my mast once again this morning, gaining that 360 degree view that all Osprey desire, especially when building their large “round sticks” called nests that are normally located on either a wooden platform that is built by other bird lovers, or, as here in Osterville, atop a private house or tower, where they have a clear view of any predators that may harm their young, young who are just now learning how to fly…  I wish we could say the same for members of congress.  The fact that the p.o.h.n. is holding up unemployment benefits to millions of struggling Americans is unconscionable.  The jobs that so many in this country had, simply vanished due to the globalization of the American economy, serving the wealthy corporations that made the move, but destroying our middle class and sweeping the poor of this nation under the rug.  The irony here is that as the p.o.h.n. cries “deficit!” when speaking of spending (especially the whopping 1 percent we are talking about here for extending unemployment benefits), they had, and still have, no problem with the still unfunded war of Afghanistan and the “draw down” of troops in Iraq.  Those two unfunded wars, thus far, have cost the “American people” over 3 trillion dollars and with a military budget that dwarfs all of the other defense budgets of every other advanced country combined, keeping our troops in places like Japan or Germany for no real reason, while our own population goes hungry, makes no sense whatsoever…unless you are a member of the p.o.h.n..  Passing the bill that has already passed the house, extending the unemployment benefits to those 2 million people currently looking for a job that another 5 people are already looking for, is the very least we can do to a population who has been literally fleeced by a group of greedy men (and women) who are lacking a conscience.  I keep returning to the comment made by George Will, the celebrated ‘pundit’ on the ABC Sunday talk show called, “This Week”, with Christine Amanpour, the new host of that venerated show.  On Sunday, Mr. Will, a baseball expert, spoke of “snake oil” and revealed his anger and resentment towards President Obama.  His contention that Obama was the real snake oil salesmen, reasoned because he failed to keep that unemployment number at 8 percent or lower due to the passing of George W. Bush’s bailout of big banks (the “stimulus”), and that his comments towards the ‘grand old party of hell no’ were out of line–for those folks would never sell you snake oil in the form of a war that cost the nation over 4000 American lives and 2 trillion dollars in treasure, much of it going by the way of fraud and shady business deals to the coffers of Cheney’s Halliburton– no, those folks are on the up and up…they are Evangelical “true Christian”, right wing, upstanding members of society, who have nothing but the best in mind for their constituents and the “American people”, that are so often embodied into their long winded, non-sensical speeches that do nothing, save stroke their fragile, caveman like egos. Ask yourself one simple question, “what does Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY) and leader of the “minority” in the Senate, have in common with the average American person?  I would have so much more respect for the p.o.h.n. if they took off their masks and were real men about it–coming right out and telling “the American people” that they care nothing for the environment, the people who are suffering in the Gulf region right now, the millions of Americans who don’t know where they are going to get the money for breakfast this morning, let alone how they are going to pay their mortgage, or get a job that doesn’t exist, or pay for health care premiums to a company who will drop them as soon as they get sick, or the fact that they care even less about the environment that we are burning up daily with fossil fuels, natural gas and coal fired plants, turning the world as we know it, into a stagnant, poisoned plane where nothing can live because we destroyed the homes for the most basic blocks of our food chain.  Yes, that would be a breath of fresh air!  The Sarah, “mama grizzlies for blowing away timber wolves via a thirty odd six from a helicopter” Palin’s of the world are now the norm, and for the republican strategists like Frank Luntz and rest of the wolves over at word doctors.com, I say to you, congratulations!  You have created the monster that might just take down what is left of this great country of ours, a country that was created from the desire to get away from the tyranny imposed by a brutal, although by an historical perspective was not as brutal as some, King (King George of England)–a king, that the p.o.h.n. is trying to bring back, a corporate king that has no face, no heart and no soul–current fitting for the Burger King costume is scheduled for Mr. Boehner’s office soon…  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, and all of the people, SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein… may that miracle happen this week! Have a nice day everybody!  Peace~M

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