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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 14, 2009

Saint Valentine

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I’m not sure how much thought goes into the saint that inspired such an important day here in the United States, as I don’t remember England or any other part of Europe celebrating this particular day in such a particluar fashion, and fashion it is…or is it Love?  Of course it is love, a word as misunderstood as any other, but not today.  For Love is never loud, or rude or needing anything.  Love is kind and soft, like a pillow that is as familiar as the back of your hand.  Love is generous.  Love is never boastful, or angry or spiteful.  Love shines through doubt and is like a soothing balm that heals even the deepest wound.  Love offers encouragement rather than criticism.  Love needs no validation and does not manipulate with guilt and shame.  Love listens.  Love needs nothing and is everlasting.  Love is all and all is Love.  Love is not an emotion, rather a state of being–the essense of who you are…who we all are.  We are all Love, and the more we deny it, the more we are aware of the lack of it, or the illusion of lack.  For it is not “out there” that Love lies in wait, it is within your own heart, right here, right now and regardless of your situation and “status” in life, the most powerful, all encompassing truth about who you are is within your own being–for how can you deny that which is the very core of what makes you up?  You can love, you can give yourself permission to love, regardless of the economy, world politics and the environment.  Love superceedes all of that manmade stuff of ego, breaks it all down into the primodial ooze of the human soul and recreates anew a Love that you thought was gone forever, yet was simply misplaced, looked over or forgotten, for when we remember, even the meanest flower can give rise to a tear of forgiveness, offered in the sanctity of his holy and everlasting Love…Happy St. Valentine’s Day!  Peace M

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