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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 26, 2010

Saint Francis of Assisi

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are well and safe wherever you may be finding yourself this Wednesday morning.  The sun is out here on Cape, with temperatures in the upper 70’s today with a cool breeze off Nantucket Sound.  I thought I might call on Saint Francis of Assisi to help all of the poor animals that are being destroyed by the folly of mankind’s greed.  Saint Francis was not always a saint, in fact, he was known as a hell raiser.  But, he transformed into something quite different and his teachings, much like Jesus himself, were centered on kindness to creatures that need our help, for they are defenseless and do not understand why their home is filled with black ooze.  The disaster on the Gulf, the assault of corporate greed upon the people of the United States of America is on.  Make no mistake about it.  These monsters care nothing for you or me.  They are in it to “win it”.  Their definition of winning is not what yours and mine is.  It is much darker and involves a Machiavellian discipline to even get on the playing board.  Mathew Simmons, a former Bush deputy secretary of Energy, told a reporter yesterday that when the oil rig blew, “that this is only going to stop gushing oil when the well is dry.”  He should know, he has written the book on “peak oil” (a theory, supported by most, if not all credible scientists, that the world’s oil supply will begin to decrease between the years of 2012 and 2014.  Thus, beginning a conflict of epic proportions as nations scramble to gain access to an energy source we all “seem” to be dependent upon, as demand goes through the roof) and thus, has access to everything the Obama administration does not.  Mike Papantonio, a personal hero of mine, an attorney who acts on behalf of families suing bp, is someone the Obama administration SHOULD be consulting, as opposed to the closed door society of the corporate milieu.  Perhaps Obama doesn’t get it, but we do.  These “men” of power, are not going to let a President that they don’t even like, call the shots on, and I quote the CEO Tony Hayward, “the modest effects this spill will have on the Gulf, it’s citizens, and it’s wildlife.”  Spoken by a true corporate monster–congratulations Tony, you get the biggest  corporate a^#h≤ of the year award.  Sleep tight big boy!  The most alarming update from this stench in Denmark is the fact that bp, shell oil, conoco, citco, exxon-mobile, etc., were filling out their safety reports in pencil, with the “regulators” from the MMS, tracing the bogus information with a pen, signing it and submitting it–LIES, LIES, LIES! This is where the issues should be taken up, the  criminal issues…and they will be, I ASSURE YOU!  Nostradamus, a famous prophet by many a viewpoint, proclaimed that the “seas will turn red”.  I wonder if this is what he had in mind.  For like many prophets, Nostradamus was forced to write in code, for he lived in an intolerant, unenlightened society, where an iron fist ruled the day.  His words were mixed with metaphors and clues as to the future and what it will look like.  Are we, as a collective human species, stupid enough to allow big egos, i.e. big corporations, to take down our families and friends, not to mention the animals, beaches and forests we love so much?  Or are we going to fight the darker side of the human soul, embrace it with love, for even Jesus himself said, “Love thine enemies.”  Love does conquer all.  God Speed to the Gulf and all of the little animals therein, may Saint Francis be with you always.  Peace~ M

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