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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 14, 2010

Saint Valentine

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Cape Cod and the Islands!  I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are at this moment in “time” and that your day is filled with Love and Joy.  I just got back from a frozen Dowses Beach here in Osterville, Massachusetts, with a temperature of 27 degrees F.  The stars were out in full force, accented by the lack of light from the new moon.  Stunning.  Many things have been said of Love, perhaps romantic love, over the eons and I am under no delusion that I could offer anything new in the way of that most prized of all emotions.  But, to that point, is Love really an emotion or just a state of being?  The truth is that LOVE is who we really all are, deep down.  We are all part of the same stuff.  Enemies and friends alike are part of the same source, and it is in this light that I offer a sentiment of HOPE.  With all of the strife in our nation’s Capitol, it is sometimes difficult to remain unaffected by groups that couldn’t care less about the RIGHT THING TO DO.  In fact, these dangerous groups go out of their way to deceive and steal from the very good.  They do, because they can.  This is the dilemma with Love.  Agape, is a Latin word that when properly translated means– “Love thine enemies”.  I never really understood what that could possibly mean.  Why would anyone in their right mind love someone like James, “mountain”, Inhofe (R-OK)?  The true meaning is found by giving up the “hate” or anger towards someone and forgiving them in your heart.  Forgiving is simply the act of giving up control over one’s emotional direction towards someone whom you may despise, and asking a power much greater than yourself to forgive them for you.  This takes “you” out of the equation and places the responsibility of action on the shoulders of the other soul, relinquishing the negative emotion that you may have been carrying around for days, weeks or even years.  Love thine enemies is a free pass, a relief, a way out, representing perhaps the best way that you can love yourself and, at the end of the day, love one another.  Try it out for size… forgiveness and Love are the tickets to a better life and a better world.  Have a wonderful Sunday and Saint Valentine’s Day!  Peace~ M

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