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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 21, 2016


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, grey, graceful, grateful, and quite windy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on this Twenty-First Day of November, 2016, Monday according to Reuters.  Indeed, another wild one ‘down on the docks’ of ye ‘ole Hyannis Harbor; the wicked winds howling and hungry, blowing most of the remaining gorgeous orange, red, yellow leaves from the many, many beautiful trees adorning this Ancient land; an historic part of this great country that has withstood the test of ‘time’, providing a safe, sandy hamlet.  A mostly summer haven for millions who enjoy every aspect of her;

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…

Speaking of that fine ‘news’ organization, Sea Cape Cod just received a “leaked” interaction between U.S. president-elect Donald Trump and the former MSNBC anchor of “NOW”, now with The Atlantic Magazine, Alex Wagner. Content provided below for your reading pleasure. Have a good week ahead folks, the Republic? looking forward to this country’s favorite holiday, “Thanksgiving”, once again.  Ever reminding US all how fortunate we are to have a roof over our heads and a piece of this fabulous new angle technology, be it hand held, wearable, or inject able! Enabling, or disabling one to enjoy this insight into the deep thoughts of the upcoming presidency of one Donald J. Trump.

“Hello!  McFly! is this thing on? Think McFly, THINK!”

(credit: “Back to the Future”, starring Michael J. Fox, circa 1985)…

“Hi Donald, how are you?”

I’m fine Alex, hey listen good luck over at the Atlantic, you are a terrific reporter and should be on TV, but that’s OK, because what you got here, hey oh!, ‘dat’s a great magazine!  Better ‘den dat damn MSNBC, God knows I can’t stand ‘dat Rachel Maddow!  I thought she was gonna lose her cookies on air da udder night, you know, when Hillary lost, jeez! It’s just politics, get over it already… Anyway, as you are aware by now, I am a very, very busy man, high energy days and nights if you know what I mean, and I am knee deep in finding people, good people, to do this job I truly cannot do by myself, although, if there was one guy who could, dat would naturally be me.  Yeah, Alex, I’ve got to find good people whom I can delegate to without any fear of reprisal or resentment, yes men really, and so this is going to have to be a quick one today.  I have many tweets to tweet and lots of NWO dictates to digest.

By now, you have all seen ‘dat SNL skit with that very talented actor Alex Baldwin, playing yours truly to a tee, yeah, it aired just this past Saturday, and it was hilarious!  Especially ‘dat part about Mike Pence, my “number one”, just like in Star Trek go figure, yeah, my shiny, slick, Christian fall guy.  Give it up for my new VP, who comes into my office to talk about ‘deez here ‘cabinet’ positions, the biggest one being ‘Secretary of State’, ‘da one Hillary effed up so bad, and should, by all accounts, be prosecuted for, looking at MItt, ‘the trees are all the right height’, or ‘corporations are people too’, Mitt Romney, you know, the one i said all those horrible things about, not really sure if this ego of mine can handle his shiny face all the time, what with that sincere, sinless judgement of the Mormons and all, God, I don’t think so, but stay tuned…

And like Mike was saying, these insane Democrats are just not going to let up on me and my (Donald starts laughing then weeping softly, Alex handing him a handkerchief), new administration. So we aren’t going to go after her, no sir, we are, like Alec said, going to scrap ‘dat!  Scrapped!   God love saying ‘dat word, scrapped, how about you Alex?   Just like building ‘dat ‘dang border fence to keep the wet backs out, you know, those Mexicans and others like ‘dem.  It’s just like the very funny Arizona Senator John McCain said a long time ago, ‘just build the ‘dang fence’, in a famous interview a way back, still cracks me up to ‘dis day, can I tell you that!  No, I am going to just go ahead and scrap ‘dat idea too, just like sending back 11 plus million illegals living here in the shadows...scrapped!

And that goes double for “Obamacare”, which is well liked by most of the millions of Americans who now have health insurance, many for the first time, yeah, we are going to keep ‘dat!  Scrap the notion of ‘health savings accounts’, what a joke! Most poor people don’t even have a bank account, let alone a grocery store within fifty miles that sells organic fruits and vegetables.  REAL food devoid of that horrible Monsanto created GMO Frankenstein food we all keep hearing about, food deserts I tells yous!  Yeah, most don’t have the skills to add 2+2, hell, with this rotten common core education system we got going on here, most of ‘deez dummies think that equation is squared by the number 5, hey oh! Don’t forget to tip your waitresses folks!  Especially if you are visiting the newest wonder of the world, the fabulously flaunting and newly renovated Trump Taj!  Free buffet until noon for high rollers like my pal Bernie Sanders, you wild and crazy socialist you!  Dat’s right, it’s a snazzy, sexy place that you, my dear friend Alex, would fit in nicely to,,. Mostly because of it’s class and intelligence, no riff raff in here, like all those clowns at the truck stops in Ohio and Pennsylvania or New Mexico and Colorado, jeez!  What a bunch of losers we have here in this great country.

Did I say that out loud? I meant, winners, winners, winners!  Why are they winners’ you may ask?  Because they voted for me, Donald Trump, that’s why, I am king of the world, move over kid from Titanic!

Eventually “we” will at last scrap ‘dat final thing, you know, the one I began my campaign with, the one statement I wore on my head in a, again, truck stop like, one size fits all, polyester hat. The one that said something about, “…making America great again”, yeah, ‘dat one…  What a pipe dream that was, boy!  Dat, dat will be scrapped from day one. Scrapped! Think of America as Detroit Alex, it is a sick and slowly dying country and only the strong will survive.

The losers, I mean winners who voted for me will just have to go out and find new abandoned buildings, den collectively strip and scrap them for parts if you please, taking copper and other precious metals, whatever they can get their dirty hands on.  Collect all this scrap and sell it to the highest Chinese bidder.  They must do ‘dis so as to feed their undernourished, under-educated, underprivileged families, all while tuning into another season of “The Apprentice”, on hold with NBC for the moment, but keep paying those outragious cable bills, “I’ll be back!”  In the interim, this is the new “reality TV show” of the millennium and it is going to be the talk to the town!  And in the the White House of all places!  Oh my God, I’m Lucifer’s apprentice!

What have I gotten myself into?

So, by all means, tune in and absorb the crap we throw your way, via a multinational, world wide, finely tuned propaganda machine coined “the news”.  Hypnotic, hallucinating, radiated, MK Ultra mind controlling TV that will bend even the most independent mind ‘at the end of the day’.  AI taking over soon, insuring ‘da eventual complete enslavement of all humans; we’re all doomed! I’m just kidding, but who knows?  Maybe ‘dis here Artificial Intelligence will just ‘call in in’ like I did with ABC’s “Good Morning America’s” George S. and NBC’s “Morning JOKE” hosted by my ‘friends’ Mika and Joe.  Perhaps ‘den I can go back to fine tuning my Trump Steaks, while creating a new Trump golf course, and cultivating my new line of Trump fine men’s wear.  High, high, high quality clothing I can assure you, and it is 100 percent not made in sweat shops. Although don’t take my word on ‘dat, as I would not put my hand on The Bible regarding ‘dat whooper!  Can’t get enough of my fine wine and fine art. Hey oh!

In closing Alex, I am not going to do any of ‘doz things I said I was gonna do while tortuously trolling this country for votes, because quite frankly, this presidency is nothing more that a front, a puppet position that answers to a powerful, hidden and ever super secret shadow organization.  The many, many layers of power that pulls the strings and truly runs the “This Greatest Show on Earth”.  Thirteen or so families; men like the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, and others who own hundreds of Trillions in Gold and other valuable assets, ruling this earth and all who live on Mother Gaia with an iron fist.

Make no mistake about it Alex, and this is all good news to me, because quite frankly, i have no idea what I am doing, where i am going and what the next day will bring. Save this, if I said if in the past, you can just go ahead and scrap it, say it with me Alex, my presidential platform is,


Until we meet again, may you have a wonderful career and if you are ever available for coffee, just email me here on Nantucket and they will send one of the planes to pick you up!  ‘Tanks again for this interview, and it was with you!  Thank God it was not with ‘dat Rachel Maddow!  She scares me a whole lot more than ‘dat bimbo Megan Kelly, over on FOX!  Ooops, was ‘dat out loud again?   Peace out!”


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