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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 16, 2010

Sea Bass 222

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  On this misty morning here in Osterville, after a spectacular week end here on this little sand bar created by the Last Great Ice age 11,500 years ago, I bid you and yours a fair adieu.  The Sunday talk shows were, as always, interesting, save the baseball expertise of Mr. George Will, who is currently on vacation (I hope he went to the Gulf).  They spoke of the hapless war effort in Afghanistan, policy wise, i.e, why are WE there?, the huge economic problem WE face in this country, even as I write these words, (hampered by the policy of “NO”, headed up by the tea puppets and their friend puppets, the p.o.h.n.), of hunger, the crumbling infrastructure, and more to the point, real jobs that have evaporated like fog on hot summer day, lifting off to far away places like India, Bolivia, and China.  8 million people have lost their jobs, permanently, in this country and, as a direct result of that, these good “American people”, as John, “Orange Julias”, Boehner (R-OH) likes to call them, as his own of course, are watching vultures take their houses, all while paying them to take out their own furniture and, in one case that I witnessed, burning everything they had known and owned for over 40 years, I found myself with my fists clenched in rage, thinking that that could have been my own Grandfather…..  It is enough to make your heart want to crack open and cry uncontrollably.  This sick, dirty, bought and sold, corporate stooge JOKE of a group of Senators and congressman who claim that they are “FOR” and, more to the point, SAY and truly BELIEVE they know and speak for the “AMERICAN PEOPLE” is a cruelly intended, calculated plot for plutonomy…a fact that many documents I have in my possession prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Stockholm Syndrome can be defined simply as “captors”, (banks, insurance companies, employers, such as Wall Mart, the oil and gas companies, big coal, politicians, Wall Street, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) who hold their prisoners captive (the “American People”, the consumers of the fixed system, be it student loans to what advertisers of all stripes brainwash you into “thinking” you need, when, in fact, you don’t) to their products and “services” and moreover, trick them to “believe” they LOVE them and want, and indeed, need them, need them more and more….because that is what MAKES them money.  The “syndrome” is this United States economy, or lack therein, right here and right NOW in this here United States…  We all “think” these monsters like bp are doing “the right thing”, when, in fact, they have destroyed an ecosystem that will be poisoned for decades, strike that, for many, many, many moons to come–not because of the oil, but because of the Corexit 3500, for it was a Houdini trick played to limit bp’s liability and cover up the oil, creating yet another “Wizard of Oz” moment for us all to FEAR–”pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” (corporations– nameless, faceless, sharks whose only goal is to feed, feed, feed!)  My apologies to natural sharks everywhere.  The Stockholm Syndrome could not be summed up any better than the Amica car insurance commercial when one of the actors was asked a question about “her” insurance company.  She stated in the best acting since Greta Garbo, “I don’t know if it is possible to love an insurance company, but, ah, I really like them…”  She made the cut on that take, but I’m sure they will find someone to actually say, “I love my insurance company.”, Larry Summers, perhaps?  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS, SEA BASS, good people of the Bayou and marsh lands therein…may your claims be paid in FULL! Have a nice week folks!  Peace~M

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