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August 30, 2010

Saving Light

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the  great island of Nantucket!  I put a space there on purpose just to let you know how “far away” that island really is from the shores of Osterville, where I hail from.  That island, that I know all too well, may get hit hard by Hurricane Earl that is ‘churning out’ to be a category 4 storm by the time it glances North Carolina and makes a b line towards Cape Cod and the islands…something I have personally been through on a boat, back in 1997, in Edgartown, Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard, where Hurricane Edwourd was taking aim directly at that fair island, and, instead of taking refuge in a shelter, as they began closing the town down on a September evening around 5 p.m., I took the other route and rode out the storm on a 78 foot sloop with the captain of “South Florida”.  The extreme nature of a Hurricane is not evident until the sustained winds hit you, as they did me, and as soon as the dingy reached the boat, I fell in the water, with my leather coat and jeans, hiking boots and tag watch, and it only through the grace of God, that I was able, with the help of my friend, to pull myself out of the water, and climb aboard the white yacht.  The winds at that point were 90 m.p.h., sustained, and as we went for the shelter of the cabin, we called the harbor patrol to see if we were all alone out there in the Edgartown Harbor, a good mile away from the Yacht club.  We were.  I admit, I panicked a little, well maybe a lot, for a minute, as the winds, evidenced by the instruments on the vessel, indicated, that we had reached sustained wind levels of 110 m.p.h… As it was a slow moving storm, and as I retired to the Captain’s quarters to ride it out alone, save for the only movie that was available, “The Graduate”, which I watched at least 5 times that night, I attempted to call “home” at that point, which was Newport Beach, California and my girlfriend at the time.  I called on my mobile phone and reached her, but was cut off as soon as I said the words, “I’m on a boat in the middle of a Hurricane…”  then, crickets, rather loud crickets, water logged crickets actually.  The next morning, I recall going up on deck and with the winds still howling at 40 knots or more, sustained, I remember how the rain drops fell like stinging swords upon my face and the strange noise the wind made as the storm slowly, but steadily made it’s way into the Atlantic Maritime, spinning towards Newfoundland and the North Sea, where it would die the death of many hurricanes that went before it, a hurricane graveyard, if you will.  For the cold waters tend to slow the anger represented by the deepest low pressure system known to mankind–the hurricane. I tell you this story because I have a special place in my heart for the people of New Orleans, the poor of New Orleans, who were ravaged by a category 5 storm that destroyed so much and yet, did not destroy as much as the complete failure of our government, at the time, to bring even the most basic of needs to the people who were suffering the most, people, not from a distant land, but people of our own flag, our own country, our own code of conduct, I believe that destroyed more than the physical damage of Katrina ever could have.   If you have not seen Spike Lee’s movie, “If God is willing, and da creek don’t rise,” SEE IT. With men, real men, like Garland Robinette, a great radio guy out of New Orleans, American historian and author, Douglas Brinkley, and Wendel Pierce, actor and star of the HBO series, ‘Treme’, all of whom were on “Meet the Press”, yesterday with Brian Williams substituting for David Gregory, and, who did, Brian Williams, do an excellent job bringing the suffering of Katrina to Light on national television, speaking candidly about what really happened in New Orleans five years ago, along with some dynamite women who speak volumes of what they are doing to revive that city and surrounding area, with men and women like that, speaking and doing so much for the city of New Orleans, it brings one full circle, with a bright light shining on what is really going on in this crazy country, let alone world, that we are  ALL living in now.  For example, the corruption in the New Orleans Police Department, smelling like a macrocosm of the Nantucket Police Department, in the violence and even cocaine ring that was discovered in the mix, resulting in the conviction of 7 police officers who were brought up on charges on everything from drugs to murder–we now know why it all happened, and is still happening to some degree, greed, and the corporate mission statement that has become a viral plague upon this nation and indeed world at large, PROFIT OVER PEOPLE, a modern form of cannibalism.  There was a big push to keep the 98 percent black population, in the 9th ward for example, or Lake Pontchartrain, away after the storm and that has been followed up by a systematic dismantling of the public school system, opting for “charter schools”, that are privately owned and thus, answerable to no one.  The “board of education” is what is at stake here, as well as the bigger picture “U.S. Department of Education,” that slimy politicians, like Sharron “Angle” of Nevada, want to do away with (for this very reason–create schools that bring no real opportunity to the poor and feed them fictional history courtesy of the Texas Board of Education).  As it was once an elected position and thus, not prone to corruption and therefore, created real opportunity for education for ALL of New Orleans residents, not just those with white skin, the new charter schools are overcrowded and understaffed, making real learning impossible and therefore, creating a caste system, the very thing the p.o.h.n. and their handlers were going for to begin with, Just ask “W”, he’ll tell ya!  Now, you have so many young black men, falling through the cracks, as they have no where to go for an education, and thus, turn to crime and drugs that are rampant and getting worse as I write this commentary.  How can we let this city down again?  When you have a group of people, who were told by “authorities” to go to the Superdome and wait there for help, when no help was ever going to arrive, you have a big problem HOUSTON! Remember those images, for they will be repeated, and, in fact, in more subtle ways, they already are, as we watch rallies in Washington D.C., with faux preachers, snake oil salesmen, who speak out of both sides of their mouths, creating NOT what the HOLY SPIRIT had in mind, but what the corporations had in mind–again, YOU HAVE A BIG PROBLEM HOUSTON!  Add to that the lies and deceit of big oil, that runs Washington D.C., spilling over 5 million barrels of oil, 10-15 times the amount of the Exxon Valdez, with an undetermined amount of dispersant, banned in the U.K. for over ten years now, called Corexit 3500, the most toxic and least effective dispersant, to help, “break up the oil”, so that their, bp’s, liability would be next to nil because it is impossible to calculate how much oil was spilled when it is broken up into microscopic pieces, coupled with the fact that the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind,” comes into play psychologically in this five minute attention span theater of a world we live in today.  This, in my humble opinion, has made bp, Tony, “gone sailin’” Hayward and the rest of the monsters of big oil and big gas perhaps the shrewdest, nastiest “businessmen” alive today, or ever–in the history of mankind–raping and pillaging OUR lands, especially our marsh lands, our seas, our wild life, and most importantly, OUR people.  It is even worse than the destruction of a natural disaster such as Katrina was, and still is, for the all the work that still needs to be done, in the caring for our educational system, that has yet to see the true LIGHT of day… for the damage that has been done to the fishing industry and the world’s environment will someday come home to roost, and WE will know who to go after…let us just pray it won’t be too late.  If you wish to know what is really going on in the gulf, the whole story, condensed into a short movie that you and I have the luxury of walking away from, I would highly recommend reviewing this film.  For it is a true American tragedy.  As was put by one of the contributors to the film, author and historian Douglas Brinkely, “New Orleans, the Bayou, and Alaska have become third world nations all unto themselves,” with no one caring, not even the Mary Landrieu’s of the world, who claim to represent the “American people of the Bayou,” by virtue of the fact they live there, about even the most basic of safety nets, such as the moratorium on deep water drilling, that will only effect jobs on 33 rigs, out of thousands of rigs already running at full capacity, let alone the giant problem of the great divide between the have’s and the have not’s– not to mention the ultimate problem for all of man kind, GLOBAL WARMING, the direct result of carbon emissions from fossil fuels, i.e. OIL! How can we, as a collective nation, “ONE country, under GOD, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all…,” how can we really say that with any amount of conviction, while we literally watch a city fall into the sea? who tells other nations what to do, because, after all, we are the United States of America, and we are, above all, blessed by GOD himself above all other nations…  Are we?  Are we blessed when we put our brothers and sisters out on the streets and still claim that high road of “We the people…?”  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the great people of the Bayou, the SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may the grace of the true creative intelligence always be with you and yours! Have a wonderful week folks!  Peace~M

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