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April 28, 2011

Salty Water

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great, as always, to be with you and yours on this misty, foggy morning here on Cape, wait, “Great boys, you’re playing the same tape as yesterday…” (credit Bill Murray and in Andie Macdowell from the classic film “Ground Hog Day”), at least I mixed up the order so you know for sure that it is, indeed, not the twenty seventh of April 2011 any longer, it is April 28th, 2011, a full twenty four hours after we finally can breathe a sigh of relief that, indeed, our GREAT President, Barack Obama, was, in FACT, born in the United States of America, did receive high honors at Columbia and Harvard Law and has achieved more with less than Donald “Duck” Trump could ever have if he would have been born into similar circumstances as our best President since the days of President Kennedy, simply by virtue of what he has accomplished via his brave legislative LAWS, now, of the land, and that, my friends, along with race, is the reason some on the “right” side of the aisle despise him so.  Pity that.  For in forgiving those dull souls, such as, and I won’t even utter the word, of the head “birther”, the “interesting” woman who appeared on Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word”, this past evening, we somehow forgive ourselves, agape, indeed.  I was going to write a bit about the state of the Louisiana fisherman, especially those in Placard Parish today, I hope I spelled that right, lest I be told I was “lucky” enough to get into the University of Vermont, although, truth be told, if it were not for a great mother and father, I would not have–yes, in one of the poorest areas of Louisiana, the head man there, who runs the show, and, again, I apologize for not recalling his name off the top of my head, showed us a video of him attempting to visit and attend to HIS lease on some Oyster beds that were being trespassed upon by bp “men”, or were they Blackwater thugs, I’m not sure, ooops, I meant to use the kinder, gentler machine gun hand new name for those trained killers–of Xe.  And as the man approached, with a camera crew, into the area that is essentially his, by right of LAW, a boat, headed by the “Coast Guard”, he presumed, ordered him 150 feet away from the area, as men, he did not even know, combed through the area, making a bad situation worse.  God Speed to you sir! Louisiana fisherman are in a fight for their life, who are all complaining of the cozy relationship the Coast Guard has with the likes of oil giant bp, whose “spill”, that killed eleven men, a little over a year ago, dumped, along with the highly (banned for the past ten years in the U.K.) toxic dispersant, Corexit 3500, along with the oil in droves, and not the 206 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico the corporate owned media would have you believe, but rather 500 million barrels. The official estimates are bogus and should be exposed as such. This oil disaster, a rather redundant statement if I do say so myself, has destroyed the lives of millions of people in that region–from fisherman, to restaurant and hotel owners, to the tourist trade, and to every person who owns property in the area, not to mention the moral cost of rocketing cases of PTSD–with domestic abuse, drug abuse and alcohol abuse on the rise, more in the way of crime and desperation, well, you name it, and you can see the ugly picture for yourself.  This does not even touch the environmental impact of such an abhorrent ACT and RESPONSE from the fourth largest corporation in the world, despite the “costs” of the spill, most of which, were picked up by the re-insurance giant Lloyd’s of London.  When I think of the images of those dying Brown Pelicans, majestic birds, covered in thick, suffocating oil, and then think of the monsters whom bp hired to keep the journalists away from the TRUTH of what this oil did to not only them, but to the whales, the sharks, the dolphins, the sea turtles, the sea bass, and the tiniest of creatures on the bottom of the sea, who are the beginning of the food chain–who, by the way, cannot live, (for the oil and dispersant killed all the oxygen in what are known as ‘dead zones’) or are dead now, because the oil, mixed with the designed intention of the dispersant Corexit 3500, which effectively “sweeps” the oil under the rug, you know, out of sight out of mind, and thus, sinks, yes, that 500 million barrels that we ALL watched in horror for 87 days, LIVE 24/7, spilling into our beloved Gulf, yes, as that sunk to the bottom of literally thousands of square miles of sea bed, 5000 feet below our “vision”–I became incensed, and when you add that to our insistence on continuing to GIVE 4 billion dollars in SUBSIDIES to the oil industry to do the same thing all over again, I am now ready to move to Finland, however, I will still broadcast LIVE from seacapecod.net, for I will just be on location, from time to time, from the moronic, evil, maniacal, greedy, hypocritical, spiritually bereft political environment that this country is turning into….  Forgiveness is one thing–but, telling the TRUE AMERICAN people, with no sponsors, no advertisers, no “Angle”, just the TRUTH, so they can make up their own minds about what is REALLY going on, is not only an honor, and a privilege, but an OBLIGATION.  For my favorite writers of all time, the one’s I hold dear to my heart, the one’s who got me through my darkest days, are my real heroes, for they inspire US all to go on, to be better people and for GOD’S sakes, make this world a better place.  So, on that note, I thought I might offer something from an author who will remain unknown for the moment, for quite frankly, I am not sure most of “America” is ready for this–but, then again, I should never, ever assume anything.   The text is from the writings of a book written long ago, words, to some of you, may ring true, for others, not…I just hope some may ‘hear’.  For I, as I have said before, believe that religion is for those who are afraid of HELL, and spirituality is for those, who have already been there. So, bear with me as I write the words written by the unknown author, and please do not think I am trying to convert anyone to anything, only express my deep LOVE for this beautiful earth we all share, it’s people, the animal kingdom, the plant realm, and the country we all dearly LOVE, can save and make great again.  Remember, the words that are in quotations are those of Him, the others are of my own creation. 


“The Other Voice” (an excerpt)

“Greetings again, I am Jeshua.  I have come once again to further, with you, my discussion of a “A Course in Miracles.” I have recently been discussing with you, your innocence, and also your perception.  You will recall that your innocence is based on the REALIZATION that you HAVE, and that you ARE, everything.  Just as God itself has, and is, EVERYTHING, because you are the son of God, because you are ONE with God.”

“There is but one sense in which you are not completely the same as God.  God is the creator.  You, I, we are the son of God.  And as God’s son, we do not have the power to change what God has created.  In our completeness as the Son of God, we are absolutely free, FREE to CO-CREATE anything that is.”

“The word “co-create” is very easy to understand.  It simply means that we are absolutely free.  To be, and to create, anything we desire, except for the fact that we cannot BE God, who and must remain, the First Cause of ALL That Is.  Our creative power extends outwards,  but cannot reverse direction and alter our Source.  We cannot alter our Source.  We cannot alter our Source.  In other words, we cannot create of ourselves something which we are not.  For that would be able to change God, which is, and shall always be, impossible.  To co-create, then, is to participate freely in the outward flow of creation, but to be unable to alter the Source.  And what that Source has created.  And what the Source has created, must include our Self.  Hear me well.  Perception ALWAYS arises from the belief that you ARE something which you ARE NOT.  Indeed, the summation of this Course could lie in the next sentence or two.  Your belief that you are something which you ARE NOT, Is always the belief that somehow you don’t have everything, and that somehow you are not everything.  Your perception also stems from the belief, which is synonymous with it, that somehow you are separate from God Itself, from your Source, and from all Creation.”

“When you, within your being, beyond your thoughts, Truly perceive, and experience, To the fullness that time space allow, the realization that you have everything, and are everything, and not separate, and cannot be otherwise, when you truly perceive that TRUTH, you will be free of this Course, free to move beyond this world of illusion, any time you wish, including in the next instant, and in the twinkling of an eye…” Instead of taking energy from each other, you GIVE it.  Therefore, those don’t feel pressure to compete, judge, or control–which leads to LOVE…which is what we are all here for to begin with.   ~Jeshua, or otherwise “unknown” at this moment in “time”, this illusion we call LIFE.

“It has been said that we will become like children again, as innocent as the children of God, who we really are.  This is a covenant of God, a bond, that, like a perfect circle, can never, ever be broken–If you have the FAITH and that what you “think” you are, effectively taking it out of the equation`gives the greatest gift to God you possibly could and then, by turning around and giving that LOVE to your fellow man, who, after all, is, like ALL of Us, part of God himself–all that IS, all that was, and ALL that will ever be~ This again, is the greatest way to honor and LOVE GOD, (a grand slam, if you will)–”For he so much Loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son for our sins.” And what are those sins you might ask?–the fact we don’t LOVE each other, when in reality that is rejecting GOD himself, the greatest arrogant sin of ALL.”  Michael Mosier

“The guidance within, evolves the world to a Heaven that is already here…to KNOW this, is to KNOW our destiny.” Celestine Prophesy (insight number 9)

I was blind, but now I can see, for no longer is there any doubt that the Source of ALL that IS will come in the end, and war, hunger, thirst and tears will be no more.  I believe that IS the tenth insight and I just wish to thank God and a guy named Roland Marsan for allowing me, just a simple ‘reporter’ from a little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age, to wish the readers all around the world the very best in the years to come, with LOVE and PEACE forever.  Thank you for your kind words to me and I promise you this, “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, will be coming out soon, and I will add some more in the way of pictures and videos to a “blog” I have been writing straight out now for 2.5 years.  Thank you for the priviledge of listening to my words.


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