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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 14, 2010

Sea Flag

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a foggy morning at Dowses Beach here in Osterville, I bid you and yours a fair adieu.  I hope you had a nice week end, and your Monday morning is not as limited as the visibility is here on Cape…  The fog of real answers to the epic problem facing the Gulf right NOW is on the minds of everyone this a.m., well, at least those with a heart.  While listening to the “pundits” speak on yesterday’s Sunday morning “talk” shows, I was so pleased to see Tony, “I told you to get the Lear gassed up so we can get the hell out of here,” Hayward (CEO, bp) on his many “tv” spots, where he speaks to the “American people” explaining how bp is going to “make it right”…  and action: “Hello, my name is Tony Hayward (picture of untainted Pelicans, safe atop a hill, overlooking the Gulf with oil seeming to be far away, implying that the Pelicans are safe, as the men in the yellow hazmat suits are busy cleaning up the “modest” amount of oil on the pristine sandy white beaches), before I get into this whole “spill” thing, I was wondering if you might find it in your heart to lend me a few quid, as I am taking up a collection from the locals to gain some petrol for my jet so that, as I said before, I can get the hell out of here!” “Oh, and by the way, we all feel your pain, you people who have lost your livelihood, perhaps for generations to come, for we live and work on the Gulf as well and are suffering as much, if not more, no, definitely more than you, and, I, oh, f#$k it, I was going to apologize for creating one of the most devastating environmental disasters mankind has ever witnessed, but now I am not–because I don’t like you.  I believe that you, the American “people” are partially to blame for this “accident”.  I have told you that there are no “oil plumes”, that the damage to the wild life and the marsh lands would be “modest” and you just would not hear of it.  The mean spirited blogs from journalists from around this country of yours are hurting my feelings, and thus, I am going to pay our shareholders their money first, and to hell with you, your families, your businesses, your hotels, your tourists season, your Pelicans and your precious wet lands– to hell with you all.  I always hated Americans anyway…”  This, of course, was the rough cut of the commercial you have all seen now on the “tv” and it goes a long way in understanding the workings of a big oil executive’s mind, his heart and his soul.  We owe quite a bit to Tony, for he has truly exemplified the attitude of big corporations in the world today–F#$k the people, continue on with maximizing the profits. This week, we are going to witness a political side show that will go far in muddying the waters, the oil soaked waters, of this catastrophe, this sick, tragic catastrophe that no one has the guts to say just how bad it really is.  There have been reports that this oil/dispersant “globs of death spill”, will destroy fishing in the Gulf for 100 years, and if that does not make your blood boil, than you might not be alive to begin with.  What makes this wound ever more painful, is the LYING that is going on regarding the reasons why it happened (BUSH/CHENEY/BIG OIL/MMS/IGNORANT PUBLIC), how much oil was being emitted, what clean up effort would be best to minimize the damage to the shoreline (liability=$), and the complete lack of control the government showed in taking the reigns on this one–leaving the decisions on how to spruce up the hen house to the salivating wolves holding the keys.  The soft, slick voice of Tony, “my mother said I should be a shoe salesman,” Hayward is a sickening reminder of the snake oil salesmen of yesteryear.  The difference being the snake oil salesman did not have the capacity to dump his product into one of the most pristine wild life refuges in the world, effectively destroying a way of life for millions of Americans for generations to come.  This is an OUTRAGE and no amount of hyperbole in a message from the Oval Office will appease the dying dolphins who have made their home on the Gulf for hundreds of thousands of years.  We will hear the same old rhetoric we have heard now for 56 days, “we” are doing our best to bring every resource available to bring the Gulf back to wholeness once again…Bulls#$T!  I would have so much more respect for the President if he simply took bp into receivership, which he has the power to do, and bring together every supertanker in the world  to begin a giant Zamboni mission of sucking up the oil soaked water, filtering it and spitting it back to where it came from-clean once again.  Bp’s claim that there are “too many boats out there” is another big lie.  Again, who is making these decisions, bp?  If bp did not have a “plan” to tackle a giant oil explosion, allowing over 100,000 barells (a conservative number) to gush into the Gulf from the very beginning, why would we believe them now, and moreover, why would we allow them control over the situation?  This is all very secretive and highly suspect…for they are not telling us everything, and have not, from the very beginning (the real salt in the wound)– when their executives were writing their own inspection/disaster response reports in pencil (you know, the one’s that deal with disaster like scenarios that would never happen) and giving those reports to the men and women (that they were literally doing meth on toaster ovens with, before sleeping with them) who worked for George W. Bush’s MMS (an arm of the oil industry). Then taking out their BIC pens, following the lines of that number 2 pencil with the fine ink afforded and submitting them with no guilty conscience, for this was just a game right?  It was just a matter of time before one of these monolithic oil rigs blew up and began to “turn the sea red”…as described in the Book of Revelation.  I would submit, that for a group of people who take the Bible so literally, like the evangelical right wingnut jobs that are attempting to run this county back into the ditch we just got it out of, you might think they would take another gander at that statement in the Bible,  “the seas will burn and turn a blood red…”  To take that point a little further down the road, you might also think that, being such good Christians, they would realize their own “sins” and repent…for if the “end of days” is upon us, which it is not, would they not want to cleanse their souls?  Or are they so wrapped up in their collective and individual egos that they cannot see the forest for the trees?  I would bet on the latter.  GOD’S SPEED TO THE GULF–all of the good people, sea creatures and plant LIFE therein….. May you also have a pleasant Monday and week ahead, for the TRUTH will shine away the darkness and realize the folly of man.  Peace~ M

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