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May 11, 2012

Saint Andrew’s by-the-sea 2.0

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the perhaps most beautiful day Nantucket island has ever seen. Great to be with you on this glorious, marvelous, if I may borrow that phrase, wink wink, nudge, nudge, of a day here on Cape, a Friday, the 11th day of May, 2012, with the temperatures hovering in the crisp 50’s at present, soon to rise into the upper sixties, with plenty of sunshine, a slight refreshing breeze coming off the equally stunning Cotuit Bay, here in the off the beaten track old Cape town of Cotuit, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, yes sir, a day to truly get out there and enjoy God’s true gift to US little human beings, besides each other, the endless mystery and beauty of nature itself, from the Great Blue Heron, to the Osprey, the the Cardinal, the Blue Jay, the coyote, the white tailed deer, the otter, the dolphin, the whale, the sea turtle, the snapping turtle, the bunny rabbit… well, I suppose if that doesn’t get you to come to Cape Cod, perhaps the great restaurants, bars, nightlife, nautical adventures, island hopping, you name it, most certainly will, for it is a magical place that should be seen and moreover experienced before one is too cynical to truly SEA with the eyes of a child once again. Every child in this universe, whether he was, like myself, lucky enough to have attended a private international high school in the wealthy county of Surrey, England, home to Wimbledon and the late, great Princess of Wales, Princess Diana, may she rest in peace, in a little country town of Cobham, only 35 miles south of the grand city of London, or, was born in the mean, gutted, burned down streets of Detroit, where he ran to school in a ghetto that was rife with guns, drugs, thugs, you name it, running to a run down school that held no regard for his future, rather, had only his attendance in mind so that funding would still be available for that crumbling school to remain in business for yet another year, hoping he might LIVE long enough to graduate from said school to attend a University where his student loan just shot up from 3 something percent to well over 6 percent, and then, upon graduating from a ‘for profit school’ that is ‘on line’, ‘guaranteeing some kind of employment (janitorial)’, he is told that he is a bum because he needs food stamps to feed his family that he loses sleep over every night, all because he can’t buy a job in this rigged financial hijacking of a so called democracy.  This is the kind of bullying Mitt Romney and his crony plutocrats have in mind should he, again, God Forbid, gain the White House in the fall.  For the antics so public now about his “leadership” skills in gathering a posse to haze a gay boy (by chasing him down and cutting off his hair) at the prestigious Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (a beautiful town by the way and a fine prep school as well, truly.) when he was roughly 17 years old, a prep school much like the one I attended, would not only have been ‘front page news’ at said institution’s school news paper, but EVERYONE at that small school (my graduating class was 55, as I’m sure his was similar) would have remembered the event, especially a smart guy like Mitt.  Sorry, Mitt, but in the words of Reverend Al Sharpton, ‘we gottcha!.’ Sure, you can wipe that stuff away like it was a ‘prank’, a one time event that would ‘never’ happen again, but take a good look at some of the heartless words Mitt recently said, such as, “Let Detroit go bankrupt…”, or “Planned Parenthood, oh, we’re going to do away with that…”. Do you remember saying that Mitt, or do we stutter?  Your goal is to decimate ALL social safety nets for the poor, take Texas and the the millions of kids who won’t have enough to eat because your party is unwilling to raise taxes by only a small amount on those who are on the opposite side of ‘the least of US’hmmmm, I wonder if all of that is in the First Testament or the New Testament?  I shall get back to you later on that one.  ‘Till then, have a nice week end and please stay tuned, same bat station, same bat channel. Not to be confused with the bat $hit station of FOX “NEWS”, news not fit to feed your dog.  Woof! Sorry Mitt, this country is not going back to the date inscribed on the stone below, ‘my friend’… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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