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October 14, 2009

Saint Francis of Assisi

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Saint Francis of Assisi was known for his love of animals.  Or rather, their love for him.  Animals can see auras, they can sense things that we human beings cannot…Perhaps, they saw what we know now, as the beauty of his words, “where there is darkness, may I bring light, where there is sorrow, may I bring joy, where there is hatred, may I bring LOVE…”  Imagine a world where these words were part of our everyday vocabulary, part of our primary vocation.  What would it look like?  Imagine Christmas time, not the cliche of rushing around to “get it all done”, the pressure of buying the “right” present for someone, the lack of the Christmas spirit as we look for “it” out there…think for a moment, being by yourself, next to the Christmas tree on a cold winter night, the twinkling of the lights, the scent of the evergreen, the moment you let yourself go and really feel the love within.  Now, think even further, to picking up the phone and calling someone, calling someone who may be in the darkness like you, but lacking the inner wisdom to see the light within themselves.  Imagine, bringing that inner light to them, sharing it, thereby, bringing something far more valuable than gold or silver, the sense of belonging, that they are not alone, that they too count, that they too have value, that they too are loved…what a world it would be.  That is what St. Francis was trying to convey, that the central message we can give to our brothers and sisters in this world is LOVE…a gift that keeps on giving all year long, if we only allow it to BE.  Have a beautiful Wednesday!  Peace~ M

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